How to Use Social Media for PR

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Do you know how to use social media for PR? We discuss how to master social media for your own PR strategy in the latest blog from ProfileTree.

Social Media Marketing Tips: How To Be The Best You Can Be!

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing tips are exactly what you need to enhance your skills. We’re sure you have questions like how can I have the best social media? Or, how do I get the most out of social media? We’re sure you want to be a good social media marketer, since everyone wants to enhance their […]

Why Should Your Business Have a Social Media Policy?

social media policy

It is a legal and ethical necessity that companies have governing policies for different aspects of their business. This would include an internal code of conduct, health and safety policies as well as a code of conduct for any networking. Having a social media policy set in place is extremely important to protect your business, […]

LinkedIn for Business: Is LinkedIn Good for Your Business?

LinkedIn for Business

LinkedIn is the most popular B2B platform, are you making the most out of it for your business? One can’t disagree that speaking about social media for business can be overwhelming. Therefore, this article solely focuses on LinkedIn for business. So, let’s cut to the chase: how can you make LinkedIn a main factor for […]

Chatbots: How Successful are they for Social Media Leads?

Social Media Chatbots

Growing a business online can be very challenging, and the same can be said for social media marketing. There is a higher demand for messaging apps for consumers to ensure they have their queries answered. A smart option to meet this demand is chatbots. It is highly possible that as you read this, chatbots are […]

Organic Reach is in Decline, But is all Paid Reach Worth the Money?

Organic Reach

For social media marketers, the constant change in algorithm platforms can cause panic. Over the past number of years, the changes in the algorithm have seen an increasing decline in organic reach for businesses and creator alike.  The alternative offered by platforms to fix this problem is adding a budget to sharing your content for […]

Will Algorithm Changes Affect Social Media Marketing?

How does Algorithm changes affect me

Every day, we are influenced by an algorithm in the decisions and choices we make. They are ultimately there to try to help everyone to only see the content they are interested in. However, they can have an opposite effect by hiding content from users you follow because their content might not meet the criteria. […]

How to Add an Online Store to Your WIX Site

How to add an online store to your WIX site

How to add an online store to your WIX site? You may want to add a store to your website after it has been set up for a range of reasons. We’ll show you how. For example, a trend in 2018 for Youtuber content creators was to set up their own clothing range focusing on their identity on YouTube. […]

What Is Ning? Ning Site Builder – Review and Video Guide

What is Ning? Create you own social media

What is Ning? You might have heard the name Ning, but perhaps you aren’t aware of how it can benefit your business or organisation. Put simply, Ning is an superb online platform for both people and organisations to create custom social networks.   A Brief History of Ning Ning has been around for over a decade. […]

Pinterest Marketing: An Overlooked Opportunity?

Pinterest Marketing

Is Pinterest marketing missing from your business strategies? It might be a lower-profile platform with less obvious benefits for business, but it could still deserve a closer look. As a platform, Pinterest’s arrival took place in 2010 with three co-founders; Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra. Their idea? To create something they “thought was useful […]

Chatbot Definition: Our QUICK READ Chatbot 101 for Business

Chatbot definition. Quick read guide

Why did we decide to help our clients with a simple, no-nonsense chatbot definition? Because two things are currently happening for our customers.  Firstly, chatbots are becoming a digital consideration businesses can no longer ignore.  And, as always, this simple – but relatively new – term is often misunderstood.  Read on for our essential overview…    Chatbot Definition: […]

Using Instagram for Business: All You Need to Know

Using Instagram for Business

Using Instagram for business might actually be better than using other social media platforms. With one billion active users, Instagram has hit new records as far as social media platforms go. Not only is it the popular new kid on the block, but it’s also a great platform for social media marketing. Speaking of social […]

LinkedIn Posting ‘Myths’ – Fact or Fiction?!

LinkedIn Posting ‘Myths’ – Fact or Fiction?!

What’s got us talking about LinkedIn myths? Well, lately we’ve had great fun advising a client on their LinkedIn account. An added bonus? It gave us a chance to test a bit of LinkedIn ‘received wisdom’ along the way. We asked a ProfileTree writer to try different types of post, and much more, to see what […]

Facebook Ads: The Complete Guide

Facebook Video Adverts - Facebook Adverts

The unprecedented popularity of search engines and social media platforms, which spread like wildfire in the recent years, changed the world of advertising dramatically. That has made it possible for huge entities, such as Facebook and Google, rely mainly on advertising for gaining revenues. For start-ups and medium sized businesses, this has been a great shift […]

A Definition of Social Media: Essential Overview


Social media has a tremendous impact on culture, business, and the world at large. It has changed our daily habits, routine, and communication. Social media is by no means less revolutionary than the invention of mobile phone devices in the 80’s. So, what is the definition of social media? What does it refer to? How […]

How Many People Use Social Media?

How many people use social media

In a world filled with smartphones and the buzz of notifications, ever wondered exactly how many people use social media?  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that social media has taken the whole world by storm this past decade. From Facebook, to Instagram, to Snapchat, the number of social media platforms just keeps on growing. […]

Social Media Brand Awareness: A How-To Guide

Social media brand awareness

Kickstarting a business is a tough challenge to face and the most important step to starting a business is making a name for yourself. The best way to achieve that goal is through social media brand awareness; it’s a guaranteed step in the right direction. If you have any experience in online marketing or social […]

Instagram Marketing Strategy: Steps to Success

What is Instagram? The photo social media

Social media has forever changed the fast-growing world of marketing. With Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snap-chat and LinkedIn, marketing any content or brand has become at the palm of your hands. Instagram, however, has been offering new and relatively more appealing features that can serve almost any Instagram strategy.  Still, to utilise your time and social […]