Marketing, in its most basic form, is an umbrella term for a wide range of different marketing methods. From digital advertisements to well-written blogs, digital marketing involves a multi-throng in order to achieve a successful marketing campaign online.

This is where full service marketing comes in. A full service marketing agency has a wide range of marketing tactics in their arsenal, they can help your business grow online and help your brand curate a digital presence through multiple marketing means. 

Read our complete guide on what to look out for when choosing a full service marketing agency. 

  • What is a digital marketing agency? 
  • What is a full service marketing agency? 
  • What does a full service digital agency do?
  • Why hire a digital advertising agency over a traditional one?
  • What to ask a digital marketing agency?
    • Which digital marketing services do you offer? 
    • Do you specialise in B2C or B2B marketing? 
    • Do you have experience marketing within my industry? 
  • How to write a brief for a digital agency?
  • what services does a full digital marketing agency offer?
    • Full service web design and digital marketing agency
    • Full service website design
    • Full service website development
    • Full service website hosting & management 
    • Full service search engine optimisation
    • Full service digital advertising agency
    • Full Service digital content agency

What is a digital marketing agency?

A digital marketing agency is a business that helps other businesses compete in the online marketplace. A digital marketing agency will design, create and deliver creative digital marketing strategies in order to achieve their clients campaign goals. 

Some digital marketing agencies only specialise in one form of digital marketing, e.g.) digital video promotion or web design and development, so it’s important to understand what different digital agencies specialise in, as it will affect your overall digital marketing goals. 

Full service marketing

What is a full service digital marketing agency? 

A full service marketing agency is an agency that can provide your business with a wide range of marketing tactics for successful online growth and competition. The good thing about a full service marketing agency, is that all of the marketing materials are drafted under one roof. There is a sense of fluidity between methods, and this strengthens the brand recognition and online awareness. 

If you decide to outsource different elements of your marketing campaign to a variety of different digital marketing agencies, then it may result in the overall message being lost, it can be confusing for audiences and it can dilute the campaign’s impact. A full service marketing agency will ensure that a strong and consistent message is being delivered throughout your entire digital marketing campaign. 

A full service marketing agency can also identify and provide the best methods for achieving your marketing goals, e.g.) if your marketing goal is to increase your blog readership and ranking, then a video production company might not be the best option for achieving this goal. A full service marketing agency knows the best methods for online promotion and they provide a multi-thronged approach to achieving your digital marketing goals. 

What does a full service marketing agency do?

A full service digital agency will first consider your business goals and digital marketing expectations. In an initial consultation, a full service marketing agency will indicate which of their methods may be best suited for your business’ success and how they can use different marketing tactics within your campaign. 

A full service digital marketing agency will see your marketing goals develop right from the initial consultation and conceptualisation phase, right through to the creation and dissemination of promotional content. Full service marketing agencies hit multiple goals for maximum campaign impact.

Why hire a digital advertising agency over a traditional one?

In modern times, it is really unsuitable to say that you’re pursuing a marketing campaign without using digital tactics. The world has become digitalised and we spend so much of our time online, businesses need to appeal to this modern way of delivering information and advertisements. Even traditional agencies have inevitably had to include some forms of digital marketing, campaigns without it are almost certainly likely to fail. 

Whilst a traditional marketing approach might think of targeting audiences in physical ways, such as newspaper ads or with billboard displays, a full service digital marketing agency thinks of the audience’s online habits and attempts to target them there. Full service marketing uses many different digital tactics, from email marketing to google search ads, they create the most impactful and appropriate ways to reach your audience. 

What to ask a full service marketing agency?

Selecting a digital marketing agency to represent and promote your brand should be a very thoughtful decision. It can be even more challenging trying to select an agency when you don’t know what all of the jargon means and you don’t necessarily know which digital methods you need. 

Before selecting a digital marketing agency, you should ask the them these three questions: 

1. Which digital marketing services do you offer? 

Digital marketing involves the use of multiple marketing methods, from video content to digital advertisements, there are so many avenues to take for online promotion. Some digital marketing agencies only specialise in a couple of these services, so it’s important to ask which services they specialise in. Some of the services you should enquire about include: 

  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Web hosting
  • Digital advertising
  • SEO services 
  • Content creation

If you decide to go for a full service marketing agency, you will have access to most of these digital marketing services. This will help keep the overall marketing costs down and help deliver a strong and consistent marketing message. 

2. Do you specialise in B2C or B2B marketing? 

Another question you should ask a potential agency is whether they specialise in B2B or B2C marketing. Each of these services are marketed in different ways and use different methods for digital promotion. 

B2B – Business to Business, is a company that sells its services or products to other businesses. The methods for digitally marketing this type of business would focus on expert web design, strategically placed digital ads and useful product/service content. This type of digital marketing is factual and makes business sense to potential customers. 

B2C – Business to customer, is a company that sells its products/services to customers directly. The digital marketing strategy for this type of business is much more personal, using methods like social media engagement, entertaining content creation and informative blogs. B2C digital marketing attempts to connect with the customer emotionally and on an interpersonal level.  

You should select a digital marketing agency that has experience in marketing your type of business. Many great digital marketing agencies do have experience in marketing for both types of businesses –  although it’s still a very important question to ask. For more information on the difference between B2B and B2C marketing, check out this article.

3. Do you have experience marketing within my industry? 

Another great question to ask a potential digital marketing agency is what experience they have marketing within your industry? This will have implications for how well they know your industry and how well they can promote it online.

Different industries need different approaches to their digital marketing strategy, for example, the hospitality industry is continually having to appeal to customers on social media channels. This is because there is a rising trend of people using social media to find new places to eat, drink and stay. 

A digital agency should be aware of your industry trends and be able to craft marketing strategies that utilise that information. One of the best ways to find out if a digital marketing agency is right for you, is to simply ask them, have you done this before? 

How to write a brief for a digital agency?

So you’ve selected an appropriate digital agency to promote your business now what? 

You need to let your digital marketing agency know what it is that you want them to do. One way to do this is to draft a brief explaining your ambitions and goals for this joint venture. Some important points you should include within your brief are: 

  1. Goals within the business – e.g.) more bookings, increased sales of a certain product, etc.
  2. Goals of online strategy – e.g.) more followers, more views, increased blog readers, etc. 
  3. Expectations of content, whether it’s a new video, articles, blog posts etc. 
  4. Your business’ unique selling point. 
  5. Important information you want to highlight to customers.
  6. Include any information on upcoming promotional events, important days or new launches etc. 
  7. Links to your existing websites, news articles, product information etc. 

Your brief should just be a summary of all the important information surrounding your digital marketing goals. It’s a starting point for working out a clearer strategy and deciding on more focused goals, all of which will be worked out with more contact with your agency. 

What services does a full service marketing agency offer?

A full digital marketing agency offers a range of specialised digital marketing services. Depending on your campaign goals, you may only need to incorporate one or several of these marketing tactics into your marketing strategy. 

Some of the services that a full digital marketing agency provides include: 

Full service web design and digital marketing agency

First impressions count and your company website may be the first time a potential customer or client comes into contact with your brand. Websites should be designed in such a way that’s appealing to visitors, they should be able to navigate it easily and understand exactly what it is you provide.

Having an established online website that users can visit may help your business in the following ways: 

  • Attracting new customers/clients
  • Increasing your potential customer/client reach
  • Updating existing customers/clients about your business
  • Promoting and increasing awareness of your brand 
  • Engaging with your customers/clients
  • Showcasing your product/service in the best possible way
  • Increasing visits to your website which in turn has an affect on sales 
  • Remaining relevant in a competitive market
  • Providing a source of contact and support
  • A platform where you can discuss your expertise
  • Develop an online community 
  • Track visits and engagement with your website  

Some digital marketing agencies only offer one component of website management e.g.) web design or web hosting, but in a full service marketing agency, you have a centralised support system, helping to coordinate all of the different aspects of managing your website.

Full Service website design

Web design is the process of creating a bespoke front-end of a website that is attractive, engaging and user friendly. Web Designers consider the colour, text, imagery, videos, layout, navigation and overall appearance of your business’s website. A full service agency will have a dedicated team of web designers who ensure that the user interface and user experience is up to a quality standard.

Full Service website development

Full service website development is ensuring that all of the website’s coding is functional and working. It’s the back end work of a website and it requires high quality expertise and knowledge. Poorly developed websites pose security risks, hacking possibilities and overall poor functioning for the user’s experience. A full service website development agency will ensure that all aspects of website design and development are maintained. 

Full service website hosting & management

Web hosting affects your websites bandwidth, security, storage space and even business email. A full service website hosting agency will understand the implications of web hosting and management, and ensure that your business can use secure, external servers to publish, update and maintain your site.

Feeling brave? check out this informational video on how you can create your own website within one hour.

Full service Search engine optimisation

SEO – Search Engine Optimization, is the process of using targeted keywords to appear further up in search engine results when people search for a query related to your business. 

A full service agency will be able to embed SEO content throughout all of your businesses online promotions, from website content, bespoke videos and specially curated blogs, a full service agency will use every method available to help your business rank better. 

Full service digital advertising agency

A full service digital marketing agency can help you select the best digital advertising  methods. Digital advertising costs money and it can quickly become a money pit if you don’t know what you’re doing. A full service agency can explain costs and help you allocate budgets for your digital marketing strategy. 

A full service digital marketing agency can help you schedule digital marketing adverts so that you get the best return on investment. They are experts in social media adverts, web ads and search engine ads, compared to other agencies that only specialise in one form of digital advertising. 

Full Service digital content agency

A full service agency will also have a wide range of talented individuals working for their clients, they rarely outsource assistance as much of their work is done in-house. This is advantageous as the promotional material can be easily redrafted and designed to suit the overall marketing tone. 

Think of how you consume online material, videos, images, blogs, audiobooks, and funny social media tweets. There are many ways to communicate online, and a full service knows this all too well. 

At ProfileTree, we believe in providing comprehensive and tailored marketing solutions that deliver measurable results. Our team of experts possesses deep expertise in a wide range of marketing disciplines, enabling us to craft strategies that align perfectly with your business goals.

Strategic Planning and Consulting

We embark on every engagement with a thorough understanding of your business objectives, target audience, and competitive landscape. Through data-driven analysis and strategic workshops, we collaborate with you to define your marketing goals, identify the most effective channels, and develop a roadmap for achieving your desired outcomes.

Brand Development and Positioning

Your brand is your identity, and we are committed to helping you establish a strong and recognizable presence in your industry. Our branding experts will guide you in defining your unique value proposition, crafting compelling brand messaging, and creating a cohesive visual identity that resonates with your target audience.

Content Marketing and Storytelling

Engaging and valuable content is the cornerstone of any successful marketing campaign. We specialize in creating content that captures attention, sparks conversations, and drives action. Our skilled writers and storytellers will craft content tailored to your specific audience and goals, ensuring your brand voice remains consistent and impactful.

Digital Marketing and Advertising

In today’s digital world, reaching your target audience effectively requires a strategic approach to online marketing. Our experts leverage the power of digital channels, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing, to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Public Relations and Reputation Management

Your public image is paramount; we are dedicated to protecting and enhancing your brand’s reputation. Our content team will work closely with you to craft media-savvy strategies, manage press inquiries, and cultivate relationships with key influencers, ensuring your brand is portrayed positively and consistently.

Analytics and Reporting

Data-driven decision-making is essential for optimizing your marketing efforts. We are committed to providing you with regular, comprehensive reports that delve into the performance of your campaigns, key metrics, and actionable insights. Our team of analysts will help you understand the data, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions that drive results.

Industry-Specific Expertise

We understand that every industry has its unique marketing challenges and opportunities. Our team of experts possesses deep knowledge of a wide range of industries, enabling us to tailor our strategies and tactics to address the specific needs of each sector.

Understanding of Industry Trends and Challenges

We stay abreast of industry trends and challenges, ensuring our strategies remain relevant and effective. We actively engage with industry leaders, participate in conferences and workshops, and conduct ongoing research to stay at the forefront of marketing innovations.

Agency Reporting

We believe in transparency and collaboration, and our commitment to client communication is unwavering. We provide regular, comprehensive reports that detail campaign performance, key metrics, and actionable insights. Our reports are tailored to each client’s unique needs and goals, ensuring they receive the information they need to make informed decisions. We create these using a leading marketing agency reporting tool.

Encourage Client Feedback and Collaboration on Reports

We value client feedback and welcome input on our reports. We actively encourage clients to review reports with us, discuss findings, and identify areas for improvement. This collaborative approach ensures that our reports are valuable tools for driving success.

If you would like support from an expert, full-service marketing agency, get in touch with ProfileTree today.

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