Creating creative social media content is key to generating a following. The Instories app is a groundbreaking tool for businesses and marketers to take their creative visions and generate innovative social media content using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With the use of Instories, content creators no longer need to spend hours trying to grapple with the complexities of design and content creation. This groundbreaking tool gives you the ability to create unique content within a matter of minutes, therefore streamlining tasks and allowing businesses to create content in batch.

A Deep Dive Into Instories

In this blog, we’ll take you through how to use Instories, the best features to utilise, and tips when creating social media content. Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or content creator, Instories offers multiple templates and editing features as well as the assistance of AI technology to help you create engaging social media content.

An Overview of Instories

Instories is a game-changer when it comes to creating social media content as it has a range of features with the assistance of AI technology to design content effortlessly. The features available on Instories include:

  • Over 500 ready-made templates with modern styles.
  • An integrated photo and video library, allowing users to access media files from their camera roll, stock images, and AI imagery.
  • A functional video editor with a range of tools to edit and enhance your designs.
  • Animated transitions to make your designs engaging for online users.
  • A wide variety of music files, including music available from AI technology and iTunes.

The Instories app has taken all of the main elements that go into content creation and have simplified this process, ensuring that content creation is simple, straightforward, and innovative.


How To Use Instories

To utilise Instories, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the app. Next, insert your details regarding how you wish to use the app, your age, and email address. Once you have your details filled in, you’ll be taken to the main dashboard, where you can choose whether you want to access ‘Templates’ or ‘My Projects’, which stores all of your saved designs.

In the Templates section, the available templates to edit and customise are categorised into the following sections:

  • Discover
  • Reels
  • AI 
  • All for Business
  • Collage
  • Remove BG
  • Cartoon
  • Slideshow
  • Trendy Styles
  • Events
  • Effects

This allows you to browse templates based on your desired design. Once you have selected your desired template, you can then edit and customise elements such as text, photos, and transitions using the editing features.

The fonts available for your text offer high-quality and professional looks to your social media posts and branding. With Instories, you can edit the text in the templates and also change the font to suit your branding. This is a very beneficial tool as it allows marketers and content creators to browse fonts from more subtle and classic styles to modern and vibrant fonts to communicate your message.

Creating a New Instories Project

If you want to build a new project and want a full overview of your design options available, select the plus button at the bottom of the screen called ‘New Project’. Next, you can select the correct format for your project to suit a social media platform or choose your design as a collage. Some of the formats available include:

  • Instagram Story
  • Instagram Post
  • Instagram Square Post
  • Instagram Reel
  • TikTok Video
  • Facebook Post
  • YouTube Video
  • Tweet

These formats are incredibly useful for marketers and content creators as it saves time researching and checking the correct dimensions for different designs to suit a variety of social media platforms.

Once you have selected a format, you can then select if you would like to import your media file from your camera roll, use an available background colour, or select a template to begin your design. 

A great feature available is the AI Background generator. When you select this option, Instories allows you to enter a description of a picture you would like to generate using AI technology. You can also choose a style of your AI-generated image, such as the style of photorealism, a polaroid, or a comic. Once you have entered these details, the magic happens! Instories will generate your image using AI technology, which saves you time browsing for the perfect image and allows you to kickstart the content creation process.

Adding Images and Videos on Instories

When you select a template or an image, you will then be directed to Instories’ editing tools. If you have selected a template, you will now be able to tap on the design to add a photo or video. From here, you can choose an image or video from your camera roll, or a stock image or video. The Stock tabs allow you to search for a keyword related to your desired media file and generate recommendations for free images and videos to choose from. 

This is a fantastic feature for content creators and marketers as it allows you to browse professional and high-quality images and video footage to add to your design. Small business owners and marketing teams can greatly benefit from this feature if they do not have the resources or budget to create and film high-quality images and videos.

Editing Features

Instories has been designed to have all of the editing features you need within the one app to make content creation easy and efficient. The editing features available to edit images and videos include:

  • Motions: This feature allows you to add a motion to your existing design, such as zooming in and out, and moving left and right.
  • Filters: Professional filters to add colouring to your design.
  • Trimmer: A trimmer tool to edit the length and duration of your media file.
  • Speed: A tool to allow you to slow down or speed up video files.
  • Volume: A tool to adjust the volume of your video.

Another useful editing tool is the Timeline, which gives you an overview of the full duration of your video, including a breakdown of all of your customised features such as text, captions, images, and stickers. This feature allows you to trim different elements of your design, such as choosing when you want text to disappear in a video.


A challenge that content creators typically face is finding copyright-free music to add to the content on a business page. The good news is that Instories has their own library of music that can be used for commercial purposes. The library is filtered by different moods and styles so that you can select the most appropriate music for your content. 

There is also an AI-Music tab which uses AI technology to generate an AI music track based on the mood or style you select. Once you preview your generated track, you can then add it to your design. This saves plenty of time searching for the best music track for your content and allows you to edit your audio in the same app! Alternatively, you can also import music tracks from your files and iTunes, and so the possibilities are endless for content creators when it comes to audio tracks.

Changing The Format

If you want to change the format of your design once you have finished editing, you can select ‘Format’ and choose whether you want to change your format to a Story, Square Post, or a normal Post. This is a very useful feature as it changes your format quickly without the need to start the entire design process again!

Saving Your Design

Once you have finished your design, click ‘Save’ at the top right hand corner and select if you would like to save the design to your camera roll, or post your design on a social media platform. 

Instories is a fantastic platform that simplifies the complexities of creating and designing content. Through the use of AI technology, content creators and marketers can create visually stunning designs while accessing a range of editing features in the one platform. Make sure to sign up today to join the Instories waiting list!

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