What is UX Writing 

What is UX Writing 

User experience, or UX, is a fundamental part of UX design and is the basis of UX writing. User experience design is all about creating a great experience for the user. This is what UX writing is all about – but for writing. UX writing is primarily about guiding users through the process of using […]

Why Your Website’s Colour Scheme Is Important

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Colour plays an important role in every project – printing promotional flyers, creating your brand’s logo, and establishing your brand identity. This is no less true for your website’s colour scheme. By using different colours, you are able to convey emotions, drive conversions and earn loyalty from your customers. When building your website, choosing the […]

5 Amazing Web Development Ideas

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The demand for web developers has never been greater in an era of digital transformation. With people finding new ways to work, communicate, and shop, technology has been required to facilitate that. Everyone needs to practice their digital skills, particularly if they are devs, and coming up with web development ideas can be taxing.  Practicing […]

6 Ways To Make Sure Your Website Is Secure for Customers

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Every website can undergo security breaches and while you might not think that there is anything of value on your site, this doesn’t mean there isn’t an opportunity for it to be compromised. Something to note is that the majority of website security breaches are attempts to use your server as an email relay for […]

5 Useful Tips to Improving Your Web Development Skills

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In the wake of COVID-19, businesses are recognising the importance of digital transformation. With more and more demand for websites, web development is becoming a crucial industry with updates to practices and software daily. Honing your web development skills is critical if you want to continue being the best there is.  Taking time to practice […]

What is HTML and CSS?

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Website development is chock full of codes, acronyms and jargon. But once you learn the basics, you’ll then better understand what makes up your website. The best place to start is by familiarising yourself with the two core technologies used for building web pages. These are your trusty HTML and CSS. While that may sound […]

10 Essential Skills for Great Web Designers

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Web designers marry creativity and technology together to create beautiful designs on webpages. There are essential skills that every web designer you should know and understand to ensure that they are producing great work. Not only are technical skills important being able to understand collaboration methods and having strong communication skills matter. Designing for clients […]

9 Web Trends for 2021

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Influenced by cultural changes, digital design is rapidly evolving to adjust to new work-life which has become increasingly remote over the past year. With this in mind, digital trends have incorporated unusual colour schemes, 3D product simulations, new typography art, among others. Web designers are attempting to create realism within a digital environment. Life has […]

Your Ultimate Checklist to Design an Awesome WordPress Website

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One of the world’s leading content management systems, WordPress is the popular choice for most businesses. For ease of use, security, and reliability, WordPress constantly performs better than its competitors with over 50 million users. With that in mind, we’ve created the ultimate checklist to help you create an incredible design that attracts your audience […]

Building a Squarespace Ecommerce Website: Simple Guide


When developing a new website, there are many things to keep in mind. Some of the most important concerns are cost and usability. Building a Squarespace website is a fantastic option for both. But what is Squarespace? Basically, it’s a platform which allows you to build and manage a website with very little technical skill. […]

Creating Coupons with WIX + 3 Tips for Maximising Success

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At ProfileTree we have put together this tutorial to share how to use coupons with WIX. To get started using WIX coupons, you first need to be logged into your WIX dashboard and select the website you wish to create WIX coupons on. Similar to the email marketing of WIX, coupons are located within the […]

Martha Greenlee: How to Use UX Thinking in Tourism

User Experience with Martha Greenlee

Whether you are customer or client-focused, user experience can be applied to any sector. In our recent Business Leaders episode, our host Ciaran Connolly chats to Business Development Consultant Martha Greenlee about all things UX. The Florida-based expert is responsible for developing communities, by combining user experience with marketing, anthropology, real estate and tourism for […]

Selazar: Advice for Developers, Tech Start-Ups and Young Talent

Developer Advice with Gareth Burns

The world of the web can be a daunting place – even if you’re an expert in it. Whether it be upgrading to an eCommerce website, or venturing into business for yourself – we have the answers to your questions. In our latest Business Leaders episode, we spoke to Gareth Burns, CTO of tech company […]

Responsive Design: Best Practices and Examples

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The way we use the internet has changed greatly over the last decade. Responsive design is a reaction to this change. Once upon a time, people accessed the internet using a desktop computer. Nowadays, the picture is a lot more varied. Less than half of all browsing sessions are on desktops: Mobile devices account for […]

Add an Online Store to Your WIX Site Quickly and Easily

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To develop an online business, it’s important to know how to add an online store to your WIX site. You may want to add a store to your website after it has been set up for a range of reasons. In this article, we’ll show you how. For example, a trend in 2018 for Youtube […]

How to Create an AI Strategy: Ultimate Guide


The rise of artificial intelligence is often referred to as the third industrial revolution. To stay up to date, modern businesses need to create an AI strategy. The trouble is, most business owners have no idea where to begin. In fact, many people assume that AI is basically science fiction. These days, there are countless […]

What is a CMS? Essential Guide to Content Management Systems

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If you’ve had a new website developed for your business, or you’re in the middle of that process, you’re going to have to choose a CMS at some point. That’s because a CMS is a crucial part of the website design and creation process. But what actually is a CMS, and why does it matter? […]