Debt Collection Services with Michael Weir

debt collection services michael weir

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to reassess how we live, work and spend our money; with businesses across a range of sectors facing closure due to the pandemic’s financial impact. Michael Weir tells us more.

Building a Franchise Business with Haroon Danis

building a franchise business haroon danis

In the latest of our remote Business Leader interviews, Ciaran Connolly sat down with Skin HQ’s Haroon Danis, who has committed himself to building a franchise business across the UK and Ireland.

African Aviation & Event Marketing With AviaDev’s Jon Howell

african aviation event marketing jon howell

We’ve picked out some highlights of our award-winning Business Leader Series which give us hope for the future, this time focussing on last year’s interview with AviaDev’s Jon Howell around event marketing and the future of the aviation industry.

Bee Empowered: The Power of Mental Wellbeing

mental wellbeing personal empowerment deborah king

In today’s strange and challenging times, each and every one of us could benefit from taking more time to prioritise our own mental health and emotional welfare. Few are better placed to understand the importance of mental wellbeing than Deborah King, Owner of Bee Empowered.