A Beginner’s Guide to Web Hosting Services

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In today’s digital marketplace, everyone needs web hosting services. Everyone from freelance writers, to world-renowned actors to professional chefs and everything in between have some kind of virtual space that tells you everything you need to know about them. Getting your website online has become a more accessible goal than ever before, but to get […]

10 Key Steps on How to Build a WIX Ecommerce Site

Build a WIX Ecommece website

WIX is one of the worlds most used website building platforms. It is thought to have over 150 million users worldwide in up to 190 different countries. The platform has two different builders, the WIX ADI and the WIX editor. The ADI is a builder much more suitable for users without great knowledge or time […]

Cloudways Hosting – Full Review 2019

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Cloudways is a one-of-a-kind hosting service provider. They are one of the few hosting providers that challenge the boundaries of affordability whilst also offering great service and performance for their customers. One great feature of Cloudways is the fact they are partnered up with other hosting providers, including Linode; Vultr,  Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud […]

Why Use ProfileTree WordPress Hosting?

Why use ProfileTree WordPress Hosting

Why ProfileTree, for WordPress Hosting? With experience in developing and hosting client sites since 2010, we have decided to use our experience and expertise to venture into the real hosting world by offering our very own WordPress hosting solution. In the past, we’ve only hosted client sites, so they didn’t have to. Now anyone can […]

How to Add a Domain to Your WIX Site

How to add a domain to your WIX site

  How to Add a Domain to Your Wix Site Want to learn how to add a domain to your WIX site? Let’s take a closer look at this essential element of your WIX site. After all, the domain and the hosting of the site are the two main elements of your website. When creating your own website, when faced […]

WIX Website Tutorial – How to Make a Website with WIX

WIX Website Tutorial – How to Make a Website with WIX

Website Builder Why use a WIX website tutorial? WIX is a superb online tool which provides stunning, responsive websites using a code-free front-end technology. This allows users to build a website without website creation experience. The beauty of WIX is that it is a free method of creating a website. This applies whether you’re, for example, a photographer wanting […]

Hosting for Your Business: The Complete A to Z Guide

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Until 1991, the Internet was confined to research and training in science and email. The World Wide Web conventions had just barely been composed and not until the point when the finish of 1993 would there be a graphical web program for Mac or Windows PCs. To have a site on the web, an individual […]

Choosing a Web Hosting Company

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Choosing a web hosting company is a crucial step in starting your own website. A web hosting company is a business that provides the technologies and services that a website or a webpage needs to be visible and accessible on the internet. When it comes to choosing a web hosting company, there are a couple […]

What Is A Domain Name?

What is a domain name? Web address of a website

What is a domain name? Every website begins with a domain, making it part of the very first thing a potential customer interacts with to access your website. The domain is the address a user types into their browser in order to reach a desired website or part of the web address they’ll click on […]

What Is An Expiring Domain?

What is an Expiring Domain?

What is an expiring domain? Could you imagine visiting the website of a big brand just to find the site missing or being used by someone else? Avoiding this happening to your business is the reason why you should understand why domain expiration matters, what’s at risk, and what you can do to protect yourself. […]

WordPress.com or WordPress.org? Your One Stop Guide to Choosing

WordPress.com or WordPress.org? Your One Stop Guide to Choosing

WordPress.com or WordPress.org? If you’re setting up a new site or blog you’ll need to know which to choose. The good news? We’ll make it simple! Our specialist reviewer James explains all…. WordPress.com or WordPress.org – Explained If you are looking to establish a new website or blog on WordPress, it would be worth noting […]

Domain Names: Best 3 Minute Guide To A Net Essential

Private Domain Names:3 Minute Guide T A Net Essential

Why Is a Domain Name Important?     Domains are one of the most important parts of the web. If you want to make your mark online, a great start is not taking the importance of your domain name for granted. You can make the very most of your domain name by picking the perfect […]

Why use domains to re-direct to other websites?

Why Use Domains To Re Direct Other Websites

Why use a domain re-direct? To increase traffic to their sites, and to achieve more page hits, companies online try numerous ways to drive more people to their site. We’ll explain how a domain re-direct is used to do this AND how you can benefit from doing the same. Some of the main ways companies […]

Dreamhost- Domain Review

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Dreamhost Domain Registering- Dreamhost is a web hosting provided established in 1996 and registered just a year later in the county of L.A. in California. They now boast over 400 thousand customers. They offer web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting and the important WordPress Hosting. DreamHost are also in the Domain business and […]

1 and 1 (1&1)- Domain Review

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1 and 1 Domain Registering- 1 and 1 hosting are a web hosting and domain provider based in Germany. The company was founded in 1988. So they have been around for a long time. 1 and are based in Montabaur, Germany the very place it was founded by Ralph Dommermuth. Since being established 1 and […]

Flippa.com Domain Review

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Flippa.com Domain Review- What is Flippa.com? Flippa.com is an ebay/amazon for websites and domains. Here people are able to bid for domains and websites that are already registered. This is what makes Flippa.com unique. They are an Australian company based in Melbourne and San Francisco in the US.  Altogether Flippa.com ha four main investors/founders who […]

HostGator- Domain Review

Hostgator Domain Review ProfileTree

HostGator Domain Registering- In 2002, HostGator were founded in Florida They moved around North America for years. Moving to different offices in the likes of Toronto. Their main office is now stationed in Houston, Texas since they moved there in 2006. Like many other hosting companies they also offer domain registering. This is because web […]

Hover- Domain Review

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Hover Domain Registering- Hover was founded in 2008 by Tucows Inc. Tucows Inc has been a company since 1994 and ever since they have tried to unlock the power of the internet for everyone. Not only do Tucows own hover they also own OpenSRS and enom. Hover was established to merge all three of Tucows […]