Building a Squarespace Ecommerce Website

Creating a Squarespace Ecommerce Website

To get started with Squarespace, you first need to have a Squarespace login. Once you create an account or sign in, it is time to make a start on building your Squarespace Ecommerce Website. You can easily login using a Facebook or Twitter account as well as  using your own Gmail. Once you log in, […]

Best WIX Apps for Business

The Best WIX Apps

In the video below, ProfileTree has created a tutorial for the Best WIX apps. WIX has a range of apps built-in including the likes of an app for WIX Blogs, WIX Chat, WIX Bookings and many, many more. To get apps installed on your website, you need to go to the WIX dashboard of a […]

Creating Coupons with WIX

Creating Coupons with WIX

At ProfileTree we have put together this tutorial to share how to use coupons with WIX. To get started using WIX coupons, you first need to be logged into your WIX dashboard and select the website you wish to create WIX coupons on. Similar to the email marketing of WIX, coupons are located within the […]

WIX Logo Maker VS Squarespace

WIX Logo Maker VS Squarespace Logo Maker

Over the past years, brand image has become more important than ever. Your brand needs to be instantly recognisable within your website, social media, adverts online and offline such as posters and also if you own a store online or offline. An recognisable brand helps to build trust with customers who will then help grow […]

WIX Logo Maker Tutorial

WIX Logo Maker

We all have heard of WIX. If you’re a frequent user of YouTube, you will have more than likely seen a fair share of WIX adverts. Therefore that goes without saying, you’ve heard of WIX and what it is. WIX is a free web builder used worldwide by millions of users to create stunning websites […]

Comparing WIX with Other Website Builders

Comparing WIX web builder with others

In the video tutorial below ProfileTree have compared WIX with some of the other most popular website builders. Below we have compared WIX against web builders such ad Squarespace, WordPress and the GoDaddy web builder. In the video, we explain some of the advantages of each builder and some features others may feel are disadvantages. […]

WIX Email Campaign Tutorial

WIX Email Campaign

To begin creating an email campaign on WIX, you find need to be signed into your WIX account. Once logged in, head to your WIX dashboard and select which site to you wish to create a WIX email campaign for. Once on the individual site’s dashboard, you will need to click on the marketing tools […]

10 Key Steps on How to Build a WIX Ecommerce Site

Build a WIX Ecommece website

WIX is one of the worlds most used website building platforms. It is thought to have over 150 million users worldwide in up to 190 different countries. The platform has two different builders, the WIX ADI and the WIX editor. The ADI is a builder much more suitable for users without great knowledge or time […]

Choosing the right WIX Premium Plan Tutorial

Choosing a WIX Premium Plan

WIX has a range of Premium plans, users can purchase when a user wishes to upgrade their WIX site. Overall there are seven plans on WIX, all of which are relatively cheap. The first four plans are called the Connect Domain plan, Combo Plan, Unlimited Plan and the VIP Plan. These four plans don’t allow […]

Responsive Web Design Examples – Digital Essentials Explained

Responsive Web Design Examples – Digital Essentials Explained

Why should you draw inspiration from examples of great Responsive Web Design? Well, ‘RWD’ plays a crucial role in how a potential, or existing, customer interacts with your brand online. Because responsive websites are more user-friendly, they increase the quality of your audience’s engagement with your design and, therefore, the quality of their engagement with your […]

Why Use ProfileTree WordPress Hosting?

Why use ProfileTree WordPress Hosting

Why ProfileTree, for WordPress Hosting? With experience in developing and hosting client sites since 2010, we have decided to use our experience and expertise to venture into the real hosting world by offering our very own WordPress hosting solution. In the past, we’ve only hosted client sites, so they didn’t have to. Now anyone can […]

Setting Up Automation and Automated Emails in WIX

Setting up automated emails on WIX

How to set up automation in WIX? Automated messages such as emails can be vital to your website as it can automate some of your engagement with the user to keep them informed and involved in your site. Some of the different actions you can setup include sending an email, notifications within emails or even a […]

Editing a Website in WIX

Editing a website in WIX

How to edit a WIX website? Editing a website is one of the most important features of any website. Without being able to edit a site, then a site will become dated and users will engage less with the the site itself. It also means if you’re an Ecommerce business you wouldn’t be able to update any products to […]

Wix 101: How To Build a Website From Scratch

How to build a wix website

 WIX is to allow users to easily make websites without the hassle of complex processes   WIX does this by offering two builders, the WIX ADI and the Editor with hundreds of templates available for each. Our video explains how to build a WIX website from scratch. The video includes: signing into a WIX account choosing the right editor […]

Creating and Editing a Member on Your WIX Site

Creating and Editing a member on you WIX site

How to create and edit members on a WIX website? Our video guides explain how to create members on your site, how to edit these members (including blocking) and how to create member-only pages on WIX. Using site membership can mean offering premium content only members can sign up or have special content for certain users. Let’s explore […]

How to Add Hotjar Tracking Code to Your WIX Website

How to add hotjar code -wix -website code

How to add Hotjar tracking code to your WIX website? Hotjar is an online performance tool designed to reveal the behaviour of your site users to help you adjust or alter your digital strategy. Let’s take a closer look… Hotjar comes with features such as heatmaps, visitor recordings, form analytics and many more including feedback tools. […]

How to Connect 3rd Party Marketing Apps to Your WIX Website?

Connecting third party applications to WIX

How to connect 3rd party marketing apps to your WIX website? After all, there are a large number of apps you can use for marketing purposes on your WIX website. Apps such as WisePops, Privy and HelloBar are just a few of the applications you can choose from. WisePops allows you to create popups for your site, HelloBar lets you […]

Organising a Contact List and Changing a Subscription Status on WIX

Organising a contact list on WIX

How to organise a contact list on your WIX website? It could be tempting to think of this as a potentially difficult task but WIX makes it very easy, allowing users to organise their contact list very easily. Whether you need to change the name of a contact, an email or even a contacts subscription status, it is all very […]