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ProfileTree are an award-winning, full digital marketing agency based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. But what separates us from others offering online digital marketing services? 

At ProfileTree, we do digital differently. We devise digital marketing strategies that engage and inspire, driving organic traffic and potential customers to your site. The impact of digital marketing on businesses has triggered a revolution in how each and everyone one of us makes our browsing and buying decisions. We are proud to offer our clients industry-leading expertise on all types of digital services, engineered to maximise and enhance their business’ online marketing performance

In the case of many organisations and businesses in Belfast, the advantages of digital marketing are frequently underestimated. Whilst public understanding of digital marketing is on the increase, gaps in this knowledge currently mean that companies that use online marketing in Belfast are at an advantage over their competitors. In all of the projects we oversee, our measured results continuously reflect why digital marketing is essential for Belfast businesses.

Companies in need of digital marketing can be overwhelmed by the large choice of agency options available. Let us make it simple: if your search is for ‘best digital marketing agency near me’ or ‘digital marketing agency Belfast’, select ProfileTree: your number one choice for lead-generating campaigns. 

What is Digital Marketing and Why it Matters to Businesses in Belfast

What is the role of digital marketing? What is a digital marketing campaign? And why is online marketing so effective? The most commonly-cited definitions describe the practice as the marketing of products of services using digital technologies, mainly on the internet. Indeed, the impact of digital technologies on marketing strategies has been significant. But what are these digital technologies, and why are they so relevant to internet marketing and advertising?

The technology used in digital marketing is incredibly diverse, and continues to grow. However, marketing managers and digital marketing executives across a range of industries in Belfast and beyond allocate much of their resources to technologies such as electronic display advertising (one of the many elements of digital advertising), mobile phones, email marketing and social media marketing. Regardless of your choice of medium, relevance and user experience are essential for a real ROI.

Various aspects of digital marketing tend to concentrate on the online world’s most popular channels. These are typically composed of leading social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Likewise, video streaming platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are becoming more prominent in the world of marketing. Put simply, the role of digital marketing in business is to market on channels that create, accelerate and transmit product value to the consumer. 

Digital marketing in Belfast is becoming increasingly dominant, partly due to the exponential rise of social media. According to WeAreSocial’s Global Digital Report, the number of internet users worldwide is 4.88 billion, up 9.1 percent year on year. This translates to a global social media user base of 3.484 billion, with 5.112 billion smartphone users across the world. The role of social media in digital marketing is therefore extremely valuable to businesses in Belfast and across the world. 

Far from being limited to social media, digital marketing is a diverse and rapidly growing industry. Indeed, digital marketing involves a range of skills and expertise. See below for some examples – all of which can be accessed via ProfileTree’s digital services list:

  • Copywriting and content creation
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO digital marketing)
  • Electronic display advertising
  • Voice search marketing
  • Content marketing 
  • Video production and marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Mobile marketing

How fast is digital marketing growing in Belfast? How has digital marketing changed the shopping experience as we know it? Continue reading to gain more insights into the practice and to discover how to promote your business digitally

How Digital Marketing is Adding Value to Business in Belfast

How digital marketing is changing our lives lies in how online consumers decide to engage with their favourite brands. Only ten years ago, many consumers would make their decisions based upon television & radio advertising, as well as billboards, bus advertisements, magazine reviews and ‘word of mouth’. However, many of these elements of traditional marketing are losing relevance to digital channels enabled by tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers. It is therefore fair to say that our dependence on online is stronger than it has ever been, and the effect of digital marketing in the world is highly significant. 

For some useful insights, let’s look at local search. When, for example, we search for ‘digital marketing near me’, ‘digital marketing company near me’ or variations of those phrases like ‘digital marketing agency Belfast’ or ‘digital marketing consultant Belfast’, we are searching for relevant businesses within a local and nearby vicinity. Such targeted searching has transformed how we advertise and promote products or services

How does this translate to real value for businesses in Belfast? The answer is reflected in a series of research findings by WordStream, Search Engine Land and Google. These findings demonstrated that 72 percent of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles, with 82 percent of smartphone browsers conducting ‘near me’ searches. Meanwhile, 28 percent of searches for something nearby led to a purchase, with local searches leading 50 percent of mobile users to visit stores within one day.

This means that local enterprise is better equipped to compete with top industry players. In a nutshell, digital marketing for small business has significantly levelled the playing field, both in Belfast and across the world. The struggle for competition in Belfast and further afield is intense, and digital marketing planning has become crucial. 

Digital Marketing is Growing in Belfast

The importance of digital marketing in today’s scenario shouldn’t be underestimated. Across the world, digital marketing is occupying larger chunks of the global marketing spend. Indeed, according to research recently published by Magna, the three channels with the highest ad revenue growth are social media (38 percent), online video (27 percent) and search (18 percent). Meanwhile, Smart Insights have reported content marketing as the activity that will have the most significant impact on business in the near future. 

All of these findings come amidst the backdrop of a digital United Kingdom, which is now the largest online advertising market in Europe with a whopping 2019 spend of £1.34 billion. This has created a wealth of opportunity, with educational institutions in Belfast and beyond continuing to develop digital marketing skills in their students. Notably, the Digital Marketing Institute has highlighted content creation, social media strategy, search engine optimisation and UX design as some of the most in-demand skills today. 

Belfast is emerging as a hub for such skills, and ProfileTree are proud to employ some of Northern Ireland’s most talented content writers, designers and brand strategists as full-time staff. 

A Message to Belfast Businesses: Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

The advantages of digital marketing in Belfast are significant, and they continue to grow. Why choose digital marketing? Read on to discover how the practice can guarantee a strong ROI for your business.

Reach Your Customers

A full digital marketing strategy will identify areas where marketing can be applied. However, the core of this strategy will focus on the fine details of your audience and how to target customers for digital marketing. Companies that market well know their customers, and will target them with online media content that engages, informs and inspires. Bring your digital campaign to your target audience on the devices they love to use, and reap the benefits of enhanced engagement and sales. 

Knowing where, when and how to target your audience represents one of the most valuable skills in digital marketing. At ProfileTree, our dedicated team of analysts and content marketers can identify your audience and deliver campaigns that truly reflect the valuable role of content in digital marketing.

Stay Competitive

Why have a digital strategy? The digital marketplace is saturated with competition. It is crowded with competing and conflicting messages, meaning that branded messages can become easily lost or drowned out. Launching a campaign without a well researched and managed strategy often results in failure – and this goes for both small and large industry players. Fundamentally, good digital marketing levels the playing field. 

Google search engine ranking pages reign supreme. By investing in ProfileTree’s digital marketing solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of having your business joining the top results in these pages. Let us grow your profile while you run your business: it’s what we do.

Demonstrable Results

Unlike many elements of traditional marketing, digital marketing is accompanied by a range of advanced technologies which facilitate the measurement and analysis of various campaigns. These include changing metrics for web traffic, engagement and sales, as well as keyword performance as part of a wider search engine optimisation strategy. This crucial data informs marketers on whether consumers saw the advertisement; if they liked it, and if their engagement with the campaign led to a sale. 

ProfileTree are leaders in digital market analysis. Forget impressions, likes and vanity metrics: we drive campaigns that are data-focused and highly targeted.

ProfileTree: Belfast’s Best Digital Marketing Agency

In Belfast and across Ireland, ProfileTree have become established as sectoral leaders in digital marketing and creative content campaigns. We excel in delivering real, measurable results for our clients.

Since we began in 2011, our campaigns have picked up a raft of prestigious awards. Clients place their trust in our knowledge of digital marketing, secured by an industry leading team of content writers, video marketers and brand specialists.

Why choose ProfileTree? Check out our client case studies to discover why ProfileTree is Belfast’s number one choice for digital and content marketing services.

Let us grow your brand while we run your business. For digital marketing in Belfast, choose ProfileTree.

Why Choose ProfileTree?

Are you looking for a fresh approach to digital marketing for your Belfast business? The good news is, here at Profile Tree we’ve built our own local company that puts digital and content marketing at the forefront of everything we do, and we want to share our ideas with our amazing customers.

We have all the expertise you need; whether it’s web development, digital, video, social media and more, for a service which provides real results.

We’ve loved seeing digital marketing become increasingly popular in Belfast. Because it means our local businesses are very much awake to the value of an engaging, strategically-planned online world built around conversations and conversions.

Except for one thing…this isn’t always the case. The digital marketing boom has also meant an influx of digital companies offering your business support. This could be from a digital agency in Belfast, marketing agencies in Belfast or other similar businesses.

Digital marketing in Belfast, therefore, has often become fractured down to piecemeal advice about individual marketing elements, delivery of services too disconnected from other parts of your digital presence to be effective or projects built around surface appearance but not strategy and results.

What Makes ProfileTree Different?

We live digital marketing:

We’ve built our own company on digital marketing, especially SEO and content, meaning we pass on tried and tested methods combined with enhancements to make the most of the very latest changes.

Straight talk and hard work:

We don’t have ‘meetings about meetings’, plus we keep our bills clear and our deadlines short. One of the reasons our returning customers choose us as their trusted partner.

We listen:

While some digital marketing companies will be out to sell isolated services ‘off the shelf’, we’ll want to understand your business, your goals, your brand and your audiences to connect your digital world.

By taking this approach, our service – taking in the work of a Belfast design agency, a marketing company, a digital agency and much more – connects your digital marketing spend to your business goals and marketing outcomes.

We avoid vanity projects and vanity metrics, instead of understanding and working towards the outcomes you need online. We also love building a real relationship with our clients. So, you can find us at the end of the phone, anytime for advice and support to help your business grow with us.


Digital marketing doesn’t mean a few social posts or ‘ticking the box’ of trying out the latest digital fad in your business.

Digital marketing means connecting your company’s online world with clear goals, clear customer journeys and a close eye on creating conversions for real ROI.

Our clients, by taking a step back and working smarter with ProfileTree, unlock a new level of results from their online world.


Talking WITH rather than talking TO potential buyers is the key to content success.

You wouldn’t buy from a salesperson whose first words are ‘buy now’ any more than you’d buy from a company online who didn’t walk you through the reasons to convert.

We have years of experience researching, developing and testing content designed to start conversions and drive conversions.


Something that’s often missed? Involve your own team in your digital marketing plans and you’ll create an online presence and online campaigns built to be a living part of your business, fuelled by colleagues and their ideas.

It’s often overlooked that great digital marketing comes from listening first and planning second, not from using ‘off the shelf’ products and trying to build strategy around the tools.


Your online plans might be working, but if you haven’t planned for change you’re planning to fail.

Constant changes in – for example – social platforms and Google analytics will mean a choice between reacting to the benefits to be found in change, or playing catch-up with the competition.

We help our clients to take a longer view of their online presence to make sure they’re steering into change rather than reacting.

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