Northern Ireland is a prime tourism destination, filled with many beauty spots and lots of local charm. Whether it be a city break, a staycation or a road trip – there are so many travel opportunities that Northern Ireland has to offer. But how can we get inspiration for our next adventure? We’ll be taking a look at the 4 best travel influencers in Northern Ireland in 2023.

In the age of social media, travel influencers have become invaluable sources of inspiration, guiding wanderlusts through hidden gems, crafting personalised itineraries, and capturing the essence of Northern Ireland. Often, people look to social media sites, the main ones being Instagram and TikTok. Instagram is visual-led, with image squares holding so much power and influence over decisions and plans. While TikTok has become hugely popular in recent years, with the rise of video content. When it comes to travel, many people seek out their favourite travel influencers for information and inspiration.

In Northern Ireland, you can expect travel influencers and bloggers to give you the best food establishments, Instagram-worthy backdrop spots, and their honest recommendations. If you’re a travel and tourism business, these influencers are a great way to leverage both online traffic and footfall. This post will give you a list of top travel influencers and bloggers who have mastered the art of showcasing Northern Ireland’s beauty.

Northern Ireland’s Tourism & Travel Industry

Northern Ireland’s tourism industry is experiencing a meteoric rise, fuelled by a growing recognition of its unique charm and the transformative power of social media. In 2022, Northern Ireland welcomed a record-breaking 5.1 million visitors, generating a staggering £1.1 billion in tourism revenue (Tourism NI). This surge in popularity can be attributed to a combination of factors, including:

  • Increased accessibility, with direct flights from major cities worldwide
  • Enhanced marketing efforts, showcasing Northern Ireland’s diverse offerings
  • The positive impact of social media, with travel influencers playing a pivotal role

Travel Influencers: Shaping Travel Decisions and Destination Awareness

Travel influencers on social media and travel blogging has revolutionised the way we plan and experience travel. Their engaging content, infused with personal insights and stunning visuals, has the power to shape travel choices and decisions and elevate destination awareness whilst giving audiences travel advice and tips. In Northern Ireland, travel influencers have played a significant role in promoting the country’s hidden gems, showcasing its natural beauty, cultural richness, and warm hospitality.

Conchur Moore – @documentbelfast

Followers: 27.5K

Conchur’s blog Document Belfast covers the best places, stories and history within Belfast and is one of the top travel influencers on Instagram, based in Northern Ireland.

Document Belfast is an Instagram account and travel photography project that documents the everyday life of people in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Conchur’s posts on his Instagram page include a mixture of his own content and user-generated content, where other people use the hashtag ‘#DocumentBelfast’ in the hope to get featured on his page. This gives every visitor and resident of Belfast the chance to have their unique content seen. Plus, it shows the best of Belfast in many different lights. 

conchur moore aka document belfast
Conchur Moore AKA @documentbelfast. Image credit: Conchur Moore

Francesca McKee – @frans_travels

Followers: 14.4K

@frans_travels is an Instagram account run by Instagram influencer, Francesca, a digital creator and lifestyle / travel enthusiast based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. She has over 14.4k followers on her travel and lifestyle Instagram, and regularly posts photos and videos from her travels around the world, those travel destinations include Italy, Spain, Greece, and Madeira. She goes on all types of holidays and shares her travel experiences, from adventure travel to luxury travel. She also shares makeup and fashion tips, as well as lifestyle content.

Francesca, an Instagram travel influencer, is passionate about inspiring others to explore the world and experience new cultures. She believes that travel is a great way to learn about yourself and others, and she encourages her followers to step outside of their comfort zones, travel the world, and try new things.

As well as her travel content and travel experience, Francesca is gluten-free and has a handy list of Belfast’s best gluten-free cafes, restaurants, takeaways and bars. She has worked with a number of different travel and tourism businesses, including Mullins Ice Cream and Coca Cola.

Overall, @frans_travels, a fashion and travel influencer, is a positive and inspiring account that is sure to make you want to pack your bags and start exploring the world.

@frans_travels shares travel, lifestyle and fashion advice. Image credit: Francesca McKee

Mark Rowan – @travellernorthernireland

Followers: 63.8K

Image of airplane with caption "This is Northern Ireland"
Image credits: @travellernorthernireland | Mark Rowan

Travel Influencer of the Year at the 2022 VAVA Awards, and having amassed over 63,000 followers on Instagram, Mark Rowan, one of the notable travel influencers of Northern Ireland, has a passion for travel and has become an incredibly popular travel influencer based in Northern Ireland. Mark posts aesthetic imagery and videography of the different sights around Northern Ireland, including the Titanic Museum, the Causeway Coast, and Whitehead.

In addition to his photography, Mark writes informative captions about the places he visits, sharing historical insights, local legends, and tips for planning your own trip to Northern Ireland. He also regularly posts stories and reels featuring his travel adventures.

Mark also hosts charity events, and most recently, he hosted the Belfast Walk & Talk Photography Meet-up where photographers of all skillsets can join for a meet-up. Mark also posts content such as how Northern Ireland is portrayed on the news versus the real Northern Ireland; he portrays Northern Ireland in a beautiful, aesthetic light that tourists may not have seen before. 

Jackie Gendron – @jgendron10

Followers: 116K

4 best travel influencers in northern ireland
Image credits: @jgendron10 | Jackie Gendron

After having recently moved from the United States with her husband, Miles (a new Belfast Giants player), Jackie began blogging about her adventures, road trips, and day to day life around Northern Ireland. Whilst she only moved to Northern Ireland several months ago, her content (namely travel vlogs) is gaining a lot of traction with locals.

Jackie, a travel and lifestyle influencer, posts content about trying new restaurants in Belfast, fun videos such as “things that surprised me about living in Northern Ireland”, and video responses to negative comments about Northern Ireland through stunning videos filmed all over the country.

If you’re looking for travel tips specifically around Belfast, give Jackie’s TikTok a follow!

*BONUS* Connolly Cove – @connollycove

Followers: 41.9K

ConnollyCove website banner
ConnollyCove has a travel blog website, Instagram and TikTok

As a bonus, we’ll be including a favourite travel blogger / travel writer in Northern Ireland, ConnollyCove. ConnollyCove is active on a number of platforms, including X, TikTok, Instagram and Youtube. ConnollyCove is an award winning travel blog of the best places to visit, experiences & things to do in Ireland, Asia, United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, America, Australia and more. A group of travel bloggers providing in depth information on destinations, food and drink and advice on planning your next trip. ConnollyCove primarily focuses on Northern Ireland within its website’s travel blog, providing restaurant recommendations, getaway ideas in Northern Ireland, as well as in-depth guides about all of the different cities, towns and villages.

ConnollyCove’s YouTube channel is a travel channel full of aesthetic Northern Ireland guide videos and travel videos, such as the Northern Ireland travel guide below:

Key Takeaways on Travel Influencers in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is full of natural beauty, rich history, and warm hospitality, making it an ideal destination for travellers seeking an authentic and unforgettable experience. And with the rise of social media, travel influencers have become invaluable resources for planning bucket list itineraries and capturing the essence of the destination.

This blog post has explored the four top travel influencers in Northern Ireland, each bringing their unique perspective and style to showcase the country’s captivating charm. From Conchur Moore’s insightful photography of Belfast’s everyday life to Jackie Gendron’s engaging vlogs about her recent move to Northern Ireland, these travel influencers provide a window into the heart and soul of this remarkable destination. Each of these influencers mentioned have helped to improve the travel influencer industry in Northern Ireland.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration for your next adventure, planning a road trip through the stunning countryside, or simply curious about the lives of locals, these travel influencers offer a wealth of information and inspiration.

By collaborating with one or several of these travel influencers, you can share your expertise and insights to inspire others to visit your business in Northern Ireland. There’s many opportunities available, like guest blogging, or even inviting one of these travel influencers to enjoy the experience you provide. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be sure to put your business on the map thanks to influencer marketing

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