Beginning ProfileTree’s series of Food in Northern Ireland, Indie Fude’s Laura Bradley sits down with us to discuss her passion for local, ethical, and sustainable produce. With a background in the food and drink industry, Bradley takes us through what sets Indie Fude apart from the standard supermarkets. Check it out!

Indie Fude, a deli based in Comber, is run by business partners Johnny McDowell and Laura Bradley. Opening our discussion, Bradley reflects on how Indie Fude began. After Bradley’s experiences in the food and drink industry, she was running a successful blog when Johnny McDowell, her business partner, reached out to her on social media to test some of his finest foods at a pop-up shop he had established. After becoming a regular customer and with her expertise, McDowell invited her to work for him, within six months signing on as a full business partner.

Sustainable Produce Close to Home

Indie Fude endeavours to keep their products close to home. Bradley reflects, “The shop has a really strong ethos for local produce. Everything in the store is from the island of Ireland.” A true niche facility, Indie Fude supplies Irish products with a multicultural spin from curry paste being made in Limerick to Dexter beef from Comber, there is an array of foods to curate to anyone’s palate. 

Growing from strength to strength, Indie Fude has grown into a scrumptious deli but also boasts other avenues of income. Describing their offerings Bradley reveals, “On the corporate side we would do a lot of hampers because they make a great corporate gift.” With an incredible display of Irish produce, Bradley believes that receiving a hamper is something people would utilise, that food is used and a thoughtful gift. In addition to receiving a unique gift, Bradley believes what they do only serves to enhance the local economy and community. 

“Because it’s all local businesses, it’s us as a local business supporting local businesses. So, it’s us as a smaller business putting and branching out. We work with about 200 other local businesses now so you know everything is interconnected. It also ticks a corporate responsibility box a bit as well because you’re investing back into your local economy and given that message to people that you know that you do care and everything from the package packaging is all recyclable” 

In Conversation with Indie Fude's Laura Bradley - Food In Northern Ireland

Due to the intimacy that they work with suppliers, Indie Fude gives fresh knowledge and expertise to the food and drink industry. McDowell was asked to judge the World Cheese Awards in Amsterdam this year creating even more prestige for the Comber deli. Bradley believes “It’s all about connections” though. Working with over 200 suppliers, Bradley discusses how they have developed friendships and relationships with these businesses, “[because we] Buy mainly directly from the producers, they’re really keen to support us as well.”

In conversation with indie fude's laura bradley

The Value of Care and Attention

“There’s so much more value in shopping with small producers, not only from putting money straight back into the economy but just from the way it’s made, there’s so much care and attention put into the process and you can trace it back so easily. You know like the beef in the shop from the Dexter cattle, I mean they’re in the fields around my house I know they’re in those fields. At this time of the year, they’re eating mixed pasture there.”

Not only does Indie Fude offer hampers and gift baskets for personal and corporate clients, but they also run corporate events. What makes these corporate events special is their flexibility. With event space on-site, Indie Fude can deliver supper clubs and demonstrations to full-scale corporate tasting events. Bradley reveals, “We use stuff from the shop to showcase what you can buy”

Another exciting prospect is Indie Fude’s future food tours. Laura Bradley divulges, “We’re just starting to roll out a food tour as well, so it’s going to be around the Strangford Lough area because that’s our kind of vicinity and a really special area” Working with local facilities and suppliers such as The Echlinville Distillery, Fodder, and Finnbrogue Woods, these food tours make an excellent alternative team building day. They also plan to deliver a public tasting day tour in the future as well.  

Bradley recognises its “A really intimate thing to do is feed someone” but believes that their products offer a personal and considerate gift. In addition to their physical store, Indie Fude has an online store that showcases a plethora of products that can be ordered and delivered worldwide. Find them here at

Founding of Indie Fude

  • Indie Fude was founded in 2016 by Laura Bradley and Louise Lennox, two friends with a shared passion for high-quality artisan food.
  • The origins of Indie Fude trace back to Laura and Louise’s frustrations with the limited options for wholesome, locally-produced food in Ireland. As working moms, they found it difficult to source healthy, preservative-free snacks and pantry items for their families.
  • This inspired the duo to launch their own food company focused on artisanal, small-batch products made with care using Irish ingredients. They aimed to provide an alternative to mass-produced, additive-laden foods from large corporations.
  • Securing start-up funding and managing cash flow as a fledgling business presented early challenges. As unknown entrepreneurs in the competitive food industry, they had to convince retailers to stock their products.
  • Laura and Louise started off producing baked goods and jams in their home kitchens, personally pitching their products to local shops. Through persistence and by standing by the quality of their food, they gradually expanded their retail reach.
  • Another hurdle was establishing effective systems and processes to scale up production while maintaining strict quality control. They learned by trial-and-error how to streamline operations.
  • Overall, Laura and Louise overcame the typical obstacles faced by passionate but inexperienced founders through grit, patience, and belief in their business vision.

Indie Fude’s Product Line

  • Indie Fude offers a range of artisanal, wholesome foods including baked goods, granolas, snacks, condiments, and beverages.
  • Their product catalogue features baked treats like cookies, brownies, and snack bars made with natural ingredients like oats, nuts, and dried fruits.
  • Bestselling products include their chunky homemade jams in unique flavors like lemon curd & lavender, as well as their oat and raisin cookies with a crispy outside and chewy center.
  • Their hand-roasted granola comes in specialty flavors like honey almond and Irish stout & chocolate. It sources Irish grains and seeds like Kells oats and pumpkin seeds.
  • Committed to real, pronounceable ingredients, Indie Fude avoids artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors in all products.
  • They source ingredients from trusted Irish suppliers like local dairies, farms, and beekeepers. This supports other independent producers.
  • Products come in artisan-style packaging featuring clean, contemporary designs. The branding focuses on the authentic, small-batch appeal of “indie food made with pride.”
  • Packaging highlights the Irish provenance of ingredients through stories about partner farms and growers.

Business Growth and Expansion

  • After starting out in 2016 selling at local farmer’s markets, Indie Fude saw rapid growth and expansion over its first 5 years.
  • By 2017, just a year after launching, their products were stocked in over 50 retail outlets across Ireland including specialty food stores, cafes, and restaurants.
  • In 2018, Indie Fude moved into a commercial kitchen to ramp up production capacity. This allowed them to accept large wholesale orders from retailers like SuperValu and Centra.
  • By 2020, Indie Fude was stocked in over 300 stores nationally and had a 50% increase in product volumes from the previous year.
  • 2021 brought another major milestone when Indie Fude products launched in the UK for the first time, selling at retailers like Harvey Nichols.
  • Today, Indie Fude has products in 500 stores across Ireland and the UK. Last year, they shipped over 1 million units of their baked goods and jams.
  • For 2023, Indie Fude is focused on expanding exports further. They are finalizing deals with distributors to enter the French and German markets later this year.
  • They also plan to grow their product ranges by at least 30% in the coming year to meet demand from existing and new export partners.

Indie Fude’s Irish Identity

  • With both founders born and raised in Ireland, Indie Fude is proud to showcase authentic Irish food traditions and high-quality local ingredients.
  • Their products use quintessentially Irish ingredients like Dingle sea salt, Kilkenny blackberries, and Irish breakfast tea. Recipes are inspired by classic Irish flavors.
  • For example, their oatmeal cookies are made with a hint of whiskey, while their lemon curd jam features zest from Amalfi and Lisdoonvarna lemons.
  • Irish wheat, oats, cheeses, butters, and creams are sourced from small, family-owned farms across the country.
  • Packaging and branding highlight the products’ Irish origins. Taglines include “Tastes like home” and “Crafted with care in the heart of Ireland.”
  • The company’s social media and website provide engaging stories of their network of Irish suppliers, featuring photos of farmers and producers.
  • To emphasize Irish authenticity when exporting, Indie Fude partnered with Bord Bia to display the “Origin Green” mark for sustainably-produced Irish food.
  • They work with Tourism Ireland to promote their products to travelers seeking genuine culinary experiences of Irish cuisine and culture.

Supporting Irish Suppliers and Community

  • Indie Fude has a strong commitment to sourcing over 80% of ingredients from Irish producers. This supports small, family-run farms and food businesses.
  • Key partnerships include local dairies for creams and butters, bakeries for flour, and jam producers for fruit. They collaborate with other indie brands too.
  • For example, Indie Fude uses award-winning blackcurrant juice from Wild Irish Foragers in their jelly recipes. They also buy degrained oats from Flahavan’s for granolas.
  • Beyond suppliers, Indie Fude partners with Irish chefs, cafes, and restaurants to co-create products and showcase artisan ingredients.
  • Giving back to communities, Indie Fude donates products regularly to Irish food banks and women’s shelters.
  • They also sponsor youth sports teams and events like school food fairs to promote healthy local eating.
  • Additionally, the company offers internships and training programs to provide skills and opportunities in small batch food production.
  • Indie Fude continually thinks of new ways to support and collaborate with Irish producers, businesses, and charities through their growth.

Future Goals and Visions

  • Having established a diverse range of baked goods and preserves, Indie Fude plans to expand into new artisanal food and beverage lines.
  • In 2023, they will launch a small-batch range of handcrafted chocolates and fudge made from Irish milk, cream, and butter.
  • They also plan to introduce an artisan soda line using local fruits, herbs, and spices to create unique flavors.
  • To expand reach, Indie Fude aims to secure retail distribution in at least 5 new export markets in Europe and the Middle East by 2025.
  • They hope to expand their UK distribution to over 750 stores, while also entering key markets like Germany, Switzerland, and the UAE.
  • Despite growth ambitions, maintaining quality remains imperative. They will cap product volumes and refuse mass manufacturing.
  • Indie Fude plans to open its own craft chocolate factory and baking studio to control and showcase artisanal production.
  • They will also ensure transparency through customer tours, videos, and storytelling. The founders remain hands-on in product development.
  • By staying true to their indie identity, creatively developing new products focused on quality and taste, and preserving small-batch processes, Indie Fude aims to grow steadily while upholding their standards.


What types of products does Indie Fude make?

Indie Fude offers a range of artisanal baked goods, jams, granolas, snacks, condiments, chocolates, and beverages made from high-quality Irish ingredients.

Where can you buy Indie Fude products?

Indie Fude products are stocked in over 500 retail outlets across Ireland and the UK including grocery stores, specialty shops, cafes, and restaurants.

Do Indie Fude products ship internationally?

While mainly sold in Ireland and the UK currently, Indie Fude is working on expanding availability through exports to other European countries and the Middle East.

What makes Indie Fude products different?

Indie Fude focuses on small-batch production, pronounceable ingredients, unique artisanal quality, and Irish authenticity.

How can I order or stock Indie Fude products?

Get in touch with the Indie Fude sales team via their website to place wholesale orders or enquire about carrying their range in your retail outlet.


In just a few short years, Indie Fude has made a mark by providing quality artisan Irish food crafted with care. Founded by two passionate entrepreneurs, Laura Bradley and Louise Lennox, Indie Fude brings authentic flavors and high standards to contemporary Irish cuisine. With robust expansion plans focused on retail growth, new product innovation, and exporting opportunities,

Indie Fude is set to share their indie brand of Irish food with even more consumers worldwide. However, they remain committed to maintaining small-batch production and direct links to local producers to ensure a premium, sustainable product. Indie Fude represents the future of food that is distinctly Irish at heart.

Laura’s full interview can be accessed via the official ProfileTree Youtube Channel, joining business leaders from across Northern Ireland and beyond. To enjoy more industry-leading insights, follow the channel, and don’t forget to like and share. As always, to find out what the power of digital strategy can do for your business, contact the team at ProfileTree today!

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