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For content marketing in Ballymena, we’re proud to do things our own way.

That’s because we not only use knowledge we’ve built up and tested over many years in our own business, but we apply expertise in SEO, web development, video, social and much much more to produce a tailored, results-driven strategy for your business.

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Since, like us, you’re a local SME you’ll know that every investment needs a good reason, a clear view of the right outcomes needed and the right strategy to make it worthwhile.

Northern Ireland companies also ask us to step in to professionalise their digital or content marketing when they’ve outgrown their initial efforts due to some of these factors not being included. Instead, we’ll press ‘pause’ and take a little time to make sure your content is on a firmer footing.

But what questions should a business ask before starting on a content project?


– A small word but a big question. Why is the content being created? Why should the audience react (eg, click through from Google search)? Why should they react to your ‘call to action’ on your website page? Why should they continue to keep in touch through your online presence and channels?

A critical look at your content process from the initial audience research, to their first discovery, to their initial reaction, to their steps on a customer journey should all be viewed from the customer’s view.

A business should constantly ask ‘why’ the customer would react in the way it is hoped and, most of all, examine if the customer is being acted to respond in the way THEY would want to behave or in the way the business would want the customer to behave.

One of the keys to success lies in the subtle difference.


– Again, simple but very powerful. How does the customer convert from your landing page? How do they convert if they aren’t ready to buy…yet? How do they promote your business to others.

Examining the customer journey process and asking ‘how’ the customer moves from stage to stage, bearing in mind different customers will behave in different ways and should have options, can make sure potential buyers have the things they need when they need them.

What does success look like?

– It can be tempting to see success as ‘people reached’ or ‘reactions’ or other such metrics. But ultimately measuring the number of customers who have moved along the path you need to support your business and marketing goals forms the ideal measurement of your investment.

You may want to promote more test drives, you may want to invite prospects to an information evening or you may want to boost the numbers of an online community.

Whatever the case may be, starting with your businesses needs and shaping your goals will mean a clear focus on how you want content marketing to work for you and how you’ll measure which elements have worked best and which to adapt.


If you’ll run a business, you’ll know that ‘being seen’ doesn’t fill any cash registers in its own right.

However, reaching the right people and using useful content to draw them towards your business does. Knowing how you want your audience to react, and how you’ll turn this into a sales process, is key.

After all, time and effort spent online can be a wasted opportunity without the right content delivered in the right way for the right reasons. We’ll show you how.


Talking to your audience in the the most appropriate places might seen a basic tip, but businesses will often invest time and money in their ‘comfort zone’ platforms.

Instead of attempting to make your potential customers change their habits, go where they want to be found and start having real conversations.

ProfileTree can help shape your online presence around sound research and a focus on performance.


Some good news? Content can be shaped to speak WITH (not ‘to’) very select groups of people.

Knowing your segments means talking to the perfect audience for your particular product or service. Not sure how? ProfileTree can design a content strategy build around results for YOUR business.

How do we do this? By using the methods tested in our own business, and local businesses like yours, to drive results.


Attracting traffic to your content is only half an achievement. Why? Planning how you want your audience to respond is the next part of the content process.

Want more sales enquiries? Event attendees? Content can help target customers convert once they are ready, and to stay in touch in the meantime,

So, instead of ‘hoping’ your online activity achieves the result results, content can shape both your traffic and how those potential buyers behave online.

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