IWD: Meet the NI Women Transforming Your Workplace

IWD international women's day blog image

It’s early March, which leads us into one of our favourite dates on the calendar: International Women’s Day. Here at ProfileTree, we’ve been lucky to host some truly inspirational women in our award-winning Business Leader series. As a tribute to those who are championing women in business, we’ve selected some entrepreneurs who are committed to […]

What is PR?

what is pr blog image

What is PR? Public Relations, or PR, is how organisations or clients communicate with both their target audience and the wider public. It is responsible for managing and influencing the spread of information – which is more important than ever in our ever-evolving Digital Age – and engaging old and new audience members. It’s all […]

360° Photos: A Great Way to Bring Your Business to Life Online?

ProfileTree 360 photos

Why 360° Photography? Technology evolves so much that you may find fads appear and can fade away so quickly that they are barely remembered. However, when new technology sticks and is effective, it changes the way we as an audience consume content forever. If you want to see examples even heading to Google photos, 360° photos […]

Video Production in Northern Ireland: Growing Your Business Through Video

Video Production in Northern Ireland: Growing Your Business Through Video 1

Ever since the invention of the camera, the average consumer has just been playing catch up with technology’s fast growing pace. The first ever recorded history of the camera came in the form of manuscripts from an Arab scholar called Hassan Ibn Hassan; which dates all the way back to the 10th century. His work however […]

Growth Hacking 101: Definition, Best Practices, and Great Examples

Growth Hacking Guide

In the ever-evolution of marketing, growth hacking has become one of the latest marketing buzzwords. You must’ve come across it somewhere, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or someone who works in the start-up ecosystem. Few concepts have been as polarizing and revolutionary, simultaneously. Many questions are asked when people hear ‘growth hacking’ for the first […]

Retail Strategy: Your Guide to Retail Success in the Digital Age (With Examples)


When you hear that successful brands such as Toys R’ Us, Forever21, and Bebe are closing their retail stores, you can’t help but wonder: where did they go wrong? At some point, these were beloved and popular brands. Why are they closing their stores? Can the growing power of e-commerce and technology take all the […]

SEO and User Experience: The Best Winning Combination

SEO and User Experience: The Best Winning Combination

While it may seem unthinkable today, there was a time when SEO and user experience (UX) were seen as two very distinct aspects to running a successful website.   During the budding days of SEO, all it would take to reach the top of the page rankings was a website filled to the brim with […]

Current Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Current Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Adding Artificial Intelligence to Your Business Strategy   Artificial intelligence is one of those technological advances that seems as though it comes straight from the script of a sci-fi film or novel – but is becoming a reality. The sometimes controversial technology is gaining traction and is becoming a practical solution for businesses and consumers […]

Agile for Marketing: All You Need to Know (With 5 Examples)


Regardless of the industry or business function you’re working with, pretty sure that the word “Agile” has crossed your way. The term “Agile for marketing” has been circulating around as the “modern” approach that transforms the marketing department. For some companies, the Agile methodology has been revolutionary and fruitful. For many others, it was mere […]

Best WIX Apps for Business

The Best WIX Apps

In the video below, ProfileTree has created a tutorial for the Best WIX apps. WIX has a range of apps built-in including the likes of an app for WIX Blogs, WIX Chat, WIX Bookings and many, many more. To get apps installed on your website, you need to go to the WIX dashboard of a […]

Digital Transformation and Digital Strategy Advantages With Natalie Haccius

Digital transformation and Digital strategy with Natalie Haccius

For many businesses, digital transformation has become a huge priority and the need for a strong digital strategy cannot be ignored.   Do you want to learn more about digital transformation, strategy and how they can change your business? We recently sat down with Natalie Haccius, a digital transformation consultant,  where she explained the importance […]

17 Amazing Brand Storytelling Examples: A Brand’s Once Upon a Time (2019)

A world of brand storytelling in a book

Storytelling is such a buzzword in the marketing industry these days. There’s been a hype about successful brand storytelling examples. What does storytelling mean in a business context? Does it mean that businesses need to hire a James Joyce for their brands to be successful? That’s what you’ll find out in this article. You’ll find […]

How to Write a Creative Brief: A Brief History of Briefs (With Examples)

How to write a creative brief-the short brief

How to write a creative brief that you enjoy writing and at the same time gives a precise and valuable overview of the project? A creative brief is a very common, yet feared word among those who work in the marketing and advertising field. Brand managers and marketing specialists find it a heavy task and […]

Work from Home Jobs: Before You Start Looking!

work from home jobs woman

Work from home can come in all shapes and colours. Whatever it is you are good at, your skills and expertise can be put to full use from the comfort of your own room.  Recently more and more young professionals opt to utilise the Internet to start, enhance, or farther their career. The options are […]

Business Networking – How To Grow Your Business

growing a business through business networking and connections with Grant Powell

Through business networking and creating connections, you can grow your business. Sometimes, you can face challenges when it comes to business networking  and making meaningful connections that could ultimately benefit your business growth. Through basing your business in a co-working space, you could increase your networking opportunities and create business connections. Grant Powell, CEO of […]

Account Management: How to Benefit Your Business?

Account Management With Warwick Brown

How account management can drive your business revenue and customer retention with Warwick Brown. Do you have challenges when it comes to account management and efficiency of your business? In this interview, we sat down with Warwick Brown, owner of Account Manager Tips. Starting off his professional life, Brown has a background in corporate travel. […]

Why Your Business Needs Digital Training

Why your business needs digital training

You’ve probably heard about many digital solutions for your company and were puzzled by digital terminology that still confuses you. There are many reasons why your business needs digital training. In this article, you’ll find out what digital skills mean, how vital they are, and how far your business can benefit from them. Why Your […]