With algorithms and social media trends constantly changing, it can often be difficult keeping up with everything you need to know about marketing on Facebook

However, this ultimate guide to Facebook will help you remain on top of Facebook and social media marketing.

What Determines The Success of a Facebook Post?

The Facebook algorithm looks for three main factors to determine how the platform will share your post with other users:

  1. The number of people who like your post.
  2. The number of comments on your post.
  3. The number of times users share your post.

The number of likes, comments, and shares is critical to the success of a Facebook post, as Facebook utilises this information to determine if users engage with the content you’re posting. If Facebook can see that users engage with your post, then it will show your post to more people with similar interests. 

Marketing on Facebook: What Is Facebook?

How To Increase Post Engagement by Marketing on Facebook

Are your posts not receiving as many likes, comments, or shares as you would like? You may need to reconsider the content that you’re posting as well as the caption included with the post. 

marketing on Facebook

How Important Are Captions To the Success of a Facebook Post?

Despite the ever-changing social media landscape and algorithms, marketers can rely on the power of copywriting and the recipe for creating an effective caption when marketing on Facebook. It’s important to note that not all users will read your caption before viewing your image or video. This is because content marketing in the form of images and videos is more visually eye-catching than a block of text. However, the caption is your opportunity to speak directly to your audience and give details about the product or service that you’re offering through marketing on Facebook. 

marketing on Facebook
Marketing On Facebook

How To Write An Amazing Caption For A Facebook Post

Facebook posts are essential for marketing on Facebook. So, how can we effectively guide and persuade users to read a caption and take some form of action? The best captions should include the following three elements:

  1. An attention-grabbing hook
  2. Information about your service or product
  3. A call to action

Let’s dive deeper into how this would look in a real post.

  1. Grab Your Audience’s Attention With A Hook

On social media, users are constantly scrolling through their feeds, and searching for some form of content that will grab their attention and peak their interest. Because of the fierce competition to hold user attention, you have less than two seconds to grab your audience’s attention and engage with your post. To do this, start off your caption with some form of statement or question that directly addresses your target audience.

Let’s say two business owners were trying to sell a hydrating skincare serum. 

Business Owner A writes the following hook: “Our serum helps keep the skin hydrated all day and is only £15.”

Business Owner B writes the following hook: “The ONLY skincare serum you’ll need!”.

Can you spot the difference?

Business Owner A has listed a benefit of their serum as well as the product price. While this information is certainly beneficial for the consumer, it may not grab their attention as Business Owner A has simply listed a couple of facts within the first line of their caption.

In contrast, Business Owner B has made a bold statement that engages the consumer. This type of hook when marketing on Facebook is more effective at piquing the user’s interest as it is thought-provoking and encourages the user to discover what will be offered to them.

marketing on Facebook
Marketing On Facebook: Grabbing attention
  1. Now That You Have Your Audience’s Attention: Sell Your Product/Service!

After your hook, the next part of your caption when marketing on Facebook should sell your product or service as well as the USP you offer. 

The detail of this section will depend on the type of content you’re creating. It’s normally best practice to break up the information about your product or service in bullet points with emojis. This makes your caption easy to read and digest for the user and ensures that your caption is clear and concise.

For example, if you were a yoga instructor using marketing on Facebook to promote a new yoga class for beginners, you may use this section of the caption to list some benefits of the class:

🧘 1-hour long class perfect for beginners

🧘Relieves stress and anxiety 

🧘Improves flexibility

🧘Reduces muscle tension and pain

By following this short format when marketing on Facebook through bullet points, emojis, and short paragraphs, the content is broken down for the user to take away the most important points of your caption.

  1. Outline A Call To Action

The final part of your caption when marketing on Facebook should include a call to action. Once you have grabbed your audience’s attention with a hook and delivered the information, you must clearly outline what action you would like them to take. This is because users need encouragement and clarification from marketers about what they should do with the content once it’s consumed.

Your goal or motivation will help guide your call to action. Is your goal to make sales, increase the number of messages you receive, or get more comments on a post? Outline the end result that you would like to see from your post and include this in your call to action.

Examples of calls to action include:

  • “Transform your interior design by visiting our website to shop our new range of furniture”.
  • “Ready to book your spot? Message us for available booking slots”.
  • “What are your thoughts on these summer fashion trends? Let us know in the comments below!”

The call to action is that extra “push” when marketing on Facebook to encourage the user to engage with your post and take some form of action from seeing your content. Therefore, the more engagement or actions your post generates, the more reach and conversions you’ll see in the future!

How Important Are Keywords In Your Caption When Marketing On Facebook?

Including keywords in your caption is essential for Facebook to understand what you are promoting through your content. Utilising keywords when marketing on Facebook helps improve the reach and visibility of your post, as you are including keywords that users are searching for within the search engine. 

Facebook will recognise the correlation between the keywords that users are searching for with the keywords in your caption, ensuring that Facebook will recommend your posts to the correct target audience.

A great way to check what consumers are searching for is by typing in your product, service, or industry into the Facebook search engine and noting the search terms that appear. 

Including keywords in your post, will improve your SEO for marketing on Facebook and help people find your Facebook page and posts more easily.

marketing on Facebook
Marketing on Facebook: Identifying what your audience is looking for

What Hashtags Should Be Included in a Facebook Post?

There has been a lot of debate recently surrounding the relevance of hashtags for marketing on Facebook and other social media channels in 2023. However, hashtags are still relevant! Similarly to keywords, hashtags help Facebook recognise what you’re offering the user in your post. 

Think about hashtags as if you’re placing your post into relevant ‘categories’ which would match the search terms that users are currently entering in the Facebook search engine. 

There are three types of hashtags that you should include in your Facebook posts when marketing on Facebook:

  1. Product-based or service-based hashtags (e.g. #candles, #personaltraining, #belfasttour)
  2. Industry-related hashtags (e.g. #dermatology, #construction, #interiordesign)
  3. Location-based hashtags (e.g. #belfastsalon, #northernireland, #lisburncafe)

Using these different types of hashtags informs the Facebook algorithm about what product or service you offer, the industry that you’re in, and where you are currently based. Once Facebook has this information through hashtags, your post will reach the correct target audience and increase the visibility of your post when marketing on Facebook.

Optimising Your Facebook Business Page

In order for users to see your Facebook posts, there are several steps that you can take to optimise your Facebook business page to ensure that you can reach the largest audience possible.

Don’t Ignore The Facebook ‘About’ Section!

Want to improve your SEO even further for marketing on Facebook? Make sure to go to the ‘About’ section on your Facebook page and review your description. When reviewing the ‘About’ section, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does my description include relevant keywords related to what users are searching for?
  2. Does this section clearly outline where my business is based?
  3. Have I clearly outlined my target audience in my business description?
  4. Is it clear what products or services I offer?
  5. Does my business description suggest how I can resolve my consumer’s problem?

This section may be overlooked by some business owners for marketing on Facebook, however, the ‘About’ section of your Facebook business page is essential to reach new and potential customers. By answering the listed questions above, you can optimise your Facebook business page to grow your online presence as social media users will discover your page more easily.

Marketing On Facebook Using The Call To Action Button

Your call to action button can be found below your cover photo and across your business name. This button encourages visitors to take action and engage with your business. This desired action could be to visit your website, send a direct message, or book an appointment. 

When selecting your call to action button, you have a few options to choose from including:

  1. “Learn more” – To direct users to an external URL link, such as your website.
  2. “Book now” – To encourage users to book an appointment online.
  3. “Shop now” – To encourage users to browse and shop your products.
  4. “Call now” – To encourage users to phone your business.
  5. “Send message” – To encourage users to message your business page via Facebook Messenger.

When choosing your call to action button for marketing on Facebook, consider what is the best and most effective way for users to reach your business. For example, if your call to action button is currently “Send message” but your goal is to get more traffic to your website, you may consider changing your button to “Learn more” and include the URL link. 

By recognising your goals with your Facebook business page, you can optimise your page to increase engagement and drive conversions. 

marketing on Facebook
Marketing On Facebook: Call To Action

Improving SEO and Authority Of Your Page Through Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews, also known as Facebook Recommendations, can help improve your SEO and increase the authority of your marketing on Facebook.

As consumers, we tend to trust other people’s experiences and opinions of businesses. Facebook reviews are a great way to collate positive customer feedback for new visitors to read and potentially encourage visitors to engage with your page.

You can increase the number of Facebook reviews on your page by encouraging customers to leave feedback on your page. Some examples of asking for reviews include:

  1. Verbally: If your business has a physical location that customers visit, ask your customers to leave a review on your Facebook page.
  2. Email: If your business uses email marketing to communicate with customers, include an encouraging statement and the URL link to direct users to leave a Facebook review.
  3. Business card: Consider having a business card with a QR code that users can quickly scan with their mobile phone and leave a Facebook review. Canva is a great user-friendly tool for inserting QR codes related to your website!
  4. Direct message: If you communicate with your customers through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or SMS, consider messaging customers once they have taken action (e.g. made a purchase) to encourage them to leave their positive feedback in a Facebook review.

Once you start building more Facebook reviews to improve marketing on Facebook, users will be able to find your page more easily and the authority of your page will be increased as customers recommend your business page.

Marketing On Facebook: The Importance of SEO

Monitor and Analyse Performance Using Facebook Insights: A Great Tool For Marketing On Facebook

Using Facebook Insights is a great way to monitor and analyse the performance of your social media posts.

For best practice, review your Facebook Insights at least once a month to analyse the reach, engagement, and demographics of your audience. This will help you monitor which posts generate the most reach and engagement.

When analysing your performance, make sure to check which post got the most reach and engagement, and use the data to recognise what type of content you could produce in the future for marketing on Facebook. 

For example, if you noticed a brand awareness post got the most engagement in the past month, perhaps you could create a similar brand awareness post the following month to generate a similar response. By doing this, you’re using Facebook Insights to generate content your target audience wants to see and engage with!

marketing on Facebook
Marketing On Facebook: Analysing Performance

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