How to Use Social Media for PR

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Do you know how to use social media for PR? We discuss how to master social media for your own PR strategy in the latest blog from ProfileTree.

SEO Performance Metrics: How Good Is Your SEO Game?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the most common digital marketing practices. Search engines continue to play a major part in where users end up on the Internet, and that won’t change any time soon. That’s why anyone who owns a website should aim to measure the success of their SEO efforts. There are […]

Current Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Current Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Adding Artificial Intelligence to Your Business Strategy   Artificial intelligence is one of those technological advances that seems as though it comes straight from the script of a sci-fi film or novel – but is becoming a reality. The sometimes controversial technology is gaining traction and is becoming a practical solution for businesses and consumers […]

DJI Ronin S: Complete Review and Walkthrough

DJI Ronin S - Ronin S Review

The DJI Ronin S is the brand new model from DJI who have developed a number of amazing camera stabilization gimbal models like the Ronin, Ronin M and the Ronin 2 to help capture the best video content.   The Ronin S is one of DJI’s best camera stabilization systems yet. It compresses the technology […]

Why Your Business Needs Digital Training

Why your business needs digital training

You’ve probably heard about many digital solutions for your company and were puzzled by digital terminology that still confuses you. There are many reasons why your business needs digital training. In this article, you’ll find out what digital skills mean, how vital they are, and how far your business can benefit from them. Why Your […]

The Importance of Alexa Voice

Understanding Alexa rank - Amazon Alexa

When the Amazon Alexa first appeared in 2014, it seemed as though the world first envisaged by the likes of Back to the Future might be a possibility. Five years on, and with further developments being made to the Internet of Things, Amazon has, at last, realised the true potential of Alexa’s voice-generated technology; with […]

The Bright Future of Voice Search

Is voice search the future for marketing for a business?

How the future of voice search will directly affect brand’s and businesses. In a technologically diverse world, we are being given continuous options to expand our knowledge and facilitate our growing desires. As artificial intelligence (AI) develops at an exponential rate, it is not shocking that voice search is coming to prominence. Voice search is […]

A Smarter Approach to UI Testing Automation?

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Exploring User Interface Testing With Bob Marks   A Northern Ireland-based software industry veteran has explained how the innovative platform Video First can be used to deliver both UI testing automation and vastly improved collaboration. Bob Marks, CEO of Video First Software, outlined how the app helps to involve team members in user interface testing, […]

Content Marketing With Amazon Alexa:

Amazon Alexa Content Marketing

What Should I Know? Amazon’s Alexa-controlled Echo speaker, now in its second generation and with countless derivative variations available, continues to increase its musical, smart-home, and digital-assistant offering. It’s a wireless speaker first, but capable of a whole lot more – including content marketing. Using nothing other than the sound of your voice, you can […]

Online Learning VS Classroom Learning: Which is Better?

Online Learning vs Classroom Learning

The digital world has changed the face of education. Many children in classrooms these days are faced with the transition of relying on the internet for educational purposes. By measuring the differences of online learning vs. classroom learning, we find that each has its pros and cons. Online learning has affected children’s awareness of global events, […]

Chatbots Explained: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Chatbots explained. Everything you need to know

Remember when droids and bots seemed so far fetched? All the work fields around the world now rely somewhat on chatbots. This technological advancement has successfully paved its way into the business, the technical, and the entertainment markets.     Chatbots Explained: First Things First Chatbots are one of many fruitful merits of web developing. […]

Voice Search: Why Experts Think the Future is Voice

Voice Search. What experts think

Voice search was once just a part of a futuristic, sci-fi movie – that’s all in the past now. Much like when encyclopedias were cool until the introduction of digital search engines. Bit by bit, the nature of those search engines took several forms and developed over the last decadeuntil they’ve reached their latest feature; […]

What Are Amazon Skills and How to Use Them?

What are Amazon skills and how to use them?

In 1994, a 30-year old Jeffery introduced his online company, registered under the name “Cadabra.” This enterprise, later on, became what we know nowadays as Amazon, and subsequently services such as Alexa or Amazon skills became popular. The name was changed to be easily reached in online search results, favouring the letter A. Today, Jeff […]

Google Sheets VS Excel: Which One to Use for Your Business?

Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel

A battle between superheroes? Precisely. The good news is that users can never go wrong with choosing either Excel or Google Sheets. Both softwares are credited with making people’s lives easier when it comes to complex equations and mighty data archives. Excel and Sheets share various common aspects and most of the defining features. However, they […]

Responsive Web Design Examples – Digital Essentials Explained

Responsive Web Design Examples – Digital Essentials Explained

Why should you draw inspiration from examples of great Responsive Web Design? Well, ‘RWD’ plays a crucial role in how a potential, or existing, customer interacts with your brand online. Because responsive websites are more user-friendly, they increase the quality of your audience’s engagement with your design and, therefore, the quality of their engagement with your […]

What is Learning Technology? Learning Management

Learning Technology with Sheena Bailey

Exploring Testing and Learning Management with Sheena Bailey How can learning technology be applied to develop new thinking around assessments and learning management? ProfileTree welcomed Sheena Bailey of TestReach to the ProfileTree studio, via a Zoom video link, to hear about her career as a tech leader and about the innovative work of her company. […]

What is Energy Monitoring?

Protect your Business with John Nesbitt

Discussing Assistive Technology with John Nesbitt What is energy monitoring? We had a chance to explore the benefits of energy monitoring thanks to a visit to the ProfileTree studio from Atlas World’s John Nesbitt. Atlas World, a well known fire and security business operating in Northern Ireland and beyond, also help companies with energy management […]

What is Augmented and Virtual Reality?

Virtual and Augmented Reality with Brendan McCourt

Exploring Virtual Reality with Brendan McCourt What is Augmented Reality? Virtual and augmented reality expert Brendan McCourt visited the ProfileTree studio to explain more about this fascinating tech trend. Brendan, who also detailed his incredible career spanning print, broadcast and digital media, shared a range of insights during a Business Leaders video interview.   Brendan […]