Are you still wondering how you can increase your Instagram followers? This article will give you 10 expert-proven tips and strategies to take advantage of this booming platform to gain a better social presence. Let’s see!

Instagram sets a new foundation for people and companies to promote their services and products. It’s no longer a photo-based platform to share cool images and stories. 

A new kid on the block has grown dramatically. So whether you want to establish your brand or reach your audience, gaining new followers is an important metric to scale your marketing plan. No followers, no one will know anything about you, and success on this platform is out of your reach. So instead, you need to focus your marketing on growing your audience.

Don’t be fooled by applications, fake constants, or websites that offer to shop for followers, even if they told you they’re REAL!  

Meanwhile, It should not be the main indicator of your Instagram growth, especially if you want to generate leads from your social media. Instead, you need to attract a qualified audience who is already interested in your offering and ready to pay for your product or services.

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers 10 Proven Strategies

Want to get more followers on Instagram? Let’s get started… 

10 Proven Strategies to Double Your Instagram Followers

Instagram embraces a massive user base of over 2 billion people. As a result, it’s one of the most efficient and powerful social media platforms. That’s why it’s a highly targetable channel gathering different segments with different interests to build a loyal community to work closely with your marketing strategy. And that’s why Instagram influencer marketing continues to grow. 

Your aim goal is to keep this community engaged and interested in your visual marketing efforts to grow your business. 

Want to know how Instagram followers increase? Congratulations, you’ve come to the right page. Keep reading and follow this guide, and discover the secrets to growing your Instagram followers! Keep reading and follow this guide!

Don’t Pay for Instagram Followers

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers: 10 Proven Strategies 1

Growth on Instagram will consume your time and energy. You will never post a photo or a reel and see thousands of followers flooding your account.

Building a loyal fan base is like planting a garden. You have to sow the seeds, water them regularly, and wait for them to grow. No one wakes up one day with millions of followers out of the blue. Are there any shortcuts to get outstanding results faster?

Yes, there are. But never think about it. Not only will you have zero engagement on your account because no one is really interested in your content, but it also comes again from Instrgam Community Guidelines. That means your account will be restricted sooner or later.

Your account might experience a surge in followers account and engagement. However, the future holds a series of unpleasant surprises for you. It will definitely disservice your page.

How? Well, Instagram algorithms become so smart. It detects phoney engagement with an alarm to weed out fake accounts.

If you want to unveil the secret of how Instagram followers increase, focus on growing organically.

 It’s whip-smart instead of magnifying the following count with no use. 

Creating unique content is not quick and simple, but it pays off in the long run.

So, don’t rush to gain more followers; just shift your attention to produce something valuable to your audience and get stuck around it. 

Keep Your Account Optimised

To allow your brand to grow, you absolutely don’t need to add fake followers or even not human followers (bots). Instead, you need to optimise your profile. 

It should be a very front step before even putting strategy to magnify your following count. 

The first step to creating a professional Instagram account is picking a username that shows off your business’s personality and purpose.

What about if you have already exited the account? You need to ask yourself whether my account looks the part.

What if your answer is no? Here are the right formulae for a great page that Instagram algorithms will love. 

  • Your Instagram username: Do you set up an Instagram page for your brand? Don’t confuse your Instagram audience with a different name. Use your brand name for your page if you’re promoting your brand. Use your name for your page if you’re building a personal brand and growing your community.)

Pro tip: Your personal brand deserves a catchy name. Pick one that will make your page stand out as your page is getting more and more popular. 

  • Your Instagram bio: Your bio should be clear and straightforward and reflect why your audience should care about your business. You can add emotional icons to make it more engaging. 
  • Your profile photo: put an appropriately-sized logo of your brand or choose a photo where your face is unmistakable.
  • Your bio link: You can add more links on the bio, including your website, personal blog, or something free you offer for your audience— or any link you need to drive traffic to. 

These simple tips might seem intuitive. But listen up; this will define your brand identity and make your website visible to Instagram algorithms because they understand what you’re offering and suggest it to the right people interested in your content. 

Suppose you do so, WELL DONE! Now, your account is discoverable and follower-friendly.

Expert advice: as you search for a way to answer how Instagram followers increase, you should think of a landing page to collect all important links. This page will point to several links to encourage valuable interactions. That gives your account meaning for your business.

Know Your Audience 

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers: 10 Proven Strategies 2

Before creating any content, you need to answer these questions:

  • What is my audience?
  • What do they look like?
  • What do they love?
  • Where do they live?
  • How do they use the platform?
  • When is their downtime?
  • What do they like?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What are their challenges?
  • What are they looking for when scrolling through Instagram?

You’ll learn how to create and share the best content for your Instagram audience by answering these questions. Then, once you offer something valuable, meaningful, and freebie, they will give you a follow.  

Knowing your audience is core to crafting content that they love and crave. This will help you grow your audience steadily and sustainably.

Build Your Social Calendar

Trust me: no brand or professional page (Yes, no. never. I meant it) has no planned content. They never ask this question: what will we post today?

If you’re serious about how Instagram followers increase, you need a social calendar including the posts you will publish for at least one week.

Plan to publish Instagram posts consistently. Then, invest time to create content that capitalises on trends and goes with your brand rhythm. 


Because when you already have content ready to publish, it becomes tempting just to press post. Not to mention having updated content will nurture your community, who expect to find valuable information or your review on something at a specific time.  

Users browse the app every day. They need to find engaging ideas, and you should be keen to communicate with your audience to keep them around. 

Implement Instagram Marketing Strategy Aligned with Marketing Strategy 

Invest in a thoughtful marketing strategy by integrating the best practices for Instagram. 

To crush it on social media, you have to know your market well.

 That doesn’t happen without having a clear marketing plan.  

Having 1m followers is a great goal. But followers alone will never be profitable. So eventually, you need to have a strategy to transfer the following count into results or money!

Your Instagram goal should align with your marketing strategy and help you connect your business with your social results.

So, bring your pen and notebook and let’s brainstorm: Why do you need your Instagram followers to increase? What do you really want? What are you willing to accomplish?

You might need to increase awareness, drive traffic to your website, or help your sales targets. 

It’s more than just establishing an inspiring Instagram account. It will fuel your motivation to keep moving forward and generate creative ideas for your audience. 

Keeping your eyes on your goals will help you create consistent content and tell a captivating brand story. This story will help you increase loyalty, especially if you offer educational content and promotional posts. 

Reels are the Most Important Content Format You Should Focus On

How to Increase Your Instagram Followers: 10 Proven Strategies 3

In case you don’t know, reels are short videos you can post on Instagram and Tiktok. You will have such cool features to build a compelling one, including audio, adding text, stickers, creative tools, and effects.

If you explore how Instagram followers increase, you need to publish quality reels.

But what do we mean by QUALITY reels or what a 1m-view reel looks like?

We have asked many social media influencers to provide us with the secret sauce of viral Instagram reels, and here is the answer:

  • Unique and authentic: Create trend-driven videos to set up a good territory for your brand from reels and gain traction. Search for trends, figure out how to polish them to make them outstanding, and put your spin on them. This will make your account gain more exposure, increase your chances of getting discoverable, and put your brand where the right people can see it. 
  • Cool and fun: Instagram is where you can find the most stunning and eye-catching visuals on the web. In fact, people come here to see beautiful photos of dream destinations, a good recipe for a warm dinner, or where they can have their coffee. If your business is a bit more serious, keep posting on Instagram but make it super simple and cool.
  • The idea is the king: Instagram will help you drive traffic and encourage customers to engage with your content. By the way, this content doesn’t need to be a production. You can create a simple low-quality reel with your phone, performing better than a professionally-produced reel. People appreciate those who share their life with them without too many filters. If you can do so, please go ahead, and you’d be surprised with your audience’s interaction. 
  • Educate your audience: One of the trendiest ways to grow your Instagram followers is to achieve the balance between creating educational and promotional content. Share some insider tips from your industry with your audience. This kind of content is prime real estate for all companies to get noticed by the right people.  

Pro tip: don’t be pushy when creating reels for Instagram. Instead, share facts and tips about your industry to let your audience trust you and then you will be their first choice. 

To sum up, reels can help you connect with new audiences, gain followers, and generate sales. What is beautiful about reels is that there is no learning curve. Sharing more will help you build trust with people, which will be super helpful to build trust with your followers. 

Be Focused on Instagram Insights 

Instagram insights tool should be your friend when creating content. Use this analytical tool to identify which type of content your audience love. Keep your eyes on the numbers before starting the following calendar. It gives you an indicator of your audience’s interests. 

Additionally, you will understand the best time for posting and the best call to action for your audience to interact with. 

Frequently, break through your audience patterns and the content that provokes people to engage and affect your visibility on the platform. 

Think of Social Media Management Tool

In social media marketing methodology, always think of how to manage it perfectly without spending too much time on basic tasks. Many tools can do it for you.

There is no denying that everyone on Instagram is striving for reach. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of the Instagram algorithm to identify and suggest our account to the right people.

However, some practices can greatly help your account, just like choosing the right time to post when your audience is around. That means you will give your posts more visibility because they interact with your content once it’s published.

Then, Instagram algorithms will react too, “I got it; the audience loves your content. I will keep it visible to more people.”

Yes, being stuck with a specific hour can increase engagement. That’s why using social media management tools such as Sprout, Hootsuite, and more is essential.

These tools are brilliant for scheduling any content you post on your page, including photos, stories, and reels. 

Not just for scheduling, these tools will give you more accurate insights about your audience, engagement, and top content that gets more popularity on the platform. 

Also, you need to take advantage of ready-to-go templates and how-to guides offered by different platforms such as Hubspot. It gives your brand an essential addition to the marketing growth strategy.

It’s the right shortcut you should use, which will expedite the content creation process. Also, it will help your brand stay on top of cool trends. This kit is extremely helpful if you’re new to this marketing approach. It will pave the route for you to know how and where to start. 

Export tip: To grow your Instagram followers, you must understand their identity and desires. Social media management tools can do that. Just take your time to test the best tool with advanced features and invest in it immediately. Then, imagine how many hours you can reclaim by replacing unengaged content with posts your audience wants to see and delegating the tedious task of publishing to a tool!

Pro tip: Make sure to follow your Instagram official account to arm yourself with tricks on creating viral content 

Invest in Cross-Promote Content 

First, let’s define what cross-promote content is.

It’s content that can be published on various social media channels. It’s a perfect tactic to help you take advantage of your resources, recycle your content and save time. Ultimately, it enables you to increase your brand visibility and gain more Instagram followers.

And yes, the same content you post on Instagram and TikTok or Facebook (or all of them) can be viral on all platforms simultaneously. 

Think of Having a Strong Value Proposition 

You need to build an impressive value proposition. Any idea in this world can be sold. Any idea has its fans who want people to talk about it (recipes, shopping tips, inspirational content)

You need to offer something compelling enough to let your audience join your own space. 

However, it means only some of your content should highlight your value proposition. Use a well-laid content pillars strategy. So you can diversify your content without diluting the core of your Instagram page.  

How Can ProfileTree Help You?

If you’re looking around and need a solution to how Instagram followers increase, our marketing gurus are ready to help you with a proven strategy.

We take your social presence seriously and conjure up all our experience to build your brand

Our team already know how to hit your business targets by harnessing social media power.

Develop Instagram marketing campaigns that deliver results and resonate with your customers. Let’s get in touch to create comprehensive content plans that will help you skyrocket your sales organically. 

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