The concept of content marketing is not new to the world of business. For as old as the 18th-century smart businesses used content to raise awareness and credibility for their products. In 1888 Johnson & Johnson created a publication titled “Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Healing” targeting doctors. The content marketing game is in a state of constant change.

The rate of change is becoming faster and faster, and a business can’t keep up it’s likely to fall under. At the end of this article, you will know why hiring a video marketing agency is the way to stay ahead.

In the wake of technological advancement, and everyone being distracted more easily by the new and flashy, it’s no wonder video content thrives the most nowadays. This is why you’ll find most companies starting to employ videos throughout their whole marketing funnel.

video marketing agency
What Is Video Marketing? The Essentials and Benefits

Why does Video Content Matter?

The importance of employing video content in your marketing strategy lies in the importance of content marketing itself. If you compare between text and video content in terms of engagement and effectiveness, video will come up on top. The only downside is that making videos is hard, and making unique ones is even harder. This is why employing a professional video marketing agency is a really good idea. However, before getting to that you need to know how effective video content really is.

1. More Relatable Content

Video is the most capable approach to inspire feelings on the web. It’s king since it offers a huge number of traits well beyond conventional substance like manner of speaking, confront articulations, and music, to give some examples.

Hiring a video marketing agency

While you might not have felt the prompt need to run out and purchase an item from a feeling filled video, they will probably be at play later on in a more inconspicuous and subliminal way. Bringing out feeling in promoting has been demonstrated to emphatically affect buyer basic leadership, even in the B2B market.

2. More Engagement and Retention

We’ve heard again and again that visual substance is the way to awesome engagement. Video is no special case. So when you’re thinking about what kinds of presents on the plan on informal organizations in the coming weeks, think video: people are 10 times more inclined to engage with video content than web journals or related social posts.

65% of watchers observe more than 75% of a video, which is more than we can say in regards to content-based substance.

Emails could benefit from a good video as well. Studies show that employing a video in an email increases the click-through rates by twice as much.

3. More Accessible Than Before

While making a video used to take numerous months and a large number of dollars, the generation of extraordinary video content has turned out to be considerably more normal over the most recent couple of years.

With the expanded utilization of video and the subsequent ascent underway, advances are inclining increasingly towards favoring the video-advertiser. Consider Facebook’s expansion of the auto-play for instance. It’s difficult to contend that a notice or connection to an article requests as much consideration as a video in your newsfeed.

Video Production Video Marketing Agency – ProfileTree

4. Very SEO Friendly

For one thing, using video in your substance advertising endeavors will enhance your SEO. Adding a video to your site can increase your chances of ranking the first page on Google by 53 times.

5. More Accurately Tracked

What amount of your most recent blog entry did pursuers devour? Did they re-read parts of it? Or on the other hand, return to it later and read it once more? It’s difficult to answer these questions on text-based content.

However, video has this input circle worked in. Measure active visitor clicking percentage, drop-off focuses, or the number of times viewed. You can even bore this down to an individual level. An experienced video marketing agency can tell what works and what doesn’t, and in what way.

6. Higher Conversion Rates

The main reason we use content marketing strategies is to convert more clients. That being so, it’s a fact that video changes over more clients. Late research demonstrates that 71% of advertisers say video change rates beat other showcasing content.

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What is a Video Marketing Agency?

video marketing agency

Although everyone nowadays can carry a 4K capable camera phone in their pockets, there’s more to video production than taking the video, not to mention the marketing aspect of it all. The truth is, a lot of effort goes into making the simplest of video ads.

There’s a script to be written, a cast to be prepared, music to be chosen, and that’s only the shooting part. After the video is shot there’s always post-production and animation, and to do this right would require massive processing power. With all that in mind, you’ll find that it costs too much to set up a designated studio. Most companies hire a video marketing agency because it would be more expensive and less efficient not to.

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What Can a Video Marketing Agency Do For You?

The difference between a video marketing agency and a video production agency is that the latter’s duty ends with delivering you a video. However, for a marketing agency that’s only the first step. Video marketing agencies are marketers, in the end, they integrate videos into the marketing strategy. They also have the knowledge to advise you on what kind of video works where and how to appeal to the customer.

Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing | Video Production | ProfileTree | Video Marketing Agency

ProfileTree Video Productions

ProfileTree offers a conclusive digital marketing service to build your brand online. Among its many services, ProfileTree offers an extensive video production and promotion service, making it an all in one package. The video marketing process first creates a video content strategy, followed by professional video production shoot. ProfileTree also offers post-production editing and most importantly online promotion.

Different Types of Videos

The problem with video marketing, as mentioned before, is that it can be really hard. For starters, there are a lot of types of videos that can be employed in marketing. Furthermore, each stage in the marketing process requires a certain type of content and videos are no different. So before broadcasting, you will need to figure out what kind of videos your brand needs. Even if you’re hiring a video marketing agency, it’s smarter to know what kind of videos you want beforehand.

1. Brand Videos

These videos, in short, are the larger picture videos. They should be about advertising the brand itself as a concept, not a particular product. This type of advertisement is usually associated with creating awareness about the brand.

Brand videos involve two stages: first, attracting the target audience, and secondly, aligning them with your company vision and mission. It’s also a good opportunity to show the reach and utility of your products.

2. Demos

These are usually used on site, or at least linked to the main company or product website. Their main use is to show the clients how the product or service works. It can include a tour of the website or a sort of video catalog of the product.

3. Inspirational Videos

These are the bread and butter of video marketing. You see it every day on TV, YouTube, or Facebook; The story of someone’s journey through a problem and finding the solution in your brand. The purpose is to appeal to the emotions of clients and convince them that they need your service. However, to reach this purpose requires a lot of high definition equipment, and professional film crews, scripts, and so on. Inspirational videos are vital to a company and hence they may require a specialized video marketing agency.

4. Animated Videos

This is another example of why you need a video marketing agency. Of course, animated videos can be used for any purpose, that’s what makes them very important. They are especially important in introducing or explaining the intangible parts of your service or product. For example, if you wish to make a video report on numbers and stats, a video infographic can be a good idea.

5. Interviews

Interviews are a great way to increase both awareness and engagement with your products. You can interview people within your business to explain a certain aspect of raise awareness to a launch of new features or a brand. You can also interview leaders of your industry from outside the company, this adds a great deal of credibility to your brand. At the same time, a celebrity comes with their own audience.

6. How-to Videos

One of the most successful kinds of content whether text or video are how to’s. The idea is to reach out to your target audience by offering them value. Educational videos are great for creating awareness to your brand, as well as, establish credibility.

7. Testimonials

Testimonials are always a good way to invite trust of new clients. Before buying a new product or service the first thing we do is ask around or look for reviews. If you offer these reviews you gain the edge of controlling the setting and what to be broadcasted. The only problem is that sometimes they testimonial videos can become boring or annoying even. This is why you need to pick a creative video marketing agency.

8. Others

There are newer ways of creating videos that have a big wowing effect. Things like 360o videos or virtual reality videos can create an air of cutting edge to your brand. Customers are more likely to trust brands that are up to date with what’s new in the world of tech. This type of video requires an advanced and highly technical video marketing agency.

Deploying Videos throughout the Marketing Strategy

video marketing agency

Again and again, organizations seize the chance to make their first video. They spend huge amounts of cash on an explainer video for their landing page. However, when the undertaking is finished, all future video aspirations come to stop.

One of the major problems with video marketing is consistency. Consistency is not only in keeping up the rate of video production but more about maintaining a quality standard. To do this requires an extensive marketing plan usually done with the help of a video marketing agency.

Choosing the Right Video at the Right Time

We’ve established the importance of video marketing as a concept, but how exactly can you integrate them into your long-term strategy?

The key is to find out which types of videos are appropriate at this phase of your marketing funnel. An experienced video marketing agency can help you with that. Although the approaches may differ depending on the company, industry, and market share, the concepts are the same.

Video marketing can be divided into four phases:

Phase 1: Attract

The first goal is to pull in or transform outsiders into guests. Buyers at this stage are distinguishing their difficulties and choosing whether or not their objective ought to be a need. Subsequently, the recordings you make ought to sympathize with their issues and present a conceivable arrangement.

Cases of pull in recordings incorporate short, light, social recordings that hotshot your image’s identity, thought initiative recordings that set up you as a wellspring of industry news and understanding, mark films the offer your esteems and mission, or explainers/how-to recordings that give valuable tips to understand your customer’s needs.

Phase 2: Convert

Since you’ve pulled in video watchers and site guests, the subsequent stage is to change over these guests into leads. With most inbound advertising content, this implies gathering a type of contact data by means of a frame. Video can help this procedure by imagining an answer for the purchaser’s concern, regardless of whether that is before the shape on a point of arrival or as the offer itself.

Change over recordings may incorporate an online class loaded with strategic counsel, item demos sent by means of email, presentation page limited time recordings, contextual analyses, or more top to bottom explainer/how-to recordings.

Phase 3: Close

You’ve pulled more people with your recordings and changed over the correct guests into leads. However, any video marketing agency that knows what it’s doing knows that the job is only half-way done.

Now, the purchaser is measuring their choices and settling on the buy. In this way, the objective of a closer video is to influence your group of onlookers to picture themselves utilizing your item or service, and benefiting. There’s a reason 4X the same number of clients would preferably watch a video about an item than reading about it. Recordings can show the usefulness and use feelings in ways an item portrayal never could.

Phase 4: Entertain & Maintain

A buy may have been made, however, there’s still a ton video can do to use the post-change phase of your funnel. Amid the enjoyment phase of the Inbound Methodology, you will probably keep giving exceptional substance to clients with the expectation that they’ll educate their associations concerning their experience or upsell themselves. Along these lines, the objective of a video is to urge your clients to grasp your image and move toward becoming brand ambassadors.

Your first chance to amuse comes specifically after the buy. Consider sending a thank you video to welcome them to the group or an onboarding video to make them move with their new buy. At that point, work out a library of instructive courses or item preparing recordings to take into account shoppers who incline toward self-benefit or basically need to grow their aptitude.

Choosing the Right Video Marketing Agency

We’ve already established the advantages of hiring a professional video marketing agency. However, before racing to hire their services immediately, there are a few questions to answer first:

1. What Are Your Objectives?

To begin with, take a seat and make sense of what you need to from video advertising. There’s an extensive variety of kinds of recordings you can make and approaches to convey them. To ensure you adopt a strategy that bodes well for you, you need a thought of what you need.

To know exactly, what you want from your ideal video marketing agency, you need to gather some information. Handing out surveys to internal stakeholders is a great method to answer some vital questions. When you sit down with a prospective video marketing agency, it’s smarter to have answers to questions like Who is your target audience? What are your long-term and short-term goals? What is your timeframe? Where are your ads most effective?

2. What Are Your Options?

To locate the correct video marketing agency for you, you’ll likely need to think about a couple of various choices. There are hundreds of marketing agencies on the internet, where do you even begin?

Firstly, you can browse sites of organizations like yours to check whether you find any recordings you adore. When you see illustrations you like, try to find who made them.

Google is one of the most straightforward go-to choices for finding any sort of organization you require. Supplement the rundown you have so far with any organizations from a look through that look encouraging.

LinkedIn has one preferred standpoint over Google—you can recognize organizations you have some association with. For any video marketing agency, you find there, you can rapidly check whether you know somebody related to them that you can request more data previously pushing ahead.

3. What Are Their Previous Works?

When you have a rundown of potential choices, it’s a great opportunity to look deeper at every one. Begin by taking a look at the recordings they give on their site as tests of their work.

As you watch, ask yourself:

How’s the creation quality? You would prefer not to contract somebody just to wind up with recordings that look shoddy or carelessly put together.

Would you be able to tell what the objective of every video is? What’s more, do they appear to accomplish them? Showcasing recordings can’t simply look great; they need to enable you to meet some promoting objective. You ought to have the capacity to tell when viewing a video what the customer needed to accomplish, and make an informed speculate whether you think the video pulled it off.

Do they look innovative and one of a kind? As more organizations seek after video promoting, in a perfect world you would prefer not to release something that looks simply like what your rivals have effectively done. Check whether it would seem that they acquired something imaginative to the table the recordings they made.

4. What Do You Need to Ask the Chosen Video Marketing Agency?

An organization can make awesome recordings, however not be a solid match for what you need or how you function. A meeting will enable you to perceive which of the organizations will function admirably with your requirements, needs and work style.

There are a couple of principle things to search for in this part of the procedure:

Does their approach appear to be one-method fits-all? Any great video marketing agency will perceive that each customer is extraordinary. Your necessities and objectives won’t be the same as those of the customers that preceded.

Do they have experience in various kinds of recordings? There are such a large number of sorts of showcasing recordings. The video marketing agency you employ doesn’t really have to be knowledgeable about each conceivable sort. However, you would like to ensure that the sorts they are knowledgeable about appear to be a solid match for your requirements.

Do they seem like they have a sorted out, effective process? Video has a ton of moving parts. An organization that is great at arranging and getting ready will both spare cash and create preferred outcomes over one that isn’t efficient.

Outsourcing Isn’t Always a Bad Idea

When it comes to the idea of outsourcing, some people may be skeptical. Of course, the reasons behind this are understandable, whether it’s to be self-sufficient, or simply being wary of trusting outsiders to uphold the company values and vision. However, there is always the cost aspect when it comes to supporting practices outside your area of expertise.

In the end, unless your company is focused on video or video production, it will be much more efficient to employ the services of a video marketing agency rather than employ a full in-house video production team, and all their expensive gadgets, salaries, and equipment.


Q: What does a video marketing agency usually charge?

A: Agencies charge between $1,000-$5,000+ per finished minute of video content, in addition to strategy fees. But monthly retainer fees are also common for consistent work.

Q: How many agencies should we get quotes from?

A: Get proposals from 3-5 shortlisted video agencies to compare approaches to scope while confirming rates across options that fit needs and budget.

Q: Should our internal team handle strategy or creative execution too?

A: Leading video agencies handle the full spectrum – getting an outside creative perspective just on content often backfires. Leverage agencies’ expertise across the board.


Hiring the right video marketing agency pays dividends in the brand impact achieved through elevated production value and strategic messaging. But rushing the vetting process often leads to frustration with the partnership. Leverage this definitive guide covering questions to ask, pricing models, auditing scorecards and creative evaluation rubrics as tools to simplify agency selection for video excellence meeting your awareness, engagement and conversion goals. The investment made fronts will drive massive visibility – get ready for your best marketing year yet!

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