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The latest social media marketing articles, advice and insights from the ProfileTree team.

Facebook Marketing Services and How to Use Them

With a little over 2 billion users each month, Facebook is the most trafficked website today. This staggering number is what opened up massive marketing opportunities to virtually every company, big or small. You could say that Facebook is the largest community on the planet and not many people would argue with you. In a […]

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Social Media Search: What You Need to Know

If your business is providing online content of any kind, be it about your product or the content itself. Having a high search engine ranking is an indicator of how popular you are among the online community. Search engines rank you according to your relevance to user needs, they are cause and effect of your […]

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Social Spotlight: The Web’s Most Used Social Media

It’s not about ice cream socials and your neighbourhood book club anymore. Though you can still hang out with the guys and girls and discuss forty shades sadder or whatever it is people read these days, social media has been on the rise since the early days of the Internet as we know it. With […]

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A List of Social Media Sites

Where to Reach Your Customers Nowadays? The list of social media sites providing people with platforms to communicate through is ever-growing. It is not news anymore that the bigger part of our day-to-day interaction has been on a gradual conversion to the digital world. We now get to know our news via social media, make […]

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Learn Social Media Marketing: What, Why, and How?

There is no doubt that digital marketing has been taking the world by a storm. One major channel for Internet marketing is social media platforms. Based on numbers and statistics, the profit of using social media for marketing is undeniable. Some argue that the social media “magic” is a temporary trend that will soon fade […]

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Facebook Marketing Solutions

With the increasing popularity of the internet, almost every person uses at least one social media website. This can be a major attraction factor for many businesses looking to improve their online presence. Utilizing social media will allow you to reach much higher levels of exposure. One of the most popular social media sites is […]

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How To Use Hootsuite? A Guide For Us Simpeltons

It seems these days that all of us are consumed by social media; it’s all around us. We’re surrounded by a constant stream of endless social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are just a few among countless others. As individuals, consumers use social media for entertainment purpose. But what about large corporations, companies and […]

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What Is TweetDeck? Your Twitter Coordinator

New tools are developed every day to make things easier for internet users. Sometimes digital marketers and social media specialists are required to handle ten accounts, in addition to keeping an eye on hundreds of others.  Many tools offer great help for handling different social media channels – one of these being TweetDeck. If you […]

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Business Networking Sites: How to Find New Opportunities

Business networking is an inexpensive yet effective way of marketing your business. It allows you to grow your business through the spread of your brand among other entrepreneurs. Business networking sites are an effective way to do this. This opens up the opportunity for new potential investors or business partners. Traditionally, networking was done through […]

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Why Use Social Media?

Social media, a huge phenomenon that seemed to appear overnight and spread through the whole world like a virus. Have we ever stopped and asked ourselves, ” Why use social media ?” Social media is a phrase thrown around a lot to describe an online platform. But what can we really define social media as? […]

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Online Marketing Tips : Top Ideas to Get Started

It’s the 21st century, the internet is the most valuable resource a business has. This means that most businesses will benefit in some way from effective online marketing tips. After all, this is how most businesses today find new customers. And here you are, an aspiring business owner still stuck in the past, relying on […]

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15 Great Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Facebook is all about friends, likes and sharing. So in this article we want to share a variety of proven ways to get more likes on social media giant, Facebook.  You’ll find that just by tweaking your Facebook posts to consciously make them more personal rather than about your products, your likes and shares will increase. It’s like the […]

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The Best Instagram Hashtags to Help You Get Followers

Are you ready for the most awesome list of the best Instagram hashtags to get you more followers? This list of popular Instagram hashtags contains many things that users find interesting, such as: Instagram says that the service is a visual story-telling system, as promoted by the Instagram FAQ, which allows users to send photos […]

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The Importance of Social Media Marketing: What You Need to Know

Social media has become a major component of companies’ marketing strategies. This is true whether you are a one-person shop or you run the marketing department of a large multinational corporation. So, why are businesses gravitating to it? Why is social media important? Why use social media to market your business? Sites like Facebook and Twitter […]

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What is Snapchat Used For?

When it comes to staying connected in today’s ever-changing world of technology, we often overlook some of the simplest communication tools. Take, for instance, email. Although email is highly used on a daily basis by more than a billion people across the globe, there are many people who have yet to take advantage of email […]

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The Impact of Social Media on Business

Social media has become a digital buzzword, but social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter mean different things for business owners than they do for personal users. In 2015, a CMO survey set out to answer the question, “How does social media help businesses?” The answers were often surprising. Only 15 percent of respondents […]

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Social Media Marketing Companies

What is social media marketing? If you’re a business owner, you’ve heard over and over how important social media marketing is to your brand. Understanding what it is and what it isn’t can assist in making the right decisions that will impact your online presence. Social media marketing is how your team gets traffic and […]

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How to Use Snapchat for Marketing

Snapchat, for marketing, is a popular channel today. It is one of the fastest-growing social media networks. However, using Snapchat for marketing presents new challenges. It has a distinct culture compared to other social media sites. Nearly 2/3 of its demographic are users between the ages of 18 to 34, but it is still an […]

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Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing should be an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. As social media platforms continue to gain traction as one of the quickest and personalized ways to engage your audience, not having any elements in your day-to-day interactions could have a negative impact on your conversions and revenue streams. There are a […]

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What are SnapChat Geofilters?

Snapchat geofilters are artwork created by users to represent a specific location, like a landmark, a city, a university, a business, or an event. This can be a fun way for brands to create a sense of community and increase their exposure to users. They can be used by other Snapchat members as overlays when […]

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List of Social Media Sites

The list of social media sites is constantly changing and growing. The popular features include chat rooms, instant messaging, sharing photos and videos. Some social media systems are designed specifically for mobile devices. It is also now possible to share live video streaming. There is something for everyone in this list of social media sites […]

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What You Need to Know About Snapchat Advertising

If you’re curious about the digital advertising world and are wondering where to start, we’re here to give you a 101 guide, one social media platform at a time. In this blog, we’re going to look at Snapchat advertising – but first, a little introduction… What Is Snapchat? Snapchat is a video and image-sharing social […]

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10 Most Popular Social Networking Sites

Its going to be a big year for social media and content marketing. Businesses and consumers alike will use social media as a platform to be in the now, get in the now and stay in the now. Social media are major resources for businesses of all sizes to promote and sell their brands. And […]

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The Best Social Media Sites for Businesses

Social media sites for business can have many benefits. Business networking, letting your customers get to know you and your business, and reaching people you wouldn’t otherwise, are all benefits of using these sites. However, using social media for your business can be overwhelming, especially if you aren’t sure where to begin.  There are two […]

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11 Free Twitter Analytics: How to Use Them & Their Importance to Your Twitter Profile

Tweets, retweets, followers and more! This is a list of some of the most useful free Twitter analytics tools that help Twitter users to understand their Twitter reach and drill down to what works to get more attention on Twitter. ALSO SEE: How to Schedule Tweets What are Twitter Analytic Tools? Twitter analytic tools provide […]

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Social Media Audit

Statista showed that social media users would exceed 4.9 billion in 2023. This is about half of the entire human population on Earth. It’s expected to reach 5.85 billion social media users globally by 2027.  In 2023, social media users are as follows: On average, the typical social media user uses 6.6 social media platforms. […]

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How to Conduct a Tweet Chat

Social media offers businesses many new ways to connect with existing and potential customers. One of the best ways to do this is with a tweet chat. A tweet chat allows you to connect and talk with your customers in real time, and it is a fun and exciting way to engage with your followers. […]

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Ways to Boost Your Facebook Organic Reach

For this “How to Guide,” we relied on the experts. We surveyed the top experts about “organic” reach on Facebook to see what they had to say about Facebook marketing. In the end, we added some of our own ideas, which we found are most helpful. Some of our ideas may be counter-intuitive, even a […]

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Hashtag Tracking Methods

Hashtag tracking is useful for advertising agencies, public relations firms or departments, senior executives, news agencies, journalists, and those involved with marketing. It is useful for all of these groups and even for individuals who are working to build up an online following. Real-time hashtag tracking tells what is going on, moment-by-moment. Hashtag analytics is […]

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Top Twitter Tools

The history of Twitter  shows the service started in 2006 and in less than six years it exceeded over 100 million users, who post 340 million+ “tweets” per day. Tweets are short, 140 characters or less, messages sent by members to their Twitter followers. Tweets may also be links to websites, photos, videos, audio recordings, […]

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Instagram Likes – Good for Branding?

Although Instagram may be touted as a picture and short video-sharing tool, it is definitely a platform that should be considered for your business. Why? For one, Instagram quickly humanizes a brand, making it more visible to consumers and even the competition. With over 500 million active users, there is something fueling the demand. Not […]

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How to Get More Views on YouTube: Top 10 Tips

Globally, there are more than a billion users in over 88 countries using 76 different language formats on YouTube, whilst more than half of the YouTube users are accessing the content using a mobile device. The daily viewership of YouTube videos exceeds the viewership of the most popular global cable television channels.  Although it is […]

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YouTube Subscribers: How Can I Increase My Subscribers on YouTube?

Since it started in 2005, YouTube has continued to grow at a massive rate. There are over 2 billion visitors each month, and over a billion people watch YouTube daily. YouTube is the leading video platform on the internet. Increasing subscribers on YouTube with your YouTube Marketing Plan is critical to success on the platform. […]

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How to Schedule Tweets

You can’t be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s impossible for you or anyone else to do, especially if you expect to run your business effectively. But, if you run an international business, and you’re based in the UK, you want your customers in the US, Asia and elsewhere in Europe […]

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Video Production Services – The Power of Video

Video allows for a viewer to get more information as they can visually see what is happening. If a business produces a good video as part of their marketing, people will likely begin to share the video which will draw more attention towards them and result in more sales. The Power of Video Just like […]

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How to Use Reddit for Marketing

Reddit for marketing is a powerful tool. There’s just one problem. Redditors hate marketing. If you go on Reddit and act like a marketer, you will not be successful. There are ways to be successful on Reddit, but is it worth the trouble? What’s so special about Reddit? As social media platforms go, Reddit is […]

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Social Media Marketing Insight

People buy from people, not from websites. You know it’s true. But what does “people buy from people” really mean, and how can you take action now so that your business can benefit from it? It’s all about getting your business out into the sphere of social media and then working on it.

Simply put, social media are internet services that let you interact with others and share and create content through online communities. They present great marketing opportunities for businesses of all sizes. You can use social media to:

  • Promote the name of your brand and business
  • Tell customers about your goods and services
  • Find out what customers think of your business
  • Attract new customers
  • Build stronger relationships with existing customers

In today’s market, harnessing the power of social media is a must if you want to grow your business and grow your brand. From a simple Instagram post to Facebook announcements, there is practically no end to the new opportunities that a carefully managed social media campaign can bring. With this in mind, any entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur who has yet to try out the power of social media needs to start working on creating a stronger online presence.

Building a strong social presence and connecting with your audience on social media is time-consuming and can be tough. These platforms are constantly changing, and so it’s not something you can just put up and expect it to run itself. Continue the conversation and you will continue to build relationships with your audience and your potential customers. If you take the time to nurture those relationships and provide value, then your business will benefit as a result. Social networks are powerful, and in a world where people buy from people, the relationships you build online can mean everything for your business.