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Finding the right digital training in Armagh can mean spending valuable time searching for the right option for your business.

But our returning clients, who trust ProfileTree for superb know-how and delivery built around their businesses results, recommend speaking to us first for one simple reason: we’re already a successful digital agency and can teach the methods and knowledge we use ourselves every day.

We’re a hands-on, results-driven agency making hands-on, results-driven training happen for local companies who want to grow online.

Read on to discover what makes us unique…

We LOVE helping local businesses to unlock the true potential of their digital presence through specialist, results-driven digital training. 

That’s why, when we debated between the team in our office to find one essential, ‘above all’ piece of advice for a local business approaching digital training, we all agreed on one clear winner. 

That tip: Think long-term. 

This means, instead of ‘chasing your tail’ to keep head of the latest digital trends, working smarter with digital training to take control of your digital plans, aims and future can transform ROI for your company. 


Your plans: REACTIVE digital training means investing in digital training because a ‘latest trend’, for example using Facebook to sell cars, has become a priority. 

There are some issues with this approach, in that the investment is in a digital marketing approach that has already gone some way into its life cycle and that will be, by its very nature, finite in terms of its timescale as a useful tool. 

The training may also be too narrow, in that it doesn’t consider the other places where customers come into contact with your company online and doesn’t consider how this larger view affects their path to buying. 

Instead, taking that smarter view is a route to more lasting results. 

Your aims: This is another opportunity to dig deeper and look beyond short-term goals. 

Instead, linking your aims to your business goals with a longer-term view and with real, measurable outcomes can help to avoid vanity goals like ‘more reach’. A much better aim would be to, for example, ‘achieve 100 attendees for our sales event and 50 subscriptions to our newsletter in support of our new target market segment’. 

Your future: Instead of that reactive approach, digital training should have one eye on the inevitable digital changes just around the corner.  

For example, some social training providers prefer not to emphasise just how quickly an algorithm change can completely turn their coaching on its head.  Great training welcomes the challenges of change by helping to plan for the latest developments. 

ProfileTree can offer this, and more, as we’re not just a training provider but a trusted digital agency with working expertise in content, web, social and much more. 

Also, some good news: our digital training can sit alongside other training your team may be taking part in, be it at Southern Regional College Portadown or SRC Armagh itself or elsewhere, by examining your training needs taking existing provision into account.


Taking a step back to look at your online presence with the latest professional guidance means a chance to focus your team on quality, results and innovation. It’s a chance to hear about the newest techniques and also unlock the capabilities of the tools and platforms you already use.

Don’t second-guess what you need, we’ll help with expert guidance focused on the unique results you need.


Pausing to consider digital elements like marketing, social, content and more as a group means a change to discuss ideas, methods and more away from the routine of everyday work. We love seeing teams and individuals finish our training with both new techniques AND new thinking to take back to their business.

ProfileTree can then take your team’s thinking and shape this into high-performance, tailored training.


We’re different because we built our own company on digital marketing FIRST, this means everything we do as a business has clear goals designed to be the right outcomes for our business. We’ll teach your business to do the same by designing your training around tailored goals made to help your company grow.

We’ll even show you LIVE results from brands like your company showing how the right approach online can transform a business.


We also design our digital training to support the business, marketing and content strategies of our customers. So the right training in any digital subject, delivered by ProfileTree, also means a focus on how the learning supports the strategies running at the heart of your business.

Taking this ‘top-down’ approach forms a great foundation for your training investment and keeps a clear view of the training priorities.

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