SEO Performance Metrics: How Good Is Your SEO Game?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most common digital marketing practices. Search engines continue to play a major part in where users end up on the Internet, and that won’t change any time soon. That’s why anyone who owns a website should aim to measure the success of their SEO efforts. There are […]

Travel and Tourism Marketing Services

Tourism Marketing for business - Northern Ireland Tourism

Marketing services for Travel & Tourism We take the headaches and challenges of tourism marketing and  turn them into digital success for our travel and tourism clients. IRELAND’S NUMBER ONE TRAVEL & TOURISM MARKETING AGENCY We have worked with many hotel groups, restaurants, attractions, councils and events to produce the best tourism marketing campaigns and award […]

SEO and User Experience: The Best Winning Combination

SEO and User Experience: The Best Winning Combination

While it may seem unthinkable today, there was a time when SEO and user experience (UX) were seen as two very distinct aspects to running a successful website.   During the budding days of SEO, all it would take to reach the top of the page rankings was a website filled to the brim with […]

Searching for You: The Importance of SEO in Your Business

What is SEO? Ranking Online

Searching for You: The Importance of SEO in Your Business With the digital platform ever growing, Search Engine Optimisation (   Keyword searches from websites like Google and Yahoo generate a search engine results page (SERP) and you want to be at the top of that list. Through implementing SEO strategy into your marketing, you are […]

SEMRush Alternatives: What Else Is Out There?

SEMRush alternatives

SEMRush is an SEO software used for keyword research and looks for back-link opportunities. There are SEMRush alternatives serving the same purpose with different features. A company uses keyword research to enhance their digital footprint and to further understand their target audience.   Why Should You Care about SEMRush Alternatives? If you’re starting a new company and […]

How To Use SEMRush: The Essentials

How to use SEMRush - The Essentials

How to use SEMRush? Let’s take a closer look at this leading digital marketing analysis tool and learn how it helps to analyse your marketing efforts online. SEMRush isn’t limited, though, to learning about your own digital marketing progress as it can also be used to assess your competitors. Read on to discover the essentials… […]

Secondary Keywords: Don’t Overlook An SEO Essential

Secondary keywords an SEO essential

When setting up your webpage for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), keywords are extremely important. Primary and secondary keywords help direct traffic from search engines to your site when a specific keyword is searched. You might’ve heard of the use of primary keywords when setting up SEO, but you might not be familiar with the secondary […]

Digital Marketing Methods: Five Essentials

Digital marketing methods

In the age of the internet, digital media marketing has become an essential part of the marketing mix. Thanks to the wide use of the internet, you can expect to reach the world’s population at a fairly low cost. In order to properly implement digital media marketing, it is important to understand how it works. […]

Best Free SEO Tools for Your Business

SEO tools for business

If there’s one constant in marketing over the past few years, it’s that relying on tools and tech is king. With the increasing number of businesses in every field, chances are you have fierce competition. Even if you’re brilliant enough to find virgin territories, there’s no doubt that you’ll need every competitive edge you can […]

SEO for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

SEO for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know 1

Search engines, in general, are considered by many the modern day yellow pages. We rely on Google and other search engines for every little and big task, these days. This fact, of course, cannot go unnoticed to marketers. No matter how big or small your business is, there is no doubt that your online presence […]

Make Content Work Harder with SEO Keywords – Here’s How!

Make content work harder for you

What are SEO keywords? And why is it important to write using keywords? Well, making sure search engines can link your page to the search query you want to rank for is achieved through the right use of keywords on a page. An essential for your business! What is SEO? To further understand what SEO […]

SEO Explained: Ever Visited a City Centre? You Already Understand!

SEO explained

Why does SEO need to explained? Because we know lots of companies like to make SEO sound MUCH more complicated than it needs to be. The good news: you already understand it. Yes, SEO techniques are ever-changing and can be complex but the reasons why and how SEO works?  They’re simple. Read on for our […]

Yoast Academy: The Easy Way to Learn SEO?

Yoast Academy: The Easy Way to Learn SEO?

Yoast Academy – a series of online training courses made by Yoast – could be the ideal way to build SEO expertise quickly and easily in one place. Yes, there’s a downside: the courses come at a price BUT offer hands-on, interactive learning from a world leader in SEO expertise. Is it right for you? […]

What Is SEMRush?

What is SEMRush? Online SEO Audit tool

What is SEMRush? It’s an unavoidable fact that SEO is the key to having a successful blog, website or even online business. SEMRush helps make this happen! That’s because one feature of SEO involves making the very most of those all-important keywords by helping its users find the most profitable keywords to target. After all, […]

Business Strategy: The Only Guide You’ll Need!

Business Strategy: The Only Guide You'll Need! 3

Business strategy is, of course, all about goals. So we set one for ourselves! That goal? To produce the only starting point you’ll need to raise your business strategy knowledge to a new level. That’s because we’ve been writing about the subject for years and wanted to bring our expertise into a one-stop FREE knowledge […]

What Is A Breadcrumb?

What is a Breadcrumb? Navigation for SEO

What is a breadcrumb? A small but very very helpful feature of a website showing how you found your way to the page you’re viewing.  We’ll explain how and why in our QUICK READ guide…   What is a Breadcrumb? A breadcrumb works very similarly to the true navigation system of a website. The main […]

What Is A Social Aggregator?

What is a Social Aggregator?

What is a social aggregator? A social aggregator is a tool used by companies and individuals alike to monitor or use many social media accounts they own in one place. An essential time-saver! Many companies use an aggregator – like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck – to monitor their social medias with ease. Or to share posts, […]