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Content is king. As Northern Ireland’s leading content marketing agency, ProfileTree specialise in content creation across a range of formats, including text, video and graphics.
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At ProfileTree, we have built our business upon industry-leading content that engages, informs and inspires. Our multifaceted team is composed of full time content creators, graphic designers and videographers who excel in promoting up-and-coming brands to the audiences that truly matter. Content is a catalyst for growth, and we can help your business achieve the prominence it deserves with our unrivalled expertise.

The power of the written word is often underestimated. However, as the digital world continues to expand, the need for concise, engaging and profit-driving content marketing efforts has never been stronger. ProfileTree are proud to house a content team who are masters in their craft, writing optimised and eloquent copy that showcases our clients in the way they deserve.

As Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) continues to hold more influence, effective content writing must strike that critical balance between offering readable and entertaining content whilst striving to achieve keyword objectives. Fortunately, our wordsmiths and SEO experts are on-hand to guide each and every one of our clients through their content journey, from page content and brochures to blogs and social media content.

The dawn of the internet created a super industry, with an onus on user experience and functioning, visually-appealing websites. However, the current age of technology hosts millions of websites, with rivals vying for dominance in the eyes of an often crowded market. Nowadays, it is the power of digital content which continues to play a central role in improving rankings on SERP (Search Engine Results Pages).

Research demonstrates that digestible, informative and engaging content drives customers to brands, with an established tone of voice raising clued-in companies in search rankings. Our content writers combine a mastery of traditional marketing and page link building with a key understanding of various types of content, bringing your message to the people who matter. From blogs and whitepapers to email campaigns and site text, ProfileTree have your content strategy covered.

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We live in the Golden Age of film, and ProfileTree are industry leaders in bringing beautiful video content to the world of marketing. We are proud to have produced videos that have been viewed by millions of web-users across the world, offering a visual masterpiece to maximise our clients’ marketing efforts.

We continue to invest in the most advanced filming technology, with a filming studio well-equipped with 360° image-capture devices, video streaming facilities and industry-standard drone technology. As with all of the content we produce, ProfileTree offer a celebrated marketing service for video, optimising all completed pieces to meet SEO requirements and maximise impact. Let us tell your story through the art of video: it’s what we do.

Our holistic approach to content creation champions content across a range of formats, from web text and blog posts to copywriting projects and corporate videos. We draw talent from our content writers and videographers whilst marketing that content with the latest SEO and engagement strategies.

Finding a tone of voice in a busy market can separate you from the crowd. This can, however, be achieved by combining the twin powers of the written word and compelling video. With content showcased and celebrated by clients across the world, ProfileTree can transform your business’ image, credentials and online engagement.

ProfileTree offer each and every one of our clients a totally bespoke content marketing strategy, taking account of their business model, their goals and their current digital strategy. Following initial consultations, our team can communicate stages of progress every step of the way.

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We design stunning, user focused websites that present your brand beautifully and convert visitors into customers.

We use the latest development tools to build websites that are optimised for peak performance at all times.

We manage everything from site updates and reports to hosting, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Using the latest SEO techniques, we help your brand get found for the right terms and by the right people.

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