What Is Web Designing?

What is web designing? Put simply, the need for great web design is something your business can’t ignore if you want to make sure your site will perform – and deliver results – at its very best.

It may be tempting to tackle web design ‘on the cheap’, but a website that’s badly optimised for mobile, performs badly in search results or isn’t user-friendly could well be a wasted investment.

To understand the work of a web designer is to help avoid the mistake of finishing with a site unable to meet your business needs.

Read on for our essential overview…

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The Web Design Industry

Technically, web design is an industry that encompasses a number of other tasks. Creating a website requires knowing how to create the code that makes things appear on the internet. BUT just having a working website isn’t enough. 

You need someone who understands things like how colour works, what items need to be included to make visitors stay around and see what you have to offer, and what factors will enable the search engines to find your website and make it visible.

Finally, you need content that appeals to visitors. This content includes information and, sometimes, entertainment too.


Web Designing Roles

All of these things can be considered part of web designing. To make things more confusing, however, the names for roles you encounter may include content writer, programmer, or even SEO specialist.

The actual web designer title may only encompass a person who does the layout and other visual components of the website.

It is important when you hire someone to help build your website that you discuss with them what all they include in their service, or you may end up be disappointed and end up having to bring in other people.

What Does a Web Designer Do?

Most web designers are also graphic designers. They have knowledge of things like:

*How two or three colours work together

*What kind of font is easiest to read

*Where to place various components such as contact information or purchase buttons or visuals

*How to create a positive UI so visitors will return

*How to make your website easy to see on different devices

Some web designers also help with SEO. 

What Does UI Mean in Web Design?

When a designer is creating the initial plans for a website, they think about the people who will be visiting the website.

They consider what is called UX, or user experience. This is how well a visitor is likely to respond to the way things are laid out.

For example, it has been discovered that visitors to any website have a general path they follow when scanning.

In order to make sure all your important information has the best chance of being seen, your content must be within that scanned area.

UX and UI

Users also like pages that load quickly, easy navigation and many other proven features. The designer takes the UX into account.

Now is where UI comes into the picture. UI stand for User Interface and it is the actual components that allow a positive UI.

The designer uses the knowledge of what is best to lay out the components of the website to create that experience. Think of it this way: UX is what makes your visitors enjoy your website. UI is making sure the means for that enjoyment are there.

What is Responsive Web Design?

Not many years ago, a web designer only had to worry about how a website looked on a desktop or laptop computer screen. Designers would test and make sure the site looked good when viewed by different browsers, but that was all that needed to be done.

Today, people are more likely to be viewing a website on a tablet or phone. There are a wide variety of sizes and shapes of devices being used and a website that looks good on a desktop isn’t always going to look good on a smaller device. 

When other devices began gaining popularity, web designers often had to make several versions of the same website, each with a different URL, in order to manage the difference in appearance and still allow users to get a positive experience.

Mobile and Tablet Use

This added a lot of work and ended up costing the web owner a lot of extra money. Looking for a way to solve this issue, responsive web design was created.

Think about how you can view a website on your phone in either horizontal or vertical mode. It looks basically the same, correct? This is a result of responsive web design on a small scale.

When a website is created with this coding, a user can pull up a site on his desktop at work, his tablet while waiting to pick up the kids at soccer and his laptop at home that night – and each time he will be looking at basically the same website.

It will appear (roughly) the same regardless of screen size or device. 

Summary: An Essential Subject for Your Business

While web design may seem intimidating when you first approach it, however an experienced designer will be able to help you become familiar with everything the process involves.

The most important thing you need to do is to ask what aspects of the process the particular designer is able to do and what parts you will need to have done by someone else or do yourself.

A well-rounded web designer may be able to do everything but create the content. Then again, an agency may have a content writer in their team.


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