The Importance of Digital Marketing in Business and 5 Main Benefits

Digital Marketing Strategy for Small Business

The digital age is here and business owners of all types need to adapt and move with the times. Gone are the days where marketing was limited to traditional media such as print, television, and radio. Today, business owners can reach potential customers online in a variety of ways, from email marketing to social media […]

What is a Podcast? : How They Work & The 7 Different Types

Over the last few years podcasts have been becoming more and more popular. So, what is a podcast and what is its purpose? What is a Podcast ? A podcast is series of audio episodes focused on a particular topic, theme or subject that a listener can subscribe to and listen on-demand, whenever and wherever. […]

The Beginner’s Guide To Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

What is digital Strategy

Small businesses have a lot to gain from digital marketing strategies. By understanding digital marketing, you can create an effective plan to reach your target market, increase brand awareness, and generate leads. In this blog post, we will introduce digital marketing in simple terms and outline the steps necessary for starting a digital marketing campaign […]

6 Reasons Why Digital Marketing in Business Is Important

6 reasons why digital marketing in business is important

In todays world, a large part of any businesses marketing strategy will fall under digital marketing. For digital marketing in business, the right marketing strategy for small businesses can boost brand awareness, help reach desired target audience, maximise sales and encourage consumer feedback. It is for these reasons why digital marketing is important for small […]

How To Increase Clicks Using GIFs

In this day and age, GIFs have taken the world by storm. What started out as a humble technology that improved compression for photographs, GIFs are now invariably used as a form of expression. In recent times, these alluring animated pictures have come to play a crucial role in online marketing via blog entries, emails, […]

Tourism Marketing: Your Guide to Success Within The Tourism Industry

tourism marketing uk

Across different industries, most businesses acknowledge the importance of marketing. Yet, every industry has its challenges and doubts. Marketing strategies need to fit your industry like a glove. So, for those working in the tourism industry, this article will tackle everything related to the best practices of tourism marketing. Deep diving into the details of […]

How to Implement Telehealth to Your Practice

telehealth marketing

What is Telehealth Medicine? Telehealth medicine allows you to expand and reach new patients. It involves using forms of online communication in order to meet with patients and discuss necessary items regarding their health and wellbeing. The Coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the strain on many healthcare organizations, causing more wait times and difficulty in seeing […]

5 Best Ways to Market Your Healthcare Business

healthcare business marketing

Healthcare practitioners in the 21st century are tasked with not only providing care, but also promoting and developing a business model that will differentiate them from the competition. The tools offered through marketing have been proven to be the most effective way to promote and achieve the growth needed for a good healthcare business. Times […]

6 Tips for Creating Great Social Media Video Content

A black iPhone with a folder containing social media applications on screen

When using social media for business, it can be hard to stand out and make an impression on users. Social media video content is an easy way to do this. When creating video content for social media, some tips and guidelines work across all social media platforms. These are great places to start from when […]

5 Best Food Influencers In Northern Ireland

5 best food influencers in NI featured image

Northern Ireland is undeniably a nation of foodies. So much so, that it only takes a few shares of a new cafe’s Instagram account to build a hype and cause endless queues. From a PR perspective, whether you’re a new or old food establishment, there’s plenty of ways to be strategic and achieve maximum impact. […]

6 Proven Customer Win-Back Strategies

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While marketers often put the majority of their focus on getting consumers engaged with their products or services, they sometimes neglect win-back strategies if a potential customer walks away from a sale. Take a new approach to your digital marketing by considering those who left the purchase as potential customers still.   Marketing to your customers […]

8 Most Tasteless Marketing Campaigns

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Every day we are exposed to advertisements through the television we watch, the billboards we walk past or the commercials we hear on the radio. Some marketing campaigns are incredibly powerful, moving people to tears. Others, not so much. There have been plenty of tasteless marketing campaigns that have missed the mark and caused damage […]

8 Local Business Marketing Strategies for 2021

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Local business marketing can be a key factor in lead generation. We all like to recommend places to eat, drink, shop, and buy to our friends and family, and we mostly garner our information from search engines. According to Hubspot, 97% of people learn more about local companies through online searches than in any other […]

7 Digital Marketing KPIs to Track in 2021

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Marketing is built on creativity but the other vital component is data. Demonstrating that your campaign is doing well demands tracking the correct metrics to confirm you aren’t simply spending money without thought or cause. Knowing what marketing KPIs to track will help you make streamlined campaigns and evaluate valuable data.   While there are countless […]

Brand Positioning Basics: Establish Your Brand in Easy 4 Steps

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On the journey of building a new product or introducing a new brand, one of the core exercises is coming up with the brand positioning. Brand positioning guides the entire marketing mix strategy and is the basis on which marketers build their decisions. The brand positioning is an equation where one must have a target […]

Do Google Ads Help with SEO?

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Many SEO experts purport that Google Ads can directly impact your SEO and, thus your organic growth but Google has stated clearly that that is simply not the case. Google has even been forced to comment on this issue by saying “…a Google Ads campaign does not help your SEO rankings”.  Google makes it very […]

Modernising the Marketing Funnel in 2020

image for modernising the marketing funnel in 2020

The marketing funnel is a staple method in understanding consumer behaviour. Although it sounds complex – we’re here to make it simple and more appropriate for the digital age. A classic model, the marketing funnel was originally developed in 1910! We know what you’re thinking and you’re right – it is a little outdated. However, […]