You have a Wix website but you want to make it stand out from the rest. Wix offers an array of apps that allow you to make content on your site pop. With 38% of website users reportedly refraining from engaging with the content and layout if it is unattractive, it is important to find ways to make your Wix content stand out.

Investing time and resources into your Wix content will help engage your audience, promote your brand, and ensure that your site provides conversions. We have selected four of our favourite apps from the Wix App Market that help you create outstanding content.

Wix has developed a variety of apps that make displaying and showcasing your content easy. Whether you want to add imagery and video or even audio, Wix content apps have an array to help you. These are some of our favourites.

What is POWR?

POWR is a third-party app provider that offers a range of website plugins and widgets designed to enhance the functionality of websites, including those built on the Wix platform. POWR provides a variety of customisable plugins that you can easily add to your Wix website without needing to have advanced coding skills.

Some of the types of plugins and widgets that POWR offers for Wix include contact forms, galleries, social media feeds, countdown timers, eCommerce tools, and more. These plugins can help you add interactive and dynamic elements to your Wix website, improving user engagement and functionality, and enriching your Wix content.

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To use POWR plugins on your Wix website, you typically need to create an account on the POWR website, design and customise the plugin to your liking and then generate a code snippet. You can then add this code to your Wix site using the Wix Editor.

POWR provides both free and premium versions of their plugins, with the premium versions offering additional features and customisation options. It’s a convenient way to enhance your Wix website’s capabilities without extensive development work, making it a valuable tool for managing your Wix content.

How to Use POWR for WIX Content

  1. Browse and Select a Plugin: Explore the available plugins and select the one that suits your needs. POWR offers a wide range of plugins, including contact forms, galleries, social media feeds, countdown timers, and more.
  2. Customize the Plugin: After selecting a plugin, you’ll be able to customize its appearance and functionality to match your website’s design and requirements. POWR provides a user-friendly interface for customization, allowing you to change colours, fonts, styles, and other settings.
  3. Create or Log In to Your POWR Account: To save and manage your plugins, you must create a POWR account or log in if you already have one.
  4. Configure Plugin Settings: Depending on the chosen plugin, you may need to configure specific settings. For example, if you’re adding a contact form, you’ll need to specify where form submissions should be sent. Follow the on-screen instructions for each setting.
  5. Generate the Plugin Code: Once you’ve customized and configured your plugin, you’ll need to generate the embed code that will be added to your Wix site. Look for an option like “Get Code” or “Embed” on the POWR plugin’s settings page.
  6. Copy the Embed Code: Click on the “Copy Code” or similar button to copy the plugin’s embed code to your clipboard. This code contains the information needed to display the plugin on your Wix site.
  7. Add the Plugin to Your Wix Website: Now, go to your Wix website’s editor.
  8. Add an HTML iframe: To add the POWR plugin to your Wix site, you’ll typically use an HTML iframe. In the Wix editor, drag and drop an HTML iframe element onto the page where you want the plugin to appear.
  9. Paste the Embed Code: In the settings for the HTML iframe element, there should be an option to paste your embed code. Paste the code you copied from POWR into this field.
  10. Adjust Size and Position: Resize and position the HTML iframe element to control the size and placement of the POWR plugin on your page.
  11. Preview and Publish: Preview your Wix site to ensure the plugin is displaying correctly. If everything looks good, save your changes and publish your site.

Your POWR plugin should now be live on your Wix website, providing the added functionality or feature you desired. Remember that you can manage and update your plugins through your POWR account, making it easy to make changes or customize them further.

For more information visit the POWR website ( to browse and choose the plugin you want to add to your Wix site.

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Why is a Video and Image Slider Good for my WIX Content?

Video and image sliders can be beneficial for your Wix website for several reasons:

  1. Visual Appeal with Wix Content: In the context of Wix websites, incorporating video and image sliders enhances the visual appeal of your site. Wix offers user-friendly tools to create and customize sliders with your content, such as product images, portfolio photos, or promotional visuals.
  2. Showcase Products or Services on Wix: Utilizing sliders on your Wix site allows you to effectively showcase your products or services. You can create galleries of Wix content that display your offerings, making it easy for visitors to explore what you have to offer without navigating to different pages.
  3. Highlight Promotions with Wix Content: Wix’s slider features are excellent for highlighting promotions or special offers. You can insert images, banners, or videos that promote your latest deals, and pair them with Wix buttons that direct visitors to relevant pages for more information or to make a purchase.
  4. Tell a Story with Wix Content: Wix empowers you to tell compelling stories through your website. With image and video sliders, you can weave narratives using Wix content. For instance, you can create a visual journey that showcases your brand’s history, and evolution, or a behind-the-scenes look at your team’s work.
  5. Improve User Experience with Wix: User experience is paramount in web design, and Wix offers responsive and intuitive slider options. Wix content sliders can automatically cycle through images or provide user-friendly navigation controls, contributing to a seamless user experience on your site.
  6. Call to Action (CTA) for Wix Content: CTAs in your Wix content sliders can drive user engagement. Incorporate buttons in your sliders, like “Explore More,” “See Our Products,” or “Get Started,” to direct visitors to specific Wix pages where they can take desired actions.
  7. Space Efficiency with Wix Content: Wix’s content management system allows you to use space on your web pages efficiently. Image and video sliders are space-efficient, enabling you to display a variety of Wix content within a compact area, ideal for showcasing multiple aspects of your brand or business.
  8. Mobile Responsiveness with Wix Content: Wix websites are known for their responsiveness. When you add sliders to your Wix content, rest assured that they’ll adapt seamlessly to different devices, providing a consistent user experience whether visitors access your site on desktops, tablets, or smartphones.
  9. SEO Benefits for Wix Content: Wix allows you to optimize the content within your sliders for search engines. When adding images or videos to your Wix content sliders, utilize alt text, captions, and relevant keywords to improve the SEO of your Wix site, helping it rank better in search engine results.
  10. Variety and Versatility of Wix Content: Wix offers a wide range of options for creating and customizing sliders. You can use sliders for Wix image galleries, product carousels, client testimonials with accompanying images, or to showcase multimedia Wix content like video tutorials, animations, or interactive demos.
  11. 1. Video and Image Slider Gallery by POWR

One of the best media tools available for Wix, the Video and Image Slider Gallery by POWR is a fantastic way to promote your products or services or even highlight some of the offers and discounts you might be applying to your site.

For those who wish to highlight the content they have painstakingly made, this is for you. The Video and Image Slider works by uploading any type of content, be it video or audio, and adding it to a sliding gallery. From here, you can set it up to autoplay which will allow your audience to enjoy the photos and videos you have created in a carousel.

Using this type of carousel is a great way to draw attention to a product or service that you are trying to sell. Not only does this make a great addition to your website design but it also creates trust in your brand as your audience can see what you are offering immediately.

Not only do carousels look great on sites, but they can also be highly customised – a perfect way to make your Wix content pop. When creating your carousel you can choose the layout, colour, transition style, and speed. Another great feature of the Video and Image Slider is the ability to add a call to action button on videos and images to help with your conversion rates.

Why is Video and Image Slider Good for My Site?

  • Video and Image Slider comes with several templates to choose from.
  • It lets you upload imagery or link videos from YouTube or your Vimeo account onto a slider.
  • It is highly responsive and lets you develop banners with the call to action buttons on them.
  • It increases interaction with your site using a variety of carousel layout options.

2. Virtual Tours

Virtual tours on Wix allow you to create interactive and immersive experiences for your website visitors. Whether you want to showcase real estate properties, travel destinations, event venues, or any other location, virtual tours can engage your audience and provide a detailed view of the space. Here’s how you can create virtual tours on Wix:

1. Choose a Template (Wix Design):

  • Begin by selecting a template that aligns with your website’s purpose and style. Wix offers a wide range of templates suitable for various industries and design preferences.

2. Gather 360-Degree Content (Visual Assets):

  • To create an engaging virtual tour, you’ll need high-quality 360-degree images or videos of the location or space you want to showcase.
  • You can capture these visual assets using a 360-degree camera or by hiring a professional photographer or videographer. Ensure that the content is well-lit and provides a comprehensive view of the area.

3. Utilize Wix Virtual Tour Apps:

  • Enhance your virtual tour’s functionality by integrating Wix virtual tour apps like “360 Virtual Tour” or “Roundme” from the Wix App Market.
  • These apps simplify the process of creating interactive hotspots, linking scenes, and adding multimedia elements (such as descriptions, images, or videos) to enrich the user experience.

4. Creating Tour Points (Hotspots):

  • Within the virtual tour app, you can strategically place tour points or hotspots within your 360-degree content. These hotspots act as clickable areas that users can interact with.
  • Each hotspot can be associated with specific locations or scenes within the tour, allowing users to navigate seamlessly from one point of interest to another.

5. Customizing the Tour Interface (Visual Branding):

  • Customize the design and layout of your virtual tour’s interface to align with your brand identity. You can adjust colors, fonts, and navigation styles to create a cohesive user experience.

6. Organizing Tour Scenes (Content Flow):

  • Plan the flow of your virtual tour by arranging scenes or locations logically. Ensure that users can explore the space in a natural and intuitive sequence.
  • Proper organization helps users understand the context and purpose of each scene.

7. Publishing and Embedding (Integration):

  • Once your virtual tour is complete, publish it on your Wix website. You can embed the tour on a specific webpage or create a dedicated section where visitors can access it.
  • Embedding ensures that your virtual tour seamlessly integrates with your website’s existing content.

8. Promotion and Sharing (Marketing):

  • Actively promote your virtual tour across various marketing channels, including your website, social media profiles, email newsletters, and blog posts.
  • Encourage visitors to explore the tour by highlighting its value and relevance to their interests or needs.

9. Monitoring Engagement (Analytics):

  • Utilize analytics tools to track user engagement with your virtual tour. Monitor metrics such as the number of views, interaction rates, and user feedback.
  • Analyzing user behaviour helps you identify which scenes or hotspots are most popular and informs future improvements.

10. Regular Updates (Maintenance): – Keep your virtual tour up to date, especially if it showcases properties, venues, or destinations subject to change. – Add new scenes or update existing ones as needed to provide accurate and current information to your audience.

Incorporating virtual tours into your Wix website can captivate your audience, enhance user engagement, and effectively convey information about the featured location or space. It’s an immersive and visually appealing way to showcase real estate properties, travel destinations, event venues, or any other environment you want to bring to life for your visitors.

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3. Impressive Text Slider by Light-Technologies

Ensure your creative website copy doesn’t go a miss with the Impressive Text Slider app. Designed by Light-Technologies to bring your text to life, you can transform your static copy into an animated text slideshow.

With several effects, animations and styles to choose from, you can completely customise your slide to make your copy stand out. To grab your audience’s attention and give your site an instant enhancement, the app is easy-to-use and suitable for any digital skill level. All you need to do is add your text.

Why is Impressive Text Slider Good for My Site?

  • Choose from over 250 unique text animations.
  • Customise your slides’ order, fonts, colours, animations and more.
  • Impress visitors with exciting 3D effects.
  • Make your text look stunning on desktop and mobile.
grey background with The iPlayerHD Video Hosting app logo and screenshots of app
The iPlayerHD Video Hosting app allows you to display beautiful, ad-free videos in HD. Image credit: Wix

4. iPlayerHD Video Hosting

Watching ads can be tedious and frustrating and now, with iPlayerHD Video Hosting, that annoyance can be taken away for your website. You can showcase customised videos without any adverts at the click of a button.

Using iPlayerHD, you are able to upload and manage all your videos in a singular place. This means that you can reduce your bounce rate while your target audience and other visitors to your website engage with your video content.

iPlayerHD offers a host of other benefits as well, including the ability to add custom players with haste and ease. It also has a myriad of different features that allow you to to share content on social media, sign up users to email campaigns, subtitles, and it doesn’t have a limit on the length of your videos.

Why is iPlayerHD Good for My Site?

  • iPlayerHD offers superb video quality with a custom player for all your business needs on Wix.
  • You can have videos on your website that aren’t subject to adverts.
  • It has lots of features that include social media sharing, video loops, playlists, analytics, and more.

5. Affiliate Marketing on Wix by OSI Affiliate Software

When it comes to amplifying the reach of your Wix website and turning passive visitors into proactive brand ambassadors, the OSI Affiliate Software Wix App stands out as an essential tool. This dynamic app empowers Wix users to effortlessly set up and manage their own affiliate marketing programs, fostering organic growth and expanding their online visibility. With an intuitive interface, users can seamlessly integrate their products or services, track affiliate performance, and automate reward structures. Whether you’re a startup looking to generate buzz or an established brand aiming to expand your digital footprint, the OSI Affiliate Software Wix App offers a turnkey solution to supercharge your Wix content and drive conversions.

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Apps to Make Your Wix Content Pop

Wix apps have been created to make using Wix an easy and pleasurable experience for both you and your users. Using these four content apps can help you create and curate content that will build brand awareness, drive traffic, and create conversions for your site.

If you want to know more about building a Wix website or what other features you can add to your site, get in touch with ProfileTree today to learn more about web services and development.

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