Convert Clicks into Customers with Pay Per Click Training

Pay Per Click Training

Pay per click – otherwise known as PPC – is a popular and powerful online advertising method used to drive traffic to websites. We find that Pay Per Click Training is becoming one of our most sought after agency services for internal teams and entrepreneurs. To many, it seems like a fairly recent advertising phenomenon. However, […]

Stand Out Online with Social Media Training

Social Media Training

It’s hard to imagine a world without social media these days. Not just as a source of entertainment, but a basic in business practice. Without social media awareness, skills or resources, a company will struggle to be seen and remain competitive. Social media training is the best way to combat this and make your business […]

Zoom Negotiations: 5 Steps to Successful Virtual Negotiations

Image showing a professional interaction using the platform zoom.

Zoom is now at the centre of not only the video-conferencing but is a vital platform for local and global negotiating. Image Credit: Unsplash: Visuals. The Coronavirus pandemic has emphasised teleconferencing’s central role in negotiations across all sectors. While they have recently become essential, virtual negotiations have long been utilised. However, virtual negotiations have never been […]

10 Common Mistakes People Make When Setting Up Google Analytics

common mistakes people make when setting up google analytics

Google Analytics is, arguably, the best method of providing a summary of how your business is performing online. With a variety of metrics that allow for demographics to be observed, how many conversions are occurring on your landing pages, and click-through rates being noted, its uses have no end. Despite all these incredible benefits, there […]

The Impact of Blockchain on Marketing in 2021

The Impact of Blockchain on Marketing in 2021

Marketing has changed a lot in the past decade, but it’s about to go through another revolution, thanks in large part to blockchain. Yes, while most of us associate digital marketing with things like AI and analytics, blockchain may be the most disruptive technology yet to hit marketers in every industry. Blockchain is changing digital […]

The 9 Different Ways You Can Set Up Your Google Analytics Tracking

set up your Google Analytics tracking

Understanding how to set up your Google Analytics tracking is integral to finding out important information for your website. Having a full comprehension of those visiting your site informs you about what is performing well on your site. Knowing how long people stay on your website’s pages, when the optimum visiting time is, what purchases […]

The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain Marketing and Cryptocurrency

The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain Marketing and Cryptocurrency

The financial technology industry is constantly evolving and one way that is impacting marketing is Blockchain. While Blockchain is well known for its role in creating cryptocurrencies it is being shown to have plenty of potential outside of crypto. Blockchain is a ledger system that doesn’t need to be stored at a single location rather, […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Google Tag Manager in 2021

google tag manager

Marketers rely on a lot of tracking and retargeting to ensure that their website is collating useful data that they will be able to utilise when improving their sites or implementing their advertising and marketing strategies. Google Tag Manager makes this easier for them to do. Tags are little parts of code that are inserted […]

WIX Tutorials: Our FREE Video Guides to WIX Essentials

WIX tutorials featured image

WIX is one of the worlds largest and most used website builders. Why? Because it makes it simple for anyone to create a website in a few clicks. We’ve created a range of WIX tutorials to help you make the most of this powerful tool. There are two separate WIX builders. These are WIX ADI […]

Online Learning VS Classroom Learning: Which is the Best Option?

Online vs classroom learning header image

There are many benefits of online learning. You’ll be able to have an education without compromising your busy schedule. The benefits of online learning help those who are unable or incapable of going to traditional classes. Many students have opted for the option of working full time and having an education, part time. There are […]

What Is Gmail? Google’s Own Competing Email Service

What is gmail featured image

Google’s Gmail is one of the world’s leading email providers. It competes with the likes of Microsoft’s Outlook and Yahoo’s Yahoo Mail, as well as countless others. Gmail can be configured for personal, professional and enterprise level users. Today, Gmail is one of the most widely used email clients around the world, with almost a […]

Digital Marketing Course: What to Look For

Who needs a digital marketing course header image.

Many of those interested in digital marketing find it suitable to start with a digital marketing course. Yet, some main questions remain persistent. What is the best digital marketing course? What should learners expect? Most importantly, how do you find a digital marketing course, and how much do they cost? Learners are always looking for […]

Choosing A Training Course: Finding The Right Option for You

How to choose a training course header image

These days, it’s crucial to constantly acquire new skills. Whether you’re an individual or a business, it’s possible to choose a training course which will help you achieve just about any goals. In fact, an increasing number of people won’t even accept a job offer if there is no prospect of acquiring new skills through […]

Internet Training: A Glossary for Beginners Online

Internet training featured image

Thinking it is too late to go online? We don’t think so. It’s never too late to start. It might seem discouraging to start now, since almost everything has gone digital already, and it feels like you have missed the train. This is where internet training can help Technically, the Internet is a relatively new […]

How to Choose an Online Marketing Course + 4 Tips for Success

Online marketing courses header

Marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs are always trying to grow their skills. There are many ways to develop your marketing skills, whether through reading marketing books, getting a degree, or even with online marketing courses. Online courses are one of the most effective ways to learn about marketing. Surely at one point, you have thought […]

GDPR Training: What You Need to Know

GDPR Training header image

The GDPR has been with us for a few years now, but most people still only have a vague knowledge of what this means. The truth is, international data protection law is a highly specialised and technical field. This means that GDPR training is absolutely critical. The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation was approved in […]

Digital Basics: What Is SEMRush?

What is SEMrush header

SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO and website management tools around. It’s used by individual marketers and agencies alike to get the most possible value out of their site. Deep down though, what is SEMRush? That is, you might not have a complete grasp of what’s on offer in this monster of a […]

What Is Android? And How Can You Leverage it?

What is Android featured

What is Android? Google’s open-source offering is by far the most popular mobile operating systems in the world. In fact, it has a much larger market share than Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system, iOS: Android has a massive share of the mobile OS market. Image credit: Areppim You’ve probably heard of Android, but you might […]