What Is Tumblr? Create Your Own Personal Blog

What is Tumblr? The discover and express yourself social media

What is Tumblr? Tumblr is one of the top social media networking sites online. It has grown substantially during the last 11 years as a preferred portal for creating personal blogs and microblogging. Making it a popular place for people to post, re-blog, and share content with those who have similar interests. Tumblr offers a high-degree of anonymity. Unlike many […]

What Is YouTube?

What is YouTube. YouTube on mobile

What is YouTube? Let’s start at the beginning: YouTube was brought to life by Chad Hurley, Steven Chen and Jawed Karim who used to work at PayPal together. YouTube is now, though, run by Google after being bought out back in 2006. The good news? Creating an account is breeze. If you have a Google […]

What Is Google Sheets?

What is Google Sheets? Googles answer to Microsoft Excel

What is Google Sheets? Simply tables and charts based on the web offering some unique benefits. Read on to find out all you need to know!   IN A RUSH?! Click for our <90 second snapshot The great thing about Google Sheets is that it is web-based, so it can be used anywhere on any […]

What Is Google+?

What is Google Plus? Googles social media

What is Google+ ? A social network with highly sophisticated features built on Google, the best and most popular search engine, meaning some features are available you won’t easily find elsewhere. One major distinctive feature of Google+ is that it does not allow users to update their profiles from another network. Unlike Facebook that allows users […]

Facebook Video Ads: Are They Worth It? (8 Tips for Great Results)

Facebook Video Adverts - Facebook Adverts

Facebook Videos Ads can create an impressive force for your business by combining Facebook – the most popular social media social media channel – with some unmissable tools for targetting potential customers. Facebook Video Ads are the new ‘TV commercials’, except that the former doesn’t carry the extreme prices of the latter! Yet, in many cases, […]

Understanding the YouTube New Rules

New YouTube Rules Image

Whether you’re a constant YouTube user or not, you probably heard of the controversy surrounding the platform, lately. There has been more than one incident of YouTubers publishing very controversial content, in the past weeks. Not only that, but you may have heard of the Youtube new rules for monetising content. This not only stirred the […]

Get Verified On Twitter: Find Out How

Ger Verified on Twitter

Want to get verified on Twitter? That little blue check-mark next to a Twitter handle has long been held in high esteem and can extra authority and prominence to your account. If you think your account should carry a blue there’s some good news: the process may not be easy, but it is at least […]

Top Hashtags On Instagram: The Ultimate Guide!

Top Hashtags On Instagram: The Ultimate Guide!

There’s one great reason to make sure you’re using the best possible top hashtags on Instagram: being seen by as many people as possible on a platform built to celebrate your photos can only be good news! Instagram has taken center stage ever since its appearance in 2010 and has created a home to savour […]

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social Media Monitoring Tools

Social media has allowed businesses a unique opportunity to understand customers, the market, and competition in an easy and efficient way which helps your business adjust accordingly to satisfy their needs and fill any market gaps. This is mainly due to almost everyone using social media these days to express their interest. Naturally, that is a […]

Instagram Campaign Marketing

Instagram Campaign

Instagram Campaign Marketing: From Selfie Platform to Full Fledged Marketing Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been gaining popularity and engaging users from all around the world. Instagram is essentially an online photo and video sharing platform that can be accessed from any digital device. From public figures to multinational companies, Instagram has a […]

The Professional Network: The Many Benefits of a LinkedIn Account

Linkedin the Professional Network

If you’ve been reading any of our simply gorgeous quality content for the past however long you’ve been doing so (humour us), then you’ll be quick to realize we’re particularly adept at quite a handful of things; Online marketing, analytics, design, app development and a smorgasbord of other such topics. But our favourite so far […]

How to Make a YouTube Channel? Easy Steps and Tips for Beginners

How to make a YouTube Channel

Now, everyone knows that YouTube is a gigantic video-sharing platform with billions of users worldwide. Perhaps it is amusing to know that what later became the second largest search engine in the world, has come to life as a video dating website. Yes, that is true. Studying YouTube’s shocking numbers and statistics would take a […]

Twitter Dimensions: The Ideal Images to Share

Twitter Dimensions

The attention spans of viewers are getting shorter. But remember the good old saying “A photo is worth a thousand words?” Luckily, this still applies today. The twentieth century witnessed the emergence of color movies. Ever since then, people have been so busy with improving our human visual experience. We have come a long way […]

YouTube Statistics: 7 Tricks to Transform Your Business

YouTube statistics

Among all the benefits digital marketing has to offer, the opportunity to create and provide endless varieties of content for your business platforms is its best feature.   Video marketing is taking the web by storm, and surely the biggest source for videos is the renowned YouTube. If you still think YouTube will not make […]

Facebook Marketing Services and How to Use Them

Facebook Marketing Services

With a little over 2 billion users each month, Facebook is the most trafficked website today. This staggering number is what opened up massive marketing opportunities to virtually every company, big or small. You could say that Facebook is the largest community on the planet and not many people would argue with you. In a […]

Social Media Search: What You Need to Know

Social Media Search

If your business is providing online content of any kind, be it about your product or the content itself. Having a high search engine ranking is an indicator of how popular you are among the online community. Search engines rank you according to your relevance to user needs, they are cause and effect of your […]

Social Spotlight: The Web’s Most Used Social Media

Social Spotlight

It’s not about ice cream socials and your neighbourhood book club anymore. Though you can still hang out with the guys and girls and discuss forty shades sadder or whatever it is people read these days, social media has been on the rise since the early days of the Internet as we know it. With […]

A List of Social Media Sites

List of social media sites

Where to Reach Your Customers Nowadays? The list of social media sites providing people with platforms to communicate through is ever-growing. It is not news anymore that the bigger part of our day-to-day interaction has been on a gradual conversion to the digital world. We now get to know our news via social media, make […]