Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing – Sean O’Connor

Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing - Sean O'Connor

No matter your business size or what you offer, you can grow your business through social media and digital marketing!   Sean O’Connor has experienced first hand the benefits of using digital marketing and social media to grow his business successfully. With a family business background, he experienced many different roles within a business both […]

Planning for Retirement and Financial Planning With Sean Larkin and Peter Savage

Planning for Retirement and Financial Planning With Sean Larkin and Peter Savage

The importance of financial planning and planning for retirement can be sometimes overlooked¬†   Whether it is personal or business, financial planning along with planning for retirement is very important to be beneficial in the long run. Sean Larkin and Peter Savage are the Business Principals of Fairstone NI, a leading financial planning firm based […]

How Travel Can Empower Women in Business With Sophia Khalid

Travel Inspiring Women In Business - ProfileTree Business Leaders

The opportunity to travel can inspire many people and even inspire those to take a leap in creating their own business   This can be said for Sophia Khalid, founder of Girls Group Holiday, who through her own time travelling was inspired to create her own business focusing on providing the chance for others to […]

Account Management: How to Benefit Your Business?

Account Management With Warwick Brown

How account management can drive your business revenue and customer retention with Warwick Brown. Do you have challenges when it comes to account management and efficiency of your business? In this interview, we sat down with Warwick Brown, owner of Account Manager Tips. Starting off his professional life, Brown has a background in corporate travel. […]

Employability Through Technology For Young People

employability and technology for young people

Technology Charities Inspiring Employability in Young People How can a charity and the technology industry improve employability of young people in Northern Ireland? Roger Warnock, director of charity The Bytes Project in Belfast, has been in the social enterprise sector for twenty years with a prior corporate business experience. Warnock took up the role of […]

Mental Well-Being and Personal Empowerment

Improving Mental well-being and personal empowerment with Deborah King

How improving your mental well-being and personal empowerment can benefit your business.   Deborah King, owner of Bee Empowered, focuses on improving her clients mental well-being and personal empowerment through a range of therapies and sessions. From a mixed professional background including a period of working in the USA, King found her passion for her […]

Hospitality in Northern Ireland – Business Development

Hospitality in Northern Ireland and Hospitality Development with Ruth Chocron

The evolving industry of hospitality in Northern Ireland   Looking to learn more about hospitality in Northern Ireland and how you can develop your business in the hospitality sector? Find out how a boutique hotel owner in Belfast developed her successful business from the ground up in the growing industry. Ruth Chocron, Owner of Titanic […]

How to Unlock Business Performance?

Unlocking Better Business Performance with Ian McClean

Change Management Specialist Ian McClean Talks People and Potential   Could the right business performance expertise take your company to a new level? Ian McClean of Flow Group has devoted his career to building knowledge in essential business specialisms including mergers and acquisitions, executive coaching, executive team alignment, change management, strategy and more. He shared […]

Why Invest in Financial Planning?

Finance and Retirement Planning with Peter Savage and Sean Larkin

Talking Financial Advice with Fairstone Financial Management NI   How important is planning for your retirement? And what role should financial planning play in making sure your future plans have a firm footing? Peter Savage and Sean Larkin, of Fairstone Financial Management NI, discussed these essential topics and many more during a ProfileTree Business Leaders […]

Catering Technology for Digital Kitchens

Digital Catering Revolution with Neil Bradley

How is Catering Technology Creating Digital Kitchens? Introducing a Digital Revolution for Chefs – Neil Bradley Interview A former chef turned catering technology innovator has developed a digital food safety tool designed to help catering professionals with red tape compliance. Neil Bradley’s ‘Food Safe System’ cuts through the legwork involved in activities like fridge temperature […]

How to Build a Spin-Out Company?

Building a spin-out business with Tony McEnroe

Tony McEnroe Discusses Deep Tech, IP Protection and More   The CEO of a company behind a groundbreaking ‘soft x-ray’ microscope used in disease research and drug discovery has revealed how he turned his university spin-out company into an award-winning business. Tony McEnroe’s company SiriusXT specialises in technology designed to offer very high-resolution images of […]

Introducing Business First Network

Why join a business Membership group with Michael Osborne

Michael Osborne Discusses Business Support and Much More   What role can a business membership organisation play in helping your business? In particular, how could a business support structure play a part in your company’s success? Michael Osborne, of Business First Network, explained this and much more during an insightful ProfileTree Business Leaders interview.   […]

Lessons from the Aviation Events Industry

Understanding Aviation with Jon Howell, AviaDev

AviaDev’s Jon Howell Talks Events, Marketing and Much More   Take a peak behind the scenes of the aviation industry with Jon Howell of high-profile aviation events company AviaDev. Jon, speaking during a ProfileTree interview, also explained how he came to develop a specialism in the unique field of African aviation conferences.   He began […]

What are the Benefits of Wealth Management?

Benefits of wealth management with Simon Thompson

The Importance of Financial Planning with Simon Thompson   Ever considered the benefits financial planning and wealth management could bring to you and your family? Or the risks created by not having a plan? Financial planning specialist Simon Thompson, of Welby Associates Wealth Management, has explained the benefits of financial planning and how professional financial […]

How to Build Your Brand?

Build your brand with Chiho Tang

Talking Branding and Starting a Business with Chiho Tang   How to build your brand?¬† Discover how to use branding in your business, and learn how to make the best possible use of the creative process, through the expertise of Oranga Creative’s Chiho Tang. During a visit to the ProfileTree studio, Chiho talked design, the […]

A Smarter Approach to UI Testing Automation?

Bob Marks featured image for Bob Marks

Exploring User Interface Testing With Bob Marks   A Northern Ireland-based software industry veteran has explained how the innovative platform Video First can be used to deliver both UI testing automation and vastly improved collaboration. Bob Marks, CEO of Video First Software, outlined how the app helps to involve team members in user interface testing, […]

The Importance of Financial Wellness?

Financial Planning with Nick Lawlor

Talking Money With Nick Lawlor The importance of financial wellness? Find out first-hand from financial planning specialist Nick Lawlor of Dublin and Cork-based financial specialists, New Beginning. Nick explains how the right approach to income and money can help people to stay well-prepared for a range of eventualities at every stage of life. During a […]

How Can Global Professional Services Help Companies?

Sector Innovation with Hew Campbell

Talking Outsourcing With Hew Campbell A Retired Site Lead from a global legal services provider has given insights into a fascinating career and shared some of his legal sector expertise. Hew Campbell, formerly of Axiom, began by outlining a career path which led to working in Belfast as part of a team delivering innovative approaches […]