Growth Hacking 101: Definition, Best Practices, and Great Examples

Growth Hacking Guide

In the ever-evolution of marketing, growth hacking has become one of the latest marketing buzzwords. You must’ve come across it somewhere, especially if you’re an entrepreneur or someone who works in the start-up ecosystem. Few concepts have been as polarizing and revolutionary, simultaneously. Many questions are asked when people hear ‘growth hacking’ for the first […]

Best Branding for Business – Print and Embroidery With Gareth Tipping

Branding for Business - Print and Embroidery With Gareth Tipping

Have You Considered How Branding Can Improve Your Business? In this interview, we sat down with Gareth Tipping, sales director at Garment Graphixs. The business has created a reputation over twenty-five of providing business with branded uniforms and garments for many different industries. Working in the family business of Garment Graphixs, which has been trading […]

SEO and User Experience: The Best Winning Combination

SEO and User Experience: The Best Winning Combination

While it may seem unthinkable today, there was a time when SEO and user experience (UX) were seen as two very distinct aspects to running a successful website.   During the budding days of SEO, all it would take to reach the top of the page rankings was a website filled to the brim with […]

Current Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Current Developments in Artificial Intelligence

Adding Artificial Intelligence to Your Business Strategy   Artificial intelligence is one of those technological advances that seems as though it comes straight from the script of a sci-fi film or novel – but is becoming a reality. The sometimes controversial technology is gaining traction and is becoming a practical solution for businesses and consumers […]

WIX Logo Maker VS Squarespace

WIX Logo Maker VS Squarespace Logo Maker

Over the past years, brand image has become more important than ever. Your brand needs to be instantly recognisable within your website, social media, adverts online and offline such as posters and also if you own a store online or offline. An recognisable brand helps to build trust with customers who will then help grow […]

Digital Transformation and Digital Strategy Advantages With Natalie Haccius

Digital transformation and Digital strategy with Natalie Haccius

For many businesses, digital transformation has become a huge priority and the need for a strong digital strategy cannot be ignored.   Do you want to learn more about digital transformation, strategy and how they can change your business? We recently sat down with Natalie Haccius, a digital transformation consultant,  where she explained the importance […]

Social Media Marketing Tips: How To Be The Best You Can Be!

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing tips are exactly what you need to enhance your skills. We’re sure you have questions like how can I have the best social media? Or, how do I get the most out of social media? We’re sure you want to be a good social media marketer, since everyone wants to enhance their […]

Digital Transformation: Growing Your Business With Louise O’Conor

digital transformation for business growth and strategy

Do you need advice in how to improve your business growth with an online presence? In our recent addition to our business leaders series, we sat down with Louise O’Conor to find out how digital transformation works and how to grow business presence online with a good digital strategy. O’Conor is a leading digital transformation […]

Why Should Your Business Have a Social Media Policy?

social media policy

It is a legal and ethical necessity that companies have governing policies for different aspects of their business. This would include an internal code of conduct, health and safety policies as well as a code of conduct for any networking. Having a social media policy set in place is extremely important to protect your business, […]

Digital Marketing Analysis: How to Do Research for a Digital Strategy?

digital marketing analysis

When a new member joins our team, we are often asked – What is digital marketing analysis? Digital marketing analysis is the starting point for any digital marketing executive to build a strategy. In fact, without an analysis, one is merely lost in a sea of questions and potential answers. Find out why you need […]

Business Online – Transforming a Traditional Business

Creating an online business from a traditional business concept

Taking a traditional business and transforming it into a larger online business   Many traditional businesses are finding that without moving their business online, they risk the chance of being left behind by their customers and the world as technology evolves. Transforming your traditional business into an online business can be intimidating but with the […]

Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing – Sean O’Connor

Grow Your Business With Digital Marketing - Sean O'Connor

No matter your business size or what you offer, you can grow your business through social media and digital marketing!   Sean O’Connor has experienced first hand the benefits of using digital marketing and social media to grow his business successfully. With a family business background, he experienced many different roles within a business both […]

The Bright Future of Voice Search

Is voice search the future for marketing for a business?

How the future of voice search will directly affect brand’s and businesses. In a technologically diverse world, we are being given continuous options to expand our knowledge and facilitate our growing desires. As artificial intelligence (AI) develops at an exponential rate, it is not shocking that voice search is coming to prominence. Voice search is […]

Content Marketing With Amazon Alexa:

Amazon Alexa Content Marketing

What Should I Know? Amazon’s Alexa-controlled Echo speaker, now in its second generation and with countless derivative variations available, continues to increase its musical, smart-home, and digital-assistant offering. It’s a wireless speaker first, but capable of a whole lot more – including content marketing. Using nothing other than the sound of your voice, you can […]

Reddit Social Media Marketing:

Reddit Social Media Marketing

Top Tips and Tricks What could come out of businesses using one of the world’s most popular websites? Over recent years, Reddit social media marketing has seen a notable surge in interest. Indeed, possessing the skills to effectively run a Reddit social media marketing campaign has become a valuable asset for employers.   Reddit Social […]

What Are Amazon Skills and How to Use Them?

What are Amazon skills and how to use them?

In 1994, a 30-year old Jeffery introduced his online company, registered under the name “Cadabra.” This enterprise, later on, became what we know nowadays as Amazon, and subsequently services such as Alexa or Amazon skills became popular. The name was changed to be easily reached in online search results, favouring the letter A. Today, Jeff […]

Voice Marketing: Your Branding for Voice

Voice Marketing

Does Your Brand Speak for Itself? Marketing is the bread and butter of the modern business. Corporations combat each other to install their own brand and voice in the brains of their consumers in an aggressive manner, whether directly or indirectly. The science and art of building a tone of voice within as successful marketing […]