Artificial Intelligence

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We design Artificial Intelligence solutions to promote your brand and automate your business. We’ll turn AI knowledge into results for your brand – get in touch to find out how.

Web Development

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Establishing and maintaining a strong online presence requires continuous effort whilst adapting to change. At ProfileTree, we can develop your website while you grow your business.

SEO Agency

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Hiring an SEO agency is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. But with so much conflicting information out there, choosing the right one can be tricky. At ProfileTree, we are Northern Ireland’s leading SEO experts.

Voice Search

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Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology have transformed how consumers search for products and services. Such advancements have opened new and exciting opportunities in the world of marketing and local SEO. Let us show you how.

Content Marketing

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Content is king. As Northern Ireland’s leading content marketing agency, ProfileTree specialise in content creation across a range of formats, including text, video and graphics.


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Here at ProfileTree, we specialise in copywriting and content creation that engages, educates and inspires, driving traffic to the platforms that matter most.

Video Production & Marketing

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At ProfileTree, we are Northern Ireland’s leading video marketing agency. With an unrivalled video crew of producers and passionate creatives, we deliver video content marketing that engages, informs and inspires your audience.

Digital Marketing Strategy

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Presenting your brand messaging to the right audience on the right channel can make that crucial difference between failure and success. We can assist your business in its digital marketing planning.

Digital Marketing Training

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Today’s marketplace is online, and companies without digital skills and resources will struggle to remain competitive. Our digital marketing training services give your business the skills it needs to grow.

Social Media Marketing

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The digital marketplace is largely dominated by world of social media, opening new opportunities to build an audience through great content marketing campaigns. We can show you how.

Digital Advertising

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Developments in technology have transformed our understanding of brand promotion. That’s why we are proud to offer industry-leading digital advertising services as part of a wider content marketing strategy.

Web Design Agency

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Establishing a strong and engaging online presence must start with secure, functional and appealing website design. As a leading Irish web design agency, our team of developers and web designers offer the knowledge and expertise to showcase your brand in the way it deserves.

Website Management & Hosting Services

Ensuring your web site’s security and functionality into the future requires an ongoing commitment. ProfileTree are proud to offer web hosting plans and customer support for our clients.