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Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology have transformed how consumers search for products and services. Such advancements have opened new and exciting opportunities in the world of marketing and local SEO. Let us show you how.
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The Future is Voice Search

Over the past decade, the use of smartphone assistants and smart speakers, such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home has skyrocketed. With that uptake in usage, services such as Alexa Voice marketing and Google Voice marketing have become essential. Digital marketing continues to evolve, and voice search queries are predicted to occupy a huge space of the market in the near future.

Over recent years, smartphone assistants and smart speakers have triggered a revolution in how we live, work and do business. AI systems such as Google Assistant and Amazon Echo hold growing levels of influence, each with their own complex algorithms and natural language processing systems. ProfileTree’s developers and AI experts can introduce your business to the tech revolution, bringing your digital marketing strategy to the audiences that matter.

Modern technology continues to create more opportunities in the world of marketing, and AI is no different. ProfileTree’s team of developers and analysts can harness AI research and problem solving technology to run diagnostics on your site, identifying areas for further improvement and optimisation.

Recent data suggests that increasing numbers of consumers are interacting with their favourite businesses and via official websites and social media channels. The ways in which consumers expect customer support are in a constant stage of change, partly in thanks to Chatbots. Chatbots instantly give your target audience the information they require at an instant. ProfileTree continues to innovate in this field, building interactive chatbots for clients across a range of sectors in Northern Ireland and beyond.

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Content Marketing with ProfileTree

Amazon’s Alexa Voice is one of the most popular examples of deep learning voice assistant technology available in the world today. Where companies once vied for dominance in online visual search rankings, the tide is continuing to turn in favour of voice search, where increasing numbers of web users are deciding to browse and purchase products. Stay ahead of the curve by ensuring that your business is represented in the ongoing tech revolution.

For a generation, Google has remained the dominant voice in the search engine industry, with hundreds of millions of searches entered on a daily basis. However, the evolution of AI technology has expanded Google’s relevance, thanks to its immensely popular Google Voice devices. Companies wanting to truly stay ahead of the curve will not only be taking account of regular Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): they will now seek to establish a presence in the world of voice search content marketing.

ProfileTree offer each and every one of our clients a totally bespoke Voice Search Marketing Service, taking account of their business model, their goals and their current digital strategy. Following initial consultations, our team can communicate stages of progress every step of the way.

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