Marketing in Recession: Post COVID-19 Marketing

marketing in recession

Besides the health concerns that COVID-19 brought up, the effect of Coronavirus on the economy has been one of the main concerns of everyone around the globe. The old way of doing things has been shaken to the core on all different levels; politics, healthcare, work environment, and education. Marketing is definitely not an exception. […]

Using Animation for Advertising

Animation for Marketing Blog Post

Have you considered using animation for marketing? Check out our total guide to including animation in your wider marketing strategy.

Travel and Tourism Marketing Services

Tourism Marketing for business - Northern Ireland Tourism

Marketing services for Travel & Tourism We take the headaches and challenges of tourism marketing and  turn them into digital success for our travel and tourism clients. IRELAND’S NUMBER ONE TRAVEL & TOURISM MARKETING AGENCY We have worked with many hotel groups, restaurants, attractions, councils and events to produce the best tourism marketing campaigns and award winning […]

17 Amazing Brand Storytelling Examples: A Brand’s Once Upon a Time (2019)

A world of brand storytelling in a book

Storytelling is such a buzzword in the marketing industry these days. There’s been a hype about successful brand storytelling examples. What does storytelling mean in a business context? Does it mean that businesses need to hire a James Joyce for their brands to be successful? That’s what you’ll find out in this article. You’ll find […]

How to Write a Creative Brief: A Brief History of Briefs (With Examples)

How to write a creative brief-the short brief

How to write a creative brief that you enjoy writing and at the same time gives a precise and valuable overview of the project? A creative brief is a very common, yet feared word among those who work in the marketing and advertising field. Brand managers and marketing specialists find it a heavy task and […]

Content Personalisation: All the Dos and Don’ts

Hand and Notebook image for Benefits of a Personal Development Plan

Content personalisation is the backbone of any website, email or digital campaign. It’s the saving grace marketing and content strategists and the technique that all successful start-ups or businesses swear by. In this guide, we will discuss the benefits of content personalisation, how they can contribute to increasing sales, conversions, and strengthening the client base. […]

Video Content Types Business Owners Should be Using

Video content types for business owners

Video content types can vary and are heavily influenced by the changing market trends. When working on constructing effective video strategies, businesses often focus on the quality of their content, the execution, the messages highlighted as well as the brand’s beliefs and set of ethics. Social media outlets celebrate videos as the top multimedia file […]

Why Your Content Isn’t Ranking?

Why your content isn't ranking

What Should You Do about That? Do you find your content on the third or fourth page of Google results? We’ll explain to you some of the reasons that your content isn’t ranking – and even better, what you can do to help improve its ranking. To understand why your content isn’t ranking, it’s helpful […]

What is Strategic Marketing Planning Process?

Proven Content Management Strategies

Strategic marketing planning process is a relatively new concept in a field that existed for over millennia. One of the most basic—and successful—approaches to marketing is via trial and error. This is one of the better approaches if finance isn’t a factor and funds are abundant. But let’s not forget one of the key tenants […]

Advantages of Podcasts: An Unmissable Marketing Tool for Your Business?

Advantages of Podcasts for Marketing

The advantages of podcasts? Let’s take a closer look at podcasts, including what they are, how they work and how they can be used as a marketing tool. We’ll also give some example podcasts to help with a little inspiration! Read on to discover all you need to know…     Should You Consider Using […]

How to Increase Content Engagement? Smarter Content Marketing with Nick Mason

Content Marketing with Nick Mason

Smarter Content Marketing with Nick Mason How to increase content engagement? A London-based company has set its sights on revolutionising content engagement by creating a new platform built around improved user experience for readers. Nick Mason, CEO and Founder of Turtl, took part in a ProfileTree video interview to explain that his tool doesn’t just […]

Blogging Tips: What is Blogging and How to Make a Start?

Blogging tips

How could blogging tips help you or your business? A blog can be a powerful tool to engage with readers and a place where they can explore your brand. It gives your audience a way to go below the surface to understand what your business is all about, to see why (without using a hard […]