Top 6 Best Wix Apps for Lead Generation

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Every online business presence wants one thing: sales. To achieve sales, one must have a website that is intuitive and responsive to your customers wants and needs. Using Wix apps for lead generation helps you track their interactions with your website to allow you to modify your marketing strategy where necessary.  Whether you are wanting […]

How to Install a Plugin and Theme on WordPress

Guide about installing plugins and themes on wordpress

WordPress is one of the most used web building tools in the world. The tool is ideal for professional web builders and also amateurs as it can be very simple to use. There’re many ways a user can improve their user experience when working with WordPress. Two ways a user can improve the usability of WordPress and their […]

The WordPress Dashboard, Users and Media Library Tutorial

Wordpress dashboard users and media library featured

At ProfileTree, we have put together a series of WordPress tutorials for beginners. These tutorials are ideal for anyone who, has little or no experience with WordPress. Below is the first video within the WordPress tutorial series. It is a prologue video, which explains what the video series has to offer. As part of the […]

Comparing WIX with Other Website Builders

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In the video tutorial below ProfileTree have compared WIX with some of the other most popular website builders. Below we have compared WIX against web builders such as Squarespace, WordPress and the GoDaddy web builder. In the video, we explain some of the advantages of each builder and some features others may feel are disadvantages. […]

Why Use ProfileTree WordPress Hosting?

Why use ProfileTree WordPress Hosting

Why ProfileTree, for WordPress Hosting? With experience in developing and hosting client sites since 2010, we have decided to use our experience and expertise to venture into the real hosting world by offering our very own WordPress hosting solution. In the past, we’ve only hosted client sites, so they didn’t have to. Now anyone can […]

Editing a Website in WIX

Editing a website in WIX

If you run an online business, you’ll need to know how to edit a WIX website. Editing a website is one of the most important features of any website. Without being able to edit a site, then a site will become dated and users will engage less with the site itself. It also means if […]

WIX Website Tutorial – How to Make a Website with WIX

WIX Website Tutorial – How to Make a Website with WIX

Website Builder Why use a WIX website tutorial? WIX is a superb online tool which provides stunning, responsive websites using a code-free front-end technology. This allows users to build a website without website creation experience. The beauty of WIX is that it is a free method of creating a website. This applies whether you’re, for example, a photographer wanting […]

Best Free Website Builder for Your Business

best free website builder for your business: guide

On your journey of creating your online brand, you might find it necessary to create your very own website. Having your own website gives you control over the content you’d like to display to your audience. Additionally, you can use it to sell your products and track the analytics of customers viewing your website. Traditionally, […]

How to Use WordPress Themes? An Essential Guide

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WordPress is the most popular way to build and manage a website. In large part, this is because it’s so easy to make a professional looking site. This is due to what are known as WordPress themes. These make it easy for even the worst techno-phobe to host a stunning website for their business. They’ve […]

Pros and Cons of WordPress: Is It Right for You?

Pros and cons of WordPress: is it right for you

If you’re planning on building a website for your new business, you’ll need to know how to do it. The best platform to build a website is WordPress, but you’ll have to weigh your options. You need to know the pros and cons of WordPress; you need to further understand why you should use it […]

Why Use WordPress? Let’s Explore a Website Building Essential

Why Use WordPress? Let’s Explore a Website Building Essential

Why use WordPress? WordPress is by far, the most popular and easiest Content Management System and blogging tool. It’s the easiest and best way to create your own website! Almost 75 million websites use the software to date. WordPress is free to install, deploy, and upgrade. And if that introduction wasn’t enough, then there’s plenty of more reasons to share. WordPress isn’t just a website […]

Building a Website Without Coding

Building a Website Without Coding

Socrates once said “Speak, so that I may see you”. It has become one of the most quoted phrases throughout history. In the digital world, the equivalent to these wise words would be “Show me your website, so that I may see you.” Nothing makes a statement like a neat and professional website. It is […]

Choosing a Web Hosting Company

choosing a web hosting company - web company

Choosing a web hosting company is a crucial step in starting your own website. A web hosting company is a business that provides the technologies and services that a website or a webpage needs to be visible and accessible on the internet. When it comes to choosing a web hosting company, there are a couple […]

Yoast Academy: The Easy Way to Learn SEO?

Yoast Academy: The Easy Way to Learn SEO?

Yoast Academy is a series of online training courses made by Yoast. It could be the ideal way to build SEO expertise quickly and easily in one place. Yes, there’s a downside: the courses come at a price. BUT they offer hands-on, interactive learning from a world leader in SEO expertise. Is it right for you? […]

What Is WordPress?

What is WordPress. Making a website on WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress is an online content management system offering a powerful web platform for everyone from businesses to hobbyists. This open source ‘PHP’ based tool offers an easy, simple and most popular website creation option for non-technical users.   That’s why WordPress ranks at the top of all Content Management Systems and powers 29 […] or Your One Stop Guide to Choosing

WordPress .com vs .org featured image

When you’re starting a new site, there’s a good chance you’ll host it on either or While WordPress is the most popular website platform around, few people understand the difference between its two service offerings. Surely WordPress is just WordPress, right? Not as such. While any WordPress configuration is an easy and simple […]

What Is Google Index and how does it Affect you?

guide for google index

What is Google Index? If you’ve paid for a website for your business, understanding the basic ‘what’ and ‘how’ of Google indexing is an essential. We’ll explain all in our QUICK READ guide. In short, Index is a large database that Google uses to store information on each website that has been ‘scanned’ by Google […]