Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy is basically presenting your brand messaging to the right audience on the right channel can make that crucial difference between failure and success. We can assist your business in its digital marketing planning.

Having no digital marketing strategy is a massive mistake, having a strategy that is not fully planned is also not going to deliver the best results – while still better. We will take you through the entire process in this article.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy for Organic Growth

How and why will customers engage with your business? A clear and cohesive strategy can establish your brand in a market that is saturated with choice and competition. We can develop your name, logo, business strategy, website and other digital media, driving traffic towards your products and services.

Modern problems require modern solutions. ProfileTree can provide an extensive review of your existing marketing campaigns, championing your brand in the world of digital. Equipped with the successful track record and crucial industry know-how behind each social channel, we offer your brand the tools to grow online: it’s what we do.

In the online world, search engine rankings are instrumental in driving web traffic. As specialists in this field, ProfileTree can devise bespoke content strategies which place Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) at the core of their offering, ensuring that your brand is seen by potential buyers through industry-leading, beautifully-crafted content that engages and inspires. From sleek web pages to optimised blog posts, we have your brand strategy covered.

ProfileTree Digital Marketing Agency: Why Choose ProfileTree?

Engineering a digital marketing strategy which is sustainable and measurable in its impact is essential in the modern marketplace. That’s why our dynamic team of marketing professionals can champion your brand through a personalised, holistic strategy that prioritises stable and organic growth.

With industry-leading expertise across several digital channels, we can help you achieve your business goal through a range of services including social network marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing and email marketing.

In the world of digital, content is king. However, engaging readers, optimising that content and targeting it to potential buyers can make that crucial difference between failure and success. Our writers are masters of their craft, taking pride in content which drives traffic to our clients.

Let us build your brand while you run your business. For improved engagement, increased conversions and stronger online influence, choose ProfileTree.

Our Digital Strategy Services

Making sure your brand meets your customers online in the right way – with the results your needed for your business – means making all the elements of your online world work with each other towards your goals. A piecemeal approach, without clear outcomes and your audience firmly in mine, is a world of missed opportunity. We’ll help you grow online instead.

Brand Strategy

How will your customers see your brand? And why? These simple questions can form the bedrock of marketing investments built the bedrock of marketing investments built That’s because Digital strategy marketing planning the right message about your business, delivered in the right way to the right customer is a marketing ‘sweet-spot’ waiting to be unlocked.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Just ‘doing’ digital marketing isn’t good enough for your brand. ProfileTree will make your digital channels work with each other to cut through the noise to produce other to cut through the noise to produce How? Using the latest know-how behind each channel and how they can be brought together to support your goals.

SEO & Content Strategy

We built our company on SEO and content. That’s because being seen by your potential buyers, in the right place, with content that engages and maintains their interaction with your brand is the difference between an online ‘view’ and a lasting, profitable relationship. We’ll show you how.

Sales & Growth Strategy

We’ll help you build a clearer picture of your sales goals, methods, opportunities, planning and more to make your entire sales function work harder for your business. We have specialist, proven expertise in using data to understand customer segments, the first step to learning how to meet their needs.

Digital planning made for lasting results

We build digital strategies that help your business grow in a measurable, manageable way.

Marketing is all about connections. Connecting the right message with your target audience, connecting your solution with their pain point, and connecting your business goals with the desired results. We’ll help you define who your most lucrative target audience is, develop messaging that speaks to them directly, position your product or service as THE can’t-live-without solution, and make it easy for them to engage and buy.

We work with you to create an effective marketing strategy to educate and sell to your potential customers. With our range of digital marketing services, ranging from social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, SEO and digital advertising, our marketing professionals work with you to build a long term, measurable digital strategy that is engineered for growth.

With our marketing services, we generate millions of website visits for our clients. We know how to optimise content so that it is seen by the right people, and we know how to write content that engages audiences.

In the last year alone, we have delivered 30 digital projects with content strategies and social plans, each developed for the bespoke needs and requirements of our clients. Our tried and true methodologies will attract high quality traffic to your site through content that’s valuable to your target audience. Our world-class conversion optimization techniques ensure all digital marketing tactics used will deliver true return on your investment.

A successful brand identity about connections. This means connecting your brand with the right audience and connecting your solution to their problem. Indeed, identifying your most lucrative target audience and crafting a message which truly resonates with them will position your brand in its market sweet-spot, fuelling engagement and driving sales to your business. Link building is an essential step in building a strong brand, and we can show you how. We’ll turn digital knowledge into results for your brand – get in touch to find out how.

Digital Marketing Strategy Agency

A digital marketing strategy needs to be embedded in any marketing venture. Around 5 billion people in the world are currently using the internet, it surpasses print, radio and T.V. for modes of information and entertainment. Digital marketing methods appeal to the way people are now consuming media, but how do you know where to start and which types of digital methods bring attention and sales?

Digital Marketing Strategy

A digital marketing strategy needs to be embedded in any marketing venture. Around 5 billion people in the world are currently using the internet, it surpasses print, radio and T.V. for modes of information and entertainment. Digital marketing methods appeal to the way people are now consuming media, but how do you know where to start and which types of digital methods bring attention and sales?

At ProfileTree, we are experts in designing and delivering digital marketing strategies for a wide range of businesses. We set clear goals and help your brand compete in the online market.

Business and sales development can be challenging. That’s why we can assist you in undertaking an extensive review of your sales planning, goals, methods and opportunities, encouraging a more efficient and effective sales function for your business. ProfileTree offer specialised and proven expertise in employing data to boost sales and growth.

Business and sales development can be challenging. That’s why we can assist you in undertaking an extensive review of your sales planning, goals, methods and opportunities, encouraging a more efficient and effective sales function for your business. ProfileTree offer specialised and proven expertise in employing data to boost sales and growth.

A successful brand identity is about connections. This means connecting your brand with the right audience and showing your solution solves their problem. Identifying your most lucrative target audience and crafting a message which truly resonates with them will position your brand in its market sweet-spot, fuelling engagement and driving sales to your business.

We’ll do our best to explain the process of a digital marketing strategy and how it’s crucial to your overall marketing plan.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing refers to marketing strategies that are conducted online, attempting to target the consumer through their desktop, tablet, mobile or any other internet connected device. The main aim of a digital marketing strategy is to direct traffic to your business’ product or service, and convert those visits into sales.

Delivering a marketing strategy online is very competitive and often you are fighting hard to stand out, not only from your competitors, but also from the perpetual news feeds that just seem to refresh all day long.

At ProfileTree, we are agency experts in designing and delivering digital marketing strategies for a wide range of businesses. We set clear goals and help your brand compete in the online market.

Why Does My Business Need Digital Marketing?

Your business needs to have an online presence, because that’s where your potential customers or clients are. Take a look around you now, how many people are on their phones or laptops? Probably a lot, the online market is too big to not tap into. A digital marketing strategy will assist your business in many ways, some pf the advantages include:

Rich Data

Social media conglomerates Facebook and Instagram now offer deep insights into performance and target audiences. You can gain rich data and find out who is interacting with your brand, their demographics, location and activity. You may even find out that you have been attracting audiences you hadn’t considered before, knowing this data is a gold mine for creating valuable content that your audiences will appreciate.


Digital marketing methods tend to be cheaper than traditional marketing methods. Think of how much it would cost to print and deliver 1,000s of leaflets, digital marketing can cut costs and still offer your business profitable returns. There are also opportunities for organic reach and growth – where content is created and the distribution of this content is very low cost, nearly zero. At most it will cost your time – if you think of content creators or influencers.


If something happens with your business or you just need to get a message out fast, updating your customers/clients on social media accounts or email is probably the most efficient way to do that. Your customers/clients will check your social media accounts to see if you have addressed any issues, internet users now expect updates fast.


A marketing strategy that is conducted digitally, will go beyond your business’ location. You have the potential to expand your customer/client base and reach people locally, nationally and internationally. From the computer on your desk or mobile phone in your hand – you can reach a global audience in minutes. No other marketing media affords the same reach.


Having a presence online opens up a 2-way discussion between your business and your clients/customers. It provides a platform for people to ask questions and you have the advantage in that you can draft detailed and accurate responses. It also removes the awkwardness for customers/clients having to make a phone call, as posting a comment or sending a direct message is usually much more convenient.


If your business provides a service, bookings can be promoted via digital marketing means. It’s a great way of letting people know your availability and may encourage potential clients to take action and book. Allowing clients to take bookings through your website gives you a 24/7 salesperson working for your business.


Social media platforms enable viewers to quickly and conveniently give feedback via ‘likes’ or ‘shares’. It’s a good way of gauging how people feel about your content but try not to get caught up in how many likes you’re getting. Search engines like Google and social media sites, also provide customers/clients a platform to leave reviews and rate your business. It’s a goldmine of user-generated content and even the bad reviews can offer you a chance to demonstrate the customer service aspect of your business.

Watch this interview with a self-storage business in Belfast, who implemented a strong digital marketing strategy for their business.

Eight steps of a digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy should be well thought out, researched and expertly planned. A lot of preparation goes into creating a digital strategy and you need to create a plan that will deliver the best results and investment return. There are five steps that you should follow in order to create a successful digital marketing strategy:

1. Research with digital marketing tools

Website analysing sites and social media platforms offer rich data insights into your performance and audience. You need to know who you are appealing to and where you currently stand in the online market, so that you can measure the successfulness of your digital marketing strategy.

Some of the digital marketing tools that offer an insight into your online presence include:

Graphic of Google Search

Google search console

Google search console is a free service provided by Google, it offers many website management and analysis tools. Users are able to make sure that Google knows their website exists and request Google to reevaluate their website if they have updated or added new content. 

Some of the data insights into website performance include: 

  • Domain page ranking
  • Subpages ranking
  • Best performing pages
  • Volume of traffic 
  • Organic or paid traffic
  • Counts of clicks (how many clicks the user went through to arrive at your page) 
  • Impressions 
  • Click-through-rate
  • Users search queries 

Much of this information is very valuable to digital marketers, it provides a starting point for progress and provides SEO data that can be utilised when creating content. Google search console also offers monthly performance reports, but it is important to take note of these positions at various check in stages throughout your digital marketing strategy.


SemRush is another service that provides marketing insights to increase your online visibility. It assists in many areas of the research phase including audience research, website evaluation, SEO / content research and competitor analysis. 

Some of the data insights SemRush provides include:  

  • Performance reports
  • Impressions and clicks
  • Click-through-rate
  • User search queries
  • User devices
  • User location
  • Domain page ranking
  • Subpages ranking
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword data 
  • Competitive analysis with competitors 

SemRush also provides rich keyword data, showing the keywords that your site already ranks for and suggested keywords that you can incorporate into your content and increase traffic with.

There are many more data analytics SemRush provides, but  the ones listed above can give a general sense of current performance. You can read more about how to use SemRush in this article.

Facebook Insights

Facebook has nearly 3 billion active users in April 2022. It’s a great platform for brands to advertise their products/services and it is now nearly the exception that businesses will have some sort of Facebook profile created. 

Although there are many other social media sites that offer data insights into audiences and performance, Facebook Insights provides one of the most detailed. 

Insights into performance include: 

  • Impressions (paid, organic, viral)
  • Growth metrics
  • Post shares, reactions and likes
  • Locations of likes (from your page or newsfeed)
  • Post views
  • Post reach
  • Responsiveness
  • Engagement
  • Actions on page 
  • Messages sent 

In addition to performance data, Facebook Insights also offer incredibly rich data about your audience’s demographics. You may even discover that you’re appealing to audiences you hadn’t considered beforehand. 

Audience demographics include:

  • Location – by country, city or town.
  • Gender 
  • User activity 
  • User devices
  • Relationship status
  • Educational level
  • Interests
  • Connections
  • Employment information

This is incredibly detailed data about the audiences who are engaging with your brand and content. It makes sense to know your audience demographics in order to design a highly targeted digital marketing strategy. 

2. Create strategy goals

It’s useful to consider what you want to gain from your digital marketing strategy. Do you want to promote the launch of a new product or service? Or do you want to increase your brand awareness in general?

Your strategy goals will influence the kind of content you need to create and the best way to promote it. Set around 3-5 goals for your strategy and be realistic about them. A good way of setting your goals is to use SMART:

S – specific
M – measurable
A – achievable
R – realistic
T – timed

Once you have set your goals you can begin crafting methods to achieve them.

3. Decide on the correct channels

After extensive research, you should be able to gauge where your brand is best performing online. Does your brand have the greatest impact on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Youtube? A digital marketing strategy will focus on that piece of online space that your brand is already dominating. There has already been an increase in using social media sites like Twitter as the new home for digital marketing. Growing and maintaining your most popular channel is essential for a strong digital marketing strategy but you should cover a range of channels for maximum exposure and fluidity within digital campaigns.

4. Decide on the correct content

Deciding on which content will be the most appealing, engaging and useful can sometimes feel like a stab in the dark. At this point you should be considering your USP – Unique Selling Point, what is it that attracts your audiences and what sets you aside from competition?

Previous research into keywords and user search queries will also guide you on which content is being sought. Take for example a hardware and DIY store, they may create a video showing ‘how to hang a shelf’, this is useful content for the audience and good advertisement for the store as they provide the products they may need.

5. Budget

Your marketing budget will affect the scale of your marketing strategy, but smaller and focused strategies can still be very effective. Whatever your budget is, it’s important to consider which digital marketing methods will provide the most investment on return. Some of the digital marketing methods you should budget for include:

Content creation

High-quality content is a great investment for your brand, but it can be expensive when hiring photographers, videographers, editors etc. It’s important to budget out for the most profitable pieces of content. 

Some content that may be worth investing in includes:

  • High quality videos
  • Drone footage
  • Animations
  • High quality images
  • SEO written content
  • Blog posts

Pay-per-click advertising

PPC is paid for advertising. It’s when you pay a search engine or social media platform for every time a user clicks on your digital advert. You can set a maximum CPC (cost-per-click) which means you can cap the amount you’re willing to pay for each click. Google, Facebook, Instagram all offer this service, but you will have to pay for each platform separately, which can increase costs.

Boosting posts

Many social media platforms offer the option to boost your posts, which means it increases your reach, targets your audiences, increases visibility and impressions. This method is usually only implemented periodically as part of a marketing plan as opposed to being a long-term marketing method.

Digital marketing agency

Implementing a digital marketing strategy is an exhaustive and time consuming process. Whilst the profits of a successful strategy are worth it, it might be hard balancing duties of running your business and trying to be a digital marketer on the side. 

Hiring a digital marketing agency will save you time, money and resources. They know the most profitable ways to implement a strategy and they have the industry expertise to increase your brands online presence. Read this article on the benefits of hiring a digital marketing consultant

A digital marketing agency will assist you right from the research phase, to the content creation and promotion phase. They usually include a range of talent in order to create a bespoke and creative strategy.

At ProfileTree, we give the same energy and commitment to all of our clients, big and small.  Get in touch today to see how we can create a bespoke digital marketing strategy that works within your budget. 

6. Create a content calendar

Creating a content calendar is one of the most effective ways of maximising the impact of your digital marketing strategy and keeping it on track. With so much new content created, it’s important to plan the release of them carefully.

Posting too much similar content in short spaces may dilute the campaign and reduce it’s impact, likewise, not posting enough loses momentum for a campaign. A content calendar will help you plan out a strategic release, identify opportunities for further promotion and allow for suitable reaction times from audiences. It also enables you to evaluate how scheduled content is ranking and impacting your online presence.

7. Promote the strategy

Promotion of your digital marketing strategy is crucial to its success. The promotional content you have created may be spectacular but you need to promote it so that your audiences can see it and so you can gain a return on your investment. Some of the ways you can focus on promoting your strategy include:

User activity

The research phase will have shown you insights into your audiences activity. If you find that the majority of them are active on Facebook after 7pm, it may make more sense to post content when they are browsing through that platform. A digital marketing strategy should align with your audience’s habits.

Organic vs paid

Paid for promotion uses services from third parties like Pay-Per-Click and post boosting, whereas organic promotion focuses on curating a businesses’ growth with its own content.

Both have their place in a strategy, but it is important to understand what you’re gaining from each.


Is when you connect with a social media personality to promote your business. They should have a decent following, a similar target audience and be relevant to your brand. Many businesses have found success in using this model, think of the fitness influencers that advertise gym gear on their channels or the beauty influencers that advertise make-up products.

You can arrange sponsored marketing where you pay for the product to be spoken about positively and regularly, or you could send a complimentary product/service in the hopes of gaining an organic review. The problem with the latter though, is that you also open your brand up to negative reviews from said influencers.

Email marketing

Is a strategy used to engage with existing subscribers to your mailing list, it may also encourage a call to action and create returning customers/clients. You can personalise your email marketing content, or create a fear of missing out e.g.) This sale ends on Monday. An important thing to remember with email marketing though, is that you don’t want to appear as spam. If you send too many emails you risk annoying potential customers/clients and fading into the background of the many mailing lists you need to unsubscribe from.

Push Notifications and SMS

Is an increasingly popular trend among businesses in an attempt to cut through the noise of social media and contact the customer/client directly. If your business has an app you can enable push notifications to spread updates about your brand. This also works with SMS texting, but again both methods may appear like spam if they are not coordinated correctly.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a tactic that recognises the practice of recommending a product/service, a business owner allows third-party people to earn compensation by generating leads to the business’ products/services. The third party is referred to as ‘’affiliate’’.

8. Monitor and evaluate the impact

Continuous monitoring and evaluation is crucial for measuring the success of your digital marketing strategy. You need to consider your goals and evaluate how effective your strategy was in meeting them.

At this end phase you should also evaluate how different parts of your strategy were received, e.g.) did one post do particularly well? Why was it well received etc. You should also use the digital research tools to see if there has been any improvements in your rankings, following, interactions and engagement.

You should read this article on digital marketing KPIs you should be tracking. If your strategy was successful, you should have an increased online presence that you can continue to cultivate and nourish.

Digital marketing strategies for different industries

Depending on the nature of your business, your marketing strategy will need to be altered to suit different industries. Below is a bank of videos showing how you can achieve that.

Corporate strategy

Business strategy

Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing is an ongoing process that requires constant attention and overseeing. At ProfileTree, we understand that business owners are trying to multitask running their company and learning how to be a digital marketer. It can become quite overwhelming. At ProfileTree, we can provide you with a digital marketing consultant who can train you in their expertise.

ProfileTree offers courses in digital marketing where you can skip the trial and error phase and learn what methods would work best for your business. We offer digital marketing training courses via Zoom and ensure business owners feel confident in implementing their own digital marketing strategy.

Get in touch today to see how you can upskill yourself and your employees.