Video Production in Northern Ireland: Ever since the invention of the camera, the average consumer has just been playing catch up with technology’s fast growing pace. The first ever recorded history of the camera came in the form of manuscripts from an Arab scholar called Hassan Ibn Hassan; which dates all the way back to the 10th century.

His work however was all theoretical; nothing was ever practically done before later in the 13th to 14th century. Building on earlier theoretical work done centuries ago, modern day technology has been able to revolutionize the video production industry. 

Why You Need Video Content

The demand for video production is becoming increasingly more popular with businesses looking to improve their video marketing with a production company to provide video services. From large multinational corporations to a local business, video marketing can produce successful results and boost business profit.

At ProfileTree we have found that video marketing, video production  – even social media video provides some of the best return in investment for our clients. From supplying clients in Belfast – in fact across Northern Ireland, Dublin, Limerick, Clare and the rest of Ireland – to Spain and our clients across the EU and USA, video production and marketing has been critical to their business growth.

This spark in demand has led to more people who are passionate about media to open their own studios and offices specializing in all media aspects. Not only that, but the advancement in technology has turned the average consumer into what is being called prosumers. The term comes from different places and refers to several different types of consumers. The term “prosumer” first referred to any person who consumes and produces all types of media. Later on, the term was used for people who would purchase high end photography and video cameras referring to them as “professional consumers”. 

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Among the world’s fastest growing markets for video production is Belfast and Northern Ireland. In the last few decades, we have seen fantastic movies and television series from studios in Northern Ireland. Other video content like music videos, promotional and marketing videos produced in Northern Ireland have also been prominently noticeable in the last few years. It’s safe to say that the increasing demand for video producers has reached unprecedented proportions. With the increased demand, video production in Belfast and Northern Ireland is quickly becoming a big deal. 

Video production for community building initiative - Video Production in Northern Ireland

Benefits of Video Marketing For Your Business

Video marketing for business can be very beneficial despite what industry you may be situated in. A great example of a great use of video content is real estate video marketing. When your potential client can watch a video of the interior and exterior of a property, it allows them to visualise how they would d ecorate or live in the property. This can encourage them to move forward to the next stage of viewing the property and making an offer. At ProfileTree, we have supported clients in selling and leasing properties through the real estate video marketing content we have created for them.

Within your video marketing strategy, we would recommend that you have a social media video marketing plan. Video content marketing, especially on social media platforms, performs better than other types of content. These can be mixed between professionally created video content and live video content. 

Within the social media channels you use, if you aren’t using Youtube for your business, then you are missing out on potentially a wider online audience for your business. Youtube video marketing is important as one-third of total time online by users is spent watching videos, and YouTube has more than a billion active users. Through Youtube video marketing, SEO of your business’s website can also improve through embedding your videos throughout the pages of your website.

It is not only social media marketing that benefits from video content in your digital marketing video strategy. It has been proven that with video, email marketing success rates can increase as a video in an email can drive higher clicks compared to static images in your email marketing

The Importance of Video Marketing: Types of Video Production

Video marketing has become increasingly popular and a successful form of content for businesses. For a local business, video marketing even done in house can help boost their following but many look towards bringing in a video marketing agency or video production company to help create a bank of video content. 

 Video marketing allows you to fully immerse yourself and your audience in your content and gain the most out of the experience. Whether it is for entertainment, commercial or educational purposes, videos are very useful for many goals businesses in different industries may have.

To be able to maximise the effect of the content produced, you should understand the necessity of it. This will differentiate the process you used for other video production processes. 

Here is a list of types of video production that a Belfast-based video production agency like us could help you with.

Television Broadcast

Countless homes around the world own a television, where viewers watch their favorite shows. The process of creating the video that reaches the viewers is called television broadcast video production. The process of video production in Belfast is located within classified studios and control rooms.

TV media is any content that is disseminated through televisions at the hand of the consumer. This ranges from TV shows, to advertisements and movies. All of these types of video content require expertise in the field of video production. The production of television media requires skilled professionals. In Belfast, video production for television broadcast could be done, for example, through the Northern Ireland Screen.

Event Video

Event video productions work on an individual basis with each event the video content is focused on. If your business is hosting a public event or a private fundraiser, having video content to share to your audience and promote the event can improve future events for businesses and organisations. This promotional video marketing can be done beforehand, to raise awareness about your event, and could be done afterwards to showcase what the company has accomplished. 

Event video production could be in the form of video presentations, live broadcasts, highlight reels or social media video clips as just a few examples.

Awards Ceremonies Videos

This is video content like event video marketing that is made to recreate the glamour and uniqueness of an award ceremony held by your business. Awards ceremony videos are ideal in terms of marketing the ceremony and as a memento for your employees efforts and customers that can increase engagement. 

Conference Videos

The footage gathered from a conference held by your company could be used to create a recap for those who could not attend the conference, and also as advertisement for coming conferences and events.

Publicity Event Videos

Events that are made for publicity are made to raise awareness and publicity for your corporation or organization. This means that it should reach the maximum potential audience to fulfill its initial purpose. 

Event video production could be employed for wedding, birthday parties or any other personal events. Also, they could be used for educational and religious purposes. 

Internet Video Production

Internet video production relates to producing videos using online video marketing tools. As previously mentioned, video content has moved to the forefront on the best content to use in digital marketing. This type of video marketing can be done by both an agency that provides video marketing production or in house with live video content online such as live streams of events and product launches. 

Educational Video

In the field of teaching and education, videos can be especially useful for teachers and students of all age groups. Videos are engaging and memorable and could become very effective in getting an idea across. 

You can transfer these techniques into the commercial field by explaining to customers why they should buy your product, or explain the production process of your products that shows why and how it’s the best in the field. In that way you are educating your audience, advertising your products and increasing sales in a few minutes.

In modern society, the age of online users continues to get younger and younger. Having educational video content, if relevant to your business, as part of your Youtube video marketing will be beneficial to your business.

Our internal brand Learning Mole uses video content, both animated and un-animated, to provide support for parents and children around the world in their education.

Informational Video

Informational videos and educational videos are very similar in context, and could also be called advice videos. Yet, the main difference between them is that we need education, but general information is not always a priority. Informational videos can range from how-to’s and tutorials to interviews and animated videos used as, for example, public safety videos. 

At ProfileTree, we have our Business Leaders Interview series on our Youtube channel. With this video content, we talk with experts in many different fields and industries providing our audience with insight and information that can help improve their business.

Documentary Films

The documentary production process is a lot longer and more detailed that other types of video content. There is a significant amount of research and preparation as well as creating the documentary content compared to a brief marketing video to promote a business. The production process will be similar in shooting, editing but very different in terms of footage and types of shots. 

Entertainment Video

Entertainment video production in Belfast revolves around videos that are made for entertainment purposes, or covering entertainment events. Despite the types of video marketing content you are looking to have created for your business, to capture your audience’s attention and achieve your desired goal, all your video content must be entertaining on a level. 

Music Videos

An important aspect of entertainment video is through music video marketing production. As the technology of music has evolved through the years, music videos have become one of the most popular means of accessing music. This has caused music video production to become more creative, elaborate and an inherent part of the music industry today.

Music video production could make or break an artist. Through the artistic freedom granted to the musician and the videographer, music videos are highly expressive and cater to a large audience sector. The entertaining element of music videos comes from both the audio and the video, so the listener and the viewer are fully immersed in the experience, and the artistic message is effectively transferred.

As the genre and the content of music video production varies, the ultimate purpose is more or less the same, and it is to promote. Promoting the song, means promotion for the artist, means higher sales, more exposure and more profit.

The Process of Video Production

The process of video marketing production can actually be brought down to 3 main steps. There is the pre-production phase, the production phase and the post production.  Pre-production includes the planning, financing, storyboarding and scripting for the video.

The production step is where the actual shooting happens. This phase also includes different elements including but not limited to the animation, narration, effects, graphics, music and other sounds related to the video content. 

The post production stage is where all the editing happens. This is when the footage is brought into the studios for the final edit and presentation. All the elements of the previous steps are brought together for finalization and is regarded as the most important step in the video production process.

Video Production Cheat Sheet

These are some of the most important tips recommended by professional video editors and producers:

  • Planning Is Crucial: In the pre-production phase, careful planning and consideration of all aspects is very important in the final outcome of the video.
  • Audio Is Just as Important as Video: No video would be complete without the correct audio to compliment it. Whether it is music, voice overs or narration, sound and audio quality is almost just as important as video quality. The audio can make or break the overall outcome of the video.
  • Lighting: Proper lighting when shooting is an important element. Although this has more to do with the actual shooting process, good lighting on set will ensure a much easier and smoother post production process.
  • The Rule of Thirds: Another shooting tip straight from the mouths of our videographers is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds states that all shots should be split into thirds (horizontally and vertically). The object that is being shot should be just off centre, creating a better image effect, movement and shots.
  • B-Roll: B-roll is a professional term used to refer to footage used to transition from one scene to another. This alternative or supplemental footage is used in professional video marketing and film production.  Good quality B-roll can make quite a bit of difference in the final cut of a video.

Video Marketing: Video Production for Marketing

All of the uses for video production mentioned could be translated to be utilized for marketing purposes. Using video marketing production as an element of your marketing strategy will allow you to gain:

  • More click through rate
  • More exposure
  • More social engagement
  • 46% more conversation
  • 139% more brand impact.

Research advocates for the use of video for marketing purposes because of its increasing exposure and the shift in consumer behavior to more digital and engaging content. In previous reports, YouTube has said that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year, which shows that people are watching video content on their mobile devices during their day to day life.

The majority of mobile video consumers will also be more likely to share videos with others. This enforces the fact that if your video marketing is interesting or engaging, they are more likely to share it with their online friends and increase the exposure of your product or brand.

Much like many video production industries around the world, video production in Belfast revolves around a lot of corporate  business needs. Corporate video production’s main aim is to increase the company’s popularity in a way or another and to ultimately raise revenue and maximize the success of the business in general. Within corporate video production in Belfast, there are multiple genres you may wish to utilize to fulfill the marketing needs for your company. 

These types of video marketing content act as marketing tools that you should consider experimenting with to find which is more suited to your company and brand.

  • Company Profile: A company profile is primarily used to introduce your company. This is great for startups and small businesses, but could also be useful for large corporations. This type of video content involves providing an inside look into who the CEO of the business is, the team, the company and its main mission alongside other professionals and experts in the field. Providing an insight into the company’s mission and target creates a personal bond with the viewers and engages them further. Company profile video marketing content is a great way for businesses in Belfast to increase their brand awareness and connect with their customers with an inside look into the business. 
  • Broadcast Advertisement: We see broadcast advertisements everyday on TV. This type of video production is probably the most expensive, however the return on investment is higher than many other types of video marketing. Broadcast commercials can be very effective when they’re shown enough times on a popular TV channel.
  • Online Advertisement: Much like the broadcast advertisement, the online advertisement fulfills the same purpose on a lower budget and fewer restrictions. Small and medium businesses will gain the most out of this method, as it will be useful to them across different marketing channels including social media with Facebook video marketing as an example.  Using Online ads for your video marketing, when done well and at times, when don’e badly, can cause a video to go viral online and bring a huge amount of exposure to a business and brand.
  • Industrial Video: Industrial videos are usually made to provide information about a certain product or service. They are usually aimed at audiences within a specific industry to share industry trends. Industrial videos are often shown at trade shows and can also be used for fundraising purposes and to gain investors. Industrial videos are great for businesses that use a b2b video marketing strategy. 
  • Promotional Video: A lot similar to online commercials, promotional videos are created to promote a certain product or service. This is one of the most common forms of video marketing for businesses looking to grow their online presence especially in the tourism industry.
  • Customer Testimonial: Customers are more likely to consume a product if the reviews match what the company is advertising. Because of this, reviews by actual customers would be effective in promotion. This is especially important for online marketing since online shoppers want quick answers to their questions, and a video customer review provides just that.
  • Conference and Seminars: Documenting a conference or seminar will be helpful for your customers as well as employees because they will be able to watch the event from wherever they are. This type of video production in Belfast is effective because it does not require a large budget, and doesn’t have any time restraints and allows you to go as in depth as you wish.
  • Live Product Demo: More on the informational side, your company could be producing live demos to cater to your audience’s need for information or skills. Customers are always looking for the practicality of a product, how they could use it and why they should buy it. This type of video content is extremely popular on Youtube and it doesn’t usually require a lot of high tech cameras and equipment and the editing is very minimal. However, the higher quality of the video and editing will increase the views and positive reaction to the video. They can be as long as you wish in order to get your point across effectively and efficiently, and answer many of the questions your viewers might have on your product.  
  • Launch Series: Whether you are launching a new business, product, partnership or even a brand revamp, having a launch video marketing campaign is a great way to gain the attention for your existing and new audiences. A launch video content series is usually divided into several videos that will be released one after the other until the final video that welcomes the release of what your business is launching.
  • Behind the Scenes: Producing a behind the scenes video makes your business come across more relatable and creates office culture to allow your audience to engage with your brand. Behind the scenes videos put your customers alongside you and builds a relationship between them and your business. 
  • Another use for corporate video could be used for internal purposes. Although not directly linked to the marketing aspect of your company, these types of corporate videos will improve the production process in your organization and increase the quality of work presented, and could also increase market sales in the long run.
  • Staff Training: Demonstrative and informational videos are a form of staff training. Visual medium allows team members to fully comprehend the steps required to perform a certain task. That way, explaining these steps will not have to be repeated to newcomers and trainees. In addition, this will enhance the quality of the service provided by your employees and could be effective on a small or large business basis.  
  • Talent Recruitment: Talent recruitment videos are designed to promote your business as a quality workplace for skilled workers to apply. These videos are then uploaded to employment sites that will help attract qualified workers to fill the job vacancies. Through all of these types of corporate video marketing production types, there are some techniques that have been proven to be effective and should be considered when creating video content.
  • Talking Head: whether for a company profile or a customer testimonial, talking heads are usually very effective in portraying a formal and educated standpoint when advertising your product.
  • Interview: holding interviews with customers is a great way to develop a personality for your brand. Interviews with professionals in your fields or with celebrities also increases exposure as well as credibility for your business and its product.
  • Photo Montage: These are popular for more personal use because they’re easy to make and are curated to personal preferences and photographs. It is also an element that can be included in any type of video whether it be internal or external.
  • Animated Video: Animation videos are attractive to a range of demographics and can make conveying a message to an audience simplified for a business. 

Video Production in Belfast

Belfast Film Festival

To celebrate video production in Belfast and recognize the most significant and culturally expressive films produced in the region, the Belfast Film Festival has been taking place annually for the past 24 years. The festival was initiated in 1995 as part of Feile An Phobail, and has been developing ever since along with the passion and drive for film and video production in Belfast.

Their Festival Archive presents the highlights of all festivals since 2010, providing a summary of the annual event and its most valuable statistics. Alongside that, the programmes also show the most important content of the yearly event.

Similar to many film festivals around the world, the Belfast Film Festival presents various awards and hosts several competitions including the documentary film competition and the short film competition. The documentary competition recognizes new observational documentaries from all around the world, while the short film competition provides a platform for upcoming filmmakers in Ireland to showcase their work. 

The Belfast Film Festival organization is definitely involved in promoting video production in Belfast. They are engaged in promoting film education and providing practical filmmaking skills throughout Northern Ireland. In fact, they are currently constructing a set of community outreach projects that make people’s accessibility to and enjoyment of film culture more widespread. In that way, even underprivileged areas will be granted the opportunity to witness and become part of the video production industry in Belfast. 

This program will revolve around offering writing and film making workshops, industry discussion panels, special screening and masterclasses.

Northern Ireland Screen

The Northern Ireland Screen (NIS) is Northern Ireland’s national screen agency. They work to maximise the economic, cultural and educational value of the screen industries in order to benefit Northern Ireland and the Belfast community. Through their mission of accelerating the development of the screen industry and video production in Belfast, they are able to optimize the culture for video and film production.

As mentioned on their About Us page, the NIS has three main objectives.  

  1. To make sure Northern Ireland has the strongest screen industry in the UK outside London within 10 years.
  2. That the screen industry will be supported by diverse cultural voices.
  3. That the sector will be catered by the most successful screen and digital technologies education in Europe, and that it is within reach and value to the most socially disadvantaged.

To achieve these goals their opportunities and events are within access to the widest possible range of people. In terms of filming in Northern Ireland, they help all the aspects of filming. They also provide support in terms of the investment and funding as well as marketing, exhibiting and archiving.

In terms of education, the Northern Ireland Screen aims to provide young people the appropriate skills and techniques to prepare them for the workplace. By embracing the knowledge of film and educating about the value of contributing to society through that, the industry of video production in Belfast is bound to grow and flourish in the future.

The NIS has access to many beautiful scenes around Northern Ireland which can be taken for granted by many movies and films around the nation. Their production and locations showreel successfully portrays this. Their Film Archive also has many examples of the productions they were able to contribute to in terms of screening and location.

The Paint Hall is Northern Ireland’s film studio facility, it was used by several video production agencies and by HBO to produce Game of Thrones.Technological Advancements in the Video Production Industry Along with standard video marketing production, there are different and additional techniques that can be used to create fantastic video content. 

Drone/Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is taking photographs and video content from an elevated perspective where the camera is not usually supported by a ground-based structure. Although this type of video production has been developing over the years, drone photography; and videography have grown substantially in popularity with videographers, much simpler and a lot more attractive. According to the Professional Aerial Photographers Association, the first aerial photo was actually taken in 1858 by Nadar who was a French photographer and balloonist.


When talking about the world of motion media, there is no doubt that when comparing 360 videos with standard means of video production, 360° videos are bound to stand out and weigh out more pros than cons. The ultimate idea behind the popularity of 360° videos roots from its innovativity. It’s new, creative and appears almost as if it is a product of the future. Being able to fully envision a situation you’ve never been in, and go places you’ve never seen is completely foreign to many minds. 

360° video production is done through video recording every direction at the same time using an omnidirectional camera or a collection of cameras. The final product is a video where the viewer has full control over the direction they are watching. This process is done through special and relatively inexpensive equipment.

In addition, there are also special film editing skills required to produce a quality video. Before this innovation is overdone by other creations, it’s important to take full advantage of it in the marketing and branding field. Currently, the concept of 360° videos is new and exciting to many of us, there is still room for experimentation and creativity, and it’s up to you as a business owner to take that to your advantage. 

People love watching 360° videos and it is your job to provide them with what they want to watch. This expands your exposure horizons and engagement possibilities. At ProfileTree, we offer 360° video production for various events and genres.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

Because of the rise of 360° videography and photography, the fictional worlds of augmented and virtual reality have become a possibility. Just by putting on a headset, you could travel from China to Rome from the comfort of your living room. Using the aspect of augmented and virtual reality, content creators have transferred it onto all possible fields, from art to education to travel and business!  

When it comes to business, using VR is not always the optimum choice for you because it really depends on your product and intention with the program, and it also has a lower potential of going viral because of the specific audience it targets. Not all age groups are interested in virtual reality, and certainly not everyone could afford it. Depending on your view of your customers and the image you want to present to your viewers, you could choose whether to implement VR in your marketing campaign or not.

As a business, you can choose to utilize VR in various ways. For example, giving a virtual tour is always an effective way to give your viewers a more immersive view of where you’re located and what the atmosphere usually feels like. 

Why Video Production Is Growing in Northern Ireland

There is no doubt that Northern Ireland and Belfast is quickly moving to the forefront in the video marketing and video production industry. From massive film studios using the beautiful scenery for their locations or the professional video producers that have risen in the area, one cannot ignore the recent prominence of the region’s video editing scene. From acclaimed TV series like Game Of Thrones or Derry Girls to A-list movies like Star Wars, Belfast and Northern Ireland are quickly becoming big players in the video production scene.

How Can We Help With Your Video Content?

We are ProfileTree.

We work with you and your team to build solutions that will work for you, using marketing tools that fit your needs, your budget and your overall aims. As an award winning digital marketing agency, we have made a successful digital marketing strategy for many local businesses. These strategies have maximized the return on their investment in marketing and added leverage to their digital activities into leads, sales and growth.At ProfileTree, we have provided our clients with high-quality video marketing services to grow their online presence. Our team of expert videographers use the best video marketing software to create and edit videos for your business marketing.         

Our team is created with a range of experts in different digital marketing fields. We offer the best digital marketing services for small businesses and large businesses around the world. At ProfileTree, we also provide a wide range of businesses, both big and small, with different digital marketing course options to support their business growth. 

Senior members of the ProfileTree team also work with our clients on a consultant basis to provide additional high quality digital marketing advice and training to existing efforts.


  • What are your rates for video production? We understand budget concerns and offer flexible solutions. We can create a custom package tailored to your needs and goals. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your project and budget.
  • What types of video projects do you take on? We specialize in a variety of video production services, including corporate videos, marketing videos, event videography, product demos, explainer videos, and more. If you have a vision, we can bring it to life.
  • Do you offer scriptwriting or storyboard services? Yes, we offer a range of pre-production services, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, and concept development. We collaborate closely with you to ensure your video tells the perfect story.
  • What equipment do you use? We use the latest industry-standard equipment to deliver high-quality videos. This includes drones, 360-degree cameras, professional lighting and sound, and editing software.
  • Where are you based? We are based in [Your City, Northern Ireland], but we work throughout the whole of Northern Ireland. We love exploring the unique landscapes and locations our region offers.

Video Production in Northern Ireland Conclusion:

Your story deserves to be told. At ProfileTree, we are passionate about helping businesses and individuals in Northern Ireland create impactful videos that resonate with their audience. We are more than just video producers; we are your local storytellers, dedicated to bringing your vision to life with creativity, expertise, and a genuine love for our craft.

Whether you need a captivating corporate video to boost your brand, a dynamic marketing video to drive engagement, or a heartfelt event video to capture special moments, we are here to guide you every step of the way. We offer personalized service, flexible solutions, and a commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Don’t wait to tell your story. Contact ProfileTree today and let’s create a video that showcases your unique voice and makes a lasting impression. We are excited to collaborate with you and celebrate the vibrant stories that make Northern Ireland special.

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