What Is Video Marketing?

What is video marketing? If you haven’t asked this question, and asked what it means for your business, there are near-immediate benefits you’re missing out on right now. Why? Read on….

We’ll explain what’s SO special about using video for your business, including the stats proving just how much potential customers love to hear from you through video content.

An easy win? We think so.


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Why Video Marketing?

Video gives you a chance to tell your story as well as a chance to reach out to your customer base on an emotional level. Let’s look at the numbers:

  • 81 percent of consumers bought a service or product strictly from watching that brand’s video
  • 95 percent of buyers watched a video for information about a service or product
  • 72 percent of consumers prefer videos over text explanations of a service or product

Perhaps the above explains these impressive stats:

  • Eight out of ten businesses include video in their marketing tools
  • Nine out of ten of those consider video the best tool in their marketing strategy

Benefits of Video Marketing

What’s so special about video? Why is it so huge? Considering that websites with video capture one-third of online viewers, they must have these things:

  • They capture your attention. In a world that bombards people with advertising, your video must capture their attention in the right way at the right time.
  • Now you have their attention. You want to engage their emotions next. Don’t be afraid to tell your story with all its pathos, longing, and pride. These are things with which people can identify. They’ll be more inclined to buy your service or product if they identify with you.
  • Consumers see video as perceived value. They know it’s an expensive thing to do, so they’re more inclined to listen to it. That said, when consumers search, their click-through rates rise by 41 percent. Three times the organic inbound links come from video. Two to three hundred monthly unique visits arise from video. Now, that’s value.
  • People learn at different speeds. Clarity, for some, is video presentations or auditory learning. For others, clarity is text or visual learning. You can make them both happy at the same time by giving your customer base a combination of the two, much like music videos with lyrics included.

What Is Video Marketing – The Essentials 

Now you know the answer to the question what is video marketing? Next, it’s time to optimise your video content marketing.

Remember we talked about video informing us or amusing us? Now you’ll put it into practice.

First, engage your customer by capturing his attention. Tell him something about your service or product that will solve his problem. Don’t promote the service or product. You want to be more like the American show on the telly in which Mr. Wilson is helping Tim the fix-it man over the back fence.

Second, explain your service or product. You’ve already gotten his attention by bringing up his problem. Now you need clarity, so you must explain how you can help him. Go into detail with several examples of your service or product solving several problems.

Third and lastly, now you want to insert demonstrations and testimonials. The customer needs to see the perceived value; let him actually see a step-by-step demonstration of the service or product. Slip in some testimonials by satisfied customers. Your prospect needs to see that you’re knowledgeable and appreciated by others.


Create video content describing something completely out of your circle of influence, but a problem exists for which one of your services or products could answer. For example, let’s say you produce a formula that cleans oil and scum off commercial floors such as manufacturing companies.

Let’s say there’s a referendum going on about environmental issues with which some of your customers are involved. Do some research to show how one of the ingredients in your formula could answer this referendum. Invite an expert to share the video so that customers can get expert advice.

Clever hack: Create a video showing how your formula could answer a completely different problem, perhaps a residential one or a problem in a school or office building instead of a commercial problem.

Video Content Marketing – Four Quick Steps

By now, you’ve thought more about ‘what is video marketing’ in general, begun to think of a video content marketing strategy, and perhaps become overloaded with information, dazed and thinking, “tell me again why video marketing?”

Yes, it’s it involves a cost. Yes, you’ll have to engage a professional or buy the equipment yourself. However, your customer base will recognise quality and respond to it.

Here are  four steps to take to make the most of your video marketing strategy:

One – 

Video sells. However, your message needs to be short and sweet. Say it well and say it quickly. It must have your keywords in it, but not be spammy. Remember your customers’ attention span is that of a gnat. Just like people read blogs or other online information in three to four line paragraph form, so its equivalent needs to be in a video.

Two – 

Whether you perform or a professional does it, have the person speak slowly and clearly. Put a transcript of the video on your website, because you can’t read to some people. They have to read it themselves. Remember to put your keywords in meta description form. This will help the search engines get your videos into the top ten or twenty.

Three – 

Push notifications to your email list as well as to your social media followers and fans when you have a new video coming out. Word of mouth advertising from these people to scores of others will net you admirable analytics.

Four – 

Speaking of analytics, tracking is your best friend. It’s imperative to a video content marketing strategy. When a customer stays on your site for the entire length of the video, that’s good. When they engage with reaction buttons such as “like,” “thumbs up,” “laughing,” “smiley face,” then they are deeply engaging with your video content.

On the other hand, if the customer isn’t viewing past the introduction, then you know you’ll have to reword the opening or shorten it a little.

Our single biggest piece of advice? Remember how your customer views things, and you’ll be right on target.

Good luck!


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