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The latest social media marketing articles, advice and insights from the ProfileTree team.

Elevate Your Brand’s Appeal with Instagram Stories: Best Practices

Instagram Stories have become an indispensable part of the platform since their launch in 2016. While these limited photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours might have started out as a millennial-focused gimmick feature on the platform, Instagram Stories have become too big for brands to ignore, especially for those looking to enhance their marketing. 

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How to Craft the Best Hashtag Strategy: The Power of Hashtags

Hashtags have become a central part of social media strategies today; this has brought about the concept of businesses developing a hashtag strategy for social media. These simple keywords have the power to expand the reach of your content when used effectively within marketing campaigns. Whether you have goals to build your online community or improve your reach, having a strong hashtag strategy can help you achieve these, along with engaging content and consistent posting.

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Latest Social Media Trend: Is Your Business Missing Out?

In many ways, 2018 has been the year of change, and with that change comes adapting. The way we adapt requires us to develop new tools and technologies and they become trends. Anything can become a trend, anything from a new product on the market to a popular dance move going viral. As a marketer, […]

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Captivating Instagram Captions 101: Boost Your Engagement

Crafting perfect Instagram captions can be tricky. As of 2023, there are over 2.35 billion monthly active users on Instagram, so standing out from the crowd is crucial. Gaining traction on Instagram isn’t simply about growing your follower base or getting a large number of likes. For your Instagram page to grow in a sustainable and effective way, you need to create content that creates value for your audience, inspires them, educates them and ultimately, engages them enough to encourage them to interact with your page.

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Instagram Marketing Strategy: 8 Steps to Success

Social media has forever changed the fast-growing world of marketing. With Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap-chat and LinkedIn, marketing any content or brand has become at the palm of your hands. Instagram, however, has been offering new and relatively more appealing features that can serve almost any Instagram strategy.  Still, to utilise your time and social […]

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5 Key elements of a successful social media brand awareness

Kickstarting a business is a tough challenge to face and the most important step to starting a business is making a name for yourself. The best way to achieve that goal is through social media brand awareness; it’s a guaranteed step in the right direction. If you have any experience in online marketing or social […]

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How Many People Use Social Media in 2023? Latest Global Data

In a world filled with smartphones and the buzz of notifications, ever wondered exactly how many people use social media?  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that social media has taken the whole world by storm this past decade. From Facebook to Instagram, to Snapchat, the number of social media platforms just keeps on growing. […]

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Vero App: Could It Still Become The New Facebook?

If you haven’t heard of the Vero app, you’ll have heard why it suddenly went from under 150,000 downloads to almost 3 million. That recipe for Vero’s success? The Facebook privacy scandal and user frustration with Instagram came just in time for a new social media platform with a difference. Simply, Vero sets out to […]

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Social Media Guide: A Comprehensive Guide to Engaging Your Audience and Achieving Your Goals

Why have we compiled a FREE social media guide? We’ve been publishing social media expertise for years and want to bring a complete archive of expertise into a one-stop library. Social media changes fast…so we’ll cover the basic essentials AND a deeper dive too. Of course, nothing can replace bringing in digital specialists skilled in […]

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What Is LinkedIn? A Complete Guide to Success

LinkedIn is an incredible resource for job seekers and professionals alike. Image credit: Greg Bulla

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What Is Reddit? The Marketer’s Essential Guide to Unlocking Its Viral Power in 2024

There are many misconceptions out there about Reddit. Image credit: ProfileTree

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Definition of Social Media: Your Amazing Guide To Understanding Major Networks in 2024

When understanding the definition of Social media, there is no doubt it’s had a tremendous impact on culture, business, and the world at large. It has changed our daily habits, routine, and communication. Social media is by no means less revolutionary than the invention of mobile phone devices in the 80’s. So, what is the […]

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What is Facebook Live? 6 Essential Tips

What is Facebook Live? With live video streaming becoming a mainstay of social media, Facebook Live is a main player in streaming and watching live broadcasts. The digital landscape is undergoing a profound transformation, with live streaming emerging as a dominant force in online engagement. In today’s fast-paced, attention-driven world, brands are seeking innovative ways […]

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What Is a Twitter Handle?

Update: As of July 2023, Twitter became X. There have been some changes to platform and some of its features. However, the concept of a ‘Twitter handle’ remains basically the same except for the fact the platform is now called X. When you are using Twitter, you are encouraged to use what is called a […]

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What is Social Media? The Essential 2024 Strategy Guide for Business Growth

What is social media? Put simply, what once may have appeared to be a frivolous way to chat with friends is now a vital part of most businesses. Yes, you want to concentrate on running your business but an understanding of the marketer’s social media realm – full of terms like algorithm, engagement rate and […]

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Should My Company Use TweetDeck? Key Features and Benefits Revealed

Should my company use TweetDeck? Our specialist reviewer James takes a closer look at how it can help your business. TweetDeck is a social media dashboard application tool that allows users to manage multiple Twitter accounts easily. Users can easily manage their followers, messages and following easily from this dashboard by the use of columns. […]

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Social Media Tools Guide: Streamline Your Best Strategy

Social media tools are essential components in digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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Master the Top Types of Social Media Marketing

In today’s digital era, businesses of all sizes are turning to social media marketing to connect with their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive sales. With millions of active users across various platforms, there is a multitude of types of social media marketing that can enable a brand to reach a vast and diverse audience.

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What Is Tumblr? A Comprehensive Guide to This Unique Social Media Platform

It’s important to use the right privacy settings to stay safe on Tumblr. Image credit: Philipp Katzenberger

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Unlocking the Secrets of YouTube New Rules: Optimizing Your Content for Success

Image credit: CardMapr.ni

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Get Verified On Twitter Fast: Your Ultimate Guide to Actually Scoring a Blue Badge

Want to get verified on Twitter? That little blue checkmark next to a Twitter handle has long been held in high esteem and can add extra authority and prominence to your account. Landing that coveted blue badge was once an arduous process requiring notability and public interest confirmation. But Twitter now offers users a faster […]

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Top Hashtags On Instagram: The Ultimate Guide!

One great reason to ensure you’re using the best possible top hashtags on Instagram: being seen by as many people as possible on a platform built to celebrate your photos can only be good news! Instagram has taken centre stage since its appearance in 2010, creating a home to savour our love of great images. […]

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Social Media Monitoring Tools: The Essential Toolkit for Every Business

Social media has allowed businesses a unique opportunity to understand customers, the market, and the competition easily and efficiently, which helps your business adjust accordingly to satisfy their needs and fill any market gaps. This is mainly because almost everyone uses social media to express their interest. Naturally, that is a lot of data to process, […]

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Instagram Campaign of 2023: How to Crush It With These Proven Strategies and Hacks

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users, making it one of the most important platforms for brands looking to expand their reach and drive sales. 75% of users take action after being inspired by Instagram content. With the right strategy, Instagram offers immense marketing potential. This comprehensive guide will walk you through proven techniques […]

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Twitter Dimensions 2023: The Complete Guide on How to Create Optimized Images That Stand Out in Your Feed

Twitter Dimensions: Images are a key part of engaging audiences on Twitter. Tweets with images see higher click-through rates and retweets compared to plain text posts. To ensure your visuals look crisp across platforms and devices, following Twitter’s guidelines for image dimensions and aspect ratios is important. The right sizes and orientations allow images to […]

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How to Create a YouTube Channel: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Create a YouTube channel: it can seem daunting, but the right strategy opens up immense opportunities to build an audience and impact the digital video era. The first step is identifying a content focus and niche that aligns with your interests and capabilities. Once your channel concept is defined, optimize your presence by customizing branding […]

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LinkedIn Account Makeover: 15 Tips to Revamp Your Profile and Accelerate Your Career

Suppose you’ve been reading any of our simply gorgeous quality content for the past however long you’ve been doing so (humour us). In that case, you’ll be quick to realize we’re particularly adept at quite a handful of things: Online marketing, analytics, design, app development and a smorgasbord of other such topics. But our favourite […]

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YouTube Statistics: The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Your Impact – 7 Tricks to Transform Your Business

Image credit: Souvik Banerjee

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Unlocking the Power of Facebook Marketing Services: A Comprehensive Guide to Boosting Your Brand

With over 2.8 billion monthly active users globally, Facebook presents an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to reach, engage with, and convert new audiences. Over 200 million businesses have active Facebook pages and over 90% of marketers leverage Facebook ads, indicating the platform’s marketing dominance. For small business owners with limited resources, Facebook marketing services provide […]

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Learn Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate 2023 Playbook for Driving Leads Online

Social media marketing has become an essential component of digital marketing strategy today. With over 4.2 billion social media users worldwide, platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter offer immense opportunities for businesses to reach, engage with and sell to their target audience. This complete guide will teach you everything you need to know about learning […]

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Most Used Social Media Revealed: Latest User Statistics for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok & More

It’s not about ice cream socials and your neighbourhood book club anymore. Though you can still hang out with the guys and girls and discuss Forty Shades Sadder or whatever it is people read these days, social media has been on the rise since the early days of the Internet as we know it, with […]

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Social Media Sites List – Master Marketing on the Top 10 Platforms This Year

Social media sites list every major network, app, forum, and community where users gather online. For businesses and marketers, having a presence on the right social platforms where your audience is already highly engaged can significantly boost brand awareness, website traffic, leads and sales. But with new sites emerging constantly, it’s crucial to focus your […]

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Uncover the Power of Social Media Search: A Comprehensive Guide.

If your business is providing online content of any kind, be it about your product or the content itself. Having a high search engine ranking is an indicator of how popular you are in the online community. Search engines rank you according to your relevance to user needs; they are the cause and effect of […]

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The Complete Guide to Facebook Marketing Solutions for Business Growth

With the increasing popularity of the internet, almost every person uses at least one social media website. This can be a major attraction factor for many businesses looking to improve their online presence. Utilizing social media will allow you to reach much higher levels of exposure. One of the most popular social media sites is […]

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The Complete Guide to Using TweetDeck for Powerful Twitter Management

Users could customise their dashboards by moving around these columns or adding new ones. Image credit: GrowVisibility

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How to Use Hootsuite in 7 Steps: The Complete 2023 Guide for Businesses

How to use Hootsuite – This guide covers everything brands need to know about using HootSuite for social media management, including features, tips, best practices, analytics and real user reviews. It seems these days that social media consumes all of us; it’s all around us. We’re surrounded by a constant stream of endless social media […]

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Social Media Marketing Insight

People buy from people, not from websites. You know it’s true. But what does “people buy from people” really mean, and how can you take action now so that your business can benefit from it? It’s all about getting your business out into the sphere of social media and then working on it.

Simply put, social media are internet services that let you interact with others and share and create content through online communities. They present great marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes. You can use social media to:

  • Promote the name of your brand and business
  • Tell customers about your goods and services
  • Find out what customers think of your business
  • Attract new customers
  • Build stronger relationships with existing customers

In today’s market, harnessing the power of social media is a must if you want to grow your business and grow your brand. From a simple Instagram post to Facebook announcements, there is practically no end to the new opportunities that a carefully managed social media campaign can bring. With this in mind, any entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who has yet to try out the power of social media needs to start working on creating a stronger online presence.

Building a strong social presence and connecting with your audience on social media is time-consuming and can be tough. These platforms are constantly changing, and so it’s not something you can just put up and expect it to run itself. Continue the conversation and you will continue to build relationships with your audience and your potential customers. If you take the time to nurture those relationships and provide value, then your business will benefit as a result. Social networks are powerful, and in a world where people buy from people, the relationships you build online can mean everything for your business.