How to Use Social Media Video: 6 Tips

An iPhone on a tripod recording a sunset over Texas, USA.

Social media has taken over the marketing world. From veteran platforms like Facebook and Instagram, to up and coming networks such as TikTok, social media is a fantastic market for all brands to boost their reach and gain new customers. So, what makes social media video content better than anything else?  Video is insanely popular […]

How To Use Restaurant Video Marketing To Grow Your Business

A person taking a photo of their food on an iPhone

What better way is there to promote your menu than through restaurant video marketing? Sure, you can post photos and descriptions. But a photo will never be able to capture the ooey gooey-ness of cheese or the crunch of fresh vegetables the way that video does. A large portion of social media and content marketing […]

6 Tips for Creating Great Social Media Video Content

A black iPhone with a folder containing social media applications on screen

When using social media for business, it can be hard to stand out and make an impression on users. Social media video content is an easy way to do this. When creating video content for social media, some tips and guidelines work across all social media platforms. These are great places to start from when […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing

video marketing

Video marketing is a necessity for every content strategy. Creating accessible content that is easy for an audience to digest is becoming ever more appealing to consumers. To build your brand or business effectively, video marketing has become integral to increasing traffic to your site and turning leads into conversions. Video marketing has benefits for […]

YouTube SEO: How to Beat the YouTube Algorithm

YouTube algorithm

YouTube is currently the world’s most viewed site and has become the place to go to create and consume video content. While YouTube SEO is critical for success, something else controls the fate of every channel – the YouTube Algorithm. According to, up to 70% of a user’s time on YouTube will be dictated […]

7 Strategies to Use Video in Your Sales Emails

video in sales emails

As trends progress, video is being used more than ever to communicate with others and to facilitate ideas. Consumers are turning to video to educate themselves on a multitude of topics as well as entertaining themselves and connecting with others. With this in mind, using video in your sales emails has become more important than […]

Digital Billboard Advertising: Why They’re a Massive Hit

Digital Billboard Advertising header image

In today’s digital age, it was only a matter of time before billboards turned digital too. Billboards resemble a glimpse of a lively city environment. They make you think of Times Square and its glitzy blockbuster atmosphere. They’ve always been used to promote products, services or spread awareness on various causes for decades – so […]

Television Production Management with Larry Bass

television production management larry bass

Whilst many firms have had to temporarily suspend their business due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the television industry has tried to maintain its output. Few people understand the challenges of these times better than Larry Bass.

Using Animation for Advertising

Using animation for advertising header image.

Have you considered using animation for marketing? Check out our total guide to including animation in your wider marketing strategy.

Video Production in Northern Ireland: Growing Your Business Through Video

Video Production in Northern Ireland: Growing Your Business Through Video 5

Ever since the invention of the camera, the average consumer has just been playing catch up with technology’s fast growing pace. The first ever recorded history of the camera came in the form of manuscripts from an Arab scholar called Hassan Ibn Hassan; which dates all the way back to the 10th century. His work […]

Importance of Video Marketing – Video Content Training

Importance of Video Marketing

Video marketing is a very important tool for any business. If a business can have an effective video marketing strategy then it will have a number of benefits.     Why Use Video? We’ll look at video strategy, video for social media and explain why you don’t need  expensive equipment to make video marketing work for your […]

How to Use Transitions, Titles and Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro CC Transitions, Titles and Effects

How to use transitions, titles and effects in Adobe Premiere Pro? Below is part three of our ProfileTree series explaining a range of Adobe Premiere Pro essentials. Premiere Pro is one of the most popular pieces of video editing software in the world as a very large number of people use this particular video editing software to produce YouTube videos, […]

Using the Timeline and Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro CC Timeline and Workflow

How to use timeline and workplace in Adobe Premiere Pro CC? Setting up your timeline and workflow can be a challenge for new users, however our tutorial gives a simple video guide to this task. We’ve also put together a series of video tutorials to help you become more familiar with Premiere Pro. In the video below […]

Colour Grading and Masking Tutorial for Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro CC Colour Grading and Masking Tutorial

In part five of our video tutorial series you’ll learn how to edit the colour grading and masking within Adobe Premiere Pro. This video also involves the likes of vectorscopes, waveforms, correction principles, curves, levels as well as exposure. This tutorial is perfect for the people who want to learn how to make their videos […]

Colour Grading and Correcting for Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro CC Colour Grading and Masking Tutorial

Having your video looking professional can be the difference between a viewer watching your entire video, or switching off after a few seconds. Using the likes of Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas to edit the colour correction and grading of videos can be difficult but a great way to make your video look professional and […]

Audio Effects and Editing Sound in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Audio Effects and Editing Sounds

Along with video editing, Adobe Premiere Pro is very good for sound and audio editing. This makes this software ideal for any creator with a need to edit sounds especially into their films and movies. The video below is part seven of the ProfileTree Adobe Premiere Pro CC tutorials. Within the video, it will show, how to enhance […]

How to Render and Export using Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Premiere Pro CC Rendering and Exporting Tutorial

How to render and export using Adobe Premiere Pro CC? Once you have finished editing your video or film, you will now need to export the edited video from Adobe Premiere Pro. This will allow you to upload your video to the likes of YouTube or Vimeo. The video below is the last part of the ProfileTree Adobe Premiere Pro […]