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Investing in SEO for your business in Armagh means making sure your new SEO partnership is built on proven methods and years of specialist experience.

Find out how our services, including high-performance SEO, in Armagh can drive real results from your company’s online presence.

How? We’re search engine optimisation specialists AND a leading content marketing agency, meaning we can help that you’re not just seen but that the right traffic for you works hard for your business.

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Like you, we’re a local business in NI (although we’re proud to say we have clients across Ireland and the world).

But we always LOVE hearing feedback from our local customers about how developing their SEO with us, and using our online solutions, had worked from their point of view. This includes their tips for other local companies. You’ll find a selection of their advice below.

They say….

Choose carefully:

The best SEO company for your business? This will be the company who can not just show the best results from past work BUT who can show they treat your company as a ‘whole business’, with an interconnected marketing and business strategy and online presence, rather than just ‘doing SEO for a website’.

Think like a customer:

Simply ‘getting more traffic’ isn’t enough. If you were that potential customer, what would you need to see information-wise to make you want to click AND what would you need to see to make you interact with the business? This will rarely be a ‘buy now’ but more of a ‘let’s keep in touch’.

Think beyond your website:

Your customers won’t stop at your website and neither should you. Guiding them through your social media, mailing list, events and more gives them a way to move towards a sale in their own time and with multiple opportunities. ProfileTree will help you see, and shape, your customer’s journey from ‘maybe’ to ‘yes please’…the pinnacle of SEO and digital marketing.


Or rather…put your ‘shopfront’ right in view potential buyers who are already searching for your services. We’ll help you identify the search terms showing the right intent, the right audience and the right quality of potential traffic for your business.

Investing in a business website and not thinking SEO is the same as opening a city centre shop with no signage or advertising. The internet is your traffic, SEO is your method to bring buyers through your door.


Of course, traffic isn’t enough! That right traffic for your company needs to see content geared towards their needs. And in a way allowing them to engage and stay engaged with your business too.

In fact, we’ve built our own company on using great content to find, engage and convert the right audience. We’ll show you how! AND we’ll even show you live results from the techniques we use,


Where will your new traffic be directed? If they don’t find the information they need, they’re gone. If they find a hard sell without enough to mull things over, they’re done. Want them to stay instead? That’s where ProfileTree comes in.

Keeping potential buyers engaged with your site, and better yet part of a crafted customer journey build for conversions, is the key to a great ‘big picture’ online presence.


An SEO secret? When you have your online world just right, over time you’ll start to lose your grip as your customers change devices and even methods of searching (such as voice search and more). Staying ahead of this means driving the earlier adopter traffic to your business while your competitors are left behind.

We LOVE helping our customers to make the most of this!

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