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For digital marketing in Armagh, you might have found yourself surrounded by so much advice you’re left confused about the best way to manage your business presence online. That’s why we’re offering help from ProfileTree…a different kind of agency.

We built our own company on amazing digital and content marketing FIRST to make sure we can show you proven results and methods.

We believe in looking at your business as a whole, applying our local knowledge and working towards very clear goals by combining our specialist knowledge across web development, video, social, strategy and much much more.

Read on for our FREE digital marketing tips for local businesses like yours.

Questions? Just ask!

We’ve helped a huge range of local businesses to not just grow their audience online but develop that audience into buyers and online advocates for their brand. In short: we grow businesses because we built our own company on SEO and content FIRST.

Because we love helping local businesses, we asked the local companies we have worked with for their advice to other companies thinking of stepping up their digital marketing efforts.

They highlighted three headline areas:

Remember the ‘6 Ps’:

And not the ‘Ps’ from marketing class! Instead, invest in your ‘prior preparation’ to make the very most of your digital opportunities. Too often, we see companies invest in one digital marketing channel or another – trying this and that online – instead of starting at the very top.

What does this mean? Taking the goals from your business strategy, making sure they connect with your marketing strategy goals and then using digital marketing (such as SEO, content and more) to make it happen. Easy!

Look at your company as a whole:

Instead of using digital marketing as merely a sales tool for short-term gain, looking at all your customer segments and reflecting these online is a step to creating a customer journey for each. ‘Think bigger’ online to achieve greater results.

Use your team:

Our clients have told us they enjoyed great results by involving their entire team in the process of drawing up their digital marketing needs, ideas and plans. There might be a social media or website feature your sales team would love to have to do their job or some online information existing buyers would find helpful.

You might also discover times and methods your potential customers prefer to make contact. If they find your company to be more responsible than others, you’re much closer than the competition to convert their interest into a sale.

Ultimately, your digital marketing isn’t about doing scattered ‘things’ online. The key to returning on investment is to see digital marketing as running to the very heart of your business and marketing goals. Then, take time to understand your customer’s journey to purchase – and after purchase – to really grow your business online. AND grow with your business online.

At ProfileTree we can support businesses in Armagh with web, social, content and training made for real results.

Our own piece of headline advice?

Make sure your digital investments are built for change. What do we mean by that? The online world, and your customers are changing constantly. When your audience starts to – say – use voice search more and more you will either:

A) Be forced into an expensive ‘fix’ of your digital marketing efforts to adapt or, B: Meet your potential buyers beyond the ‘extra mile’ where few of your competitors are to be found…yet. So, by thinking about WHO and WHERE your customers you can start to plan WHAT you want them to do in response to your business online.

And that’s where ProfileTree comes in. While your competitors are distracted with ‘vanity metrics’ (such as extra web traffic which, in and of itself, doesn’t pay the bills!) ProfileTree will use content marketing and SEO to do much, much better.

Marketing Case Study: Eldron Property Services

Client: Eldron Property Consultants

Task: Increase brand awareness and leads from the website

Deliverables:  Website design and build, digital strategy, marketing message development, social media marketing and SEO

To demonstrate how great digital marketing touches on a range of elements within your company’s digital world, this case study shows how ProfileTree combined web know-how, marketing strategy and social experience to produce results.

Client Background:

Eldron Property Consultants is a property company based in Dublin. Eldron acts as an independent buyer’s agent for homebuyers and investors, representing buyers through the house sourcing, negotiation and purchase process. Eldron provides a full-service solution that is especially appealing to customers who live abroad and are looking to move home.

The Problem: Eldron’s marketing was sporadic and the website caused confusion with users in terms of layout and content. The site did not explain what Eldron do in a clear way, which meant that any potential customers who visited the website ended up leaving the site very quickly without getting in touch.

Our Solution: We conducted a thorough briefing session with Eldron to make sure that we were on the same page and that we understood their current issues. From this briefing session, we developed a full project strategy and long term plan.

In order to clarify the message of who Eldron is and what they have to offer, we conducted a full content audit and rewrite, realigning the content to provide a more informative and concise message. From here, we developed our content and SEO strategy.

We redesigned the site to have a more appealing design, more simplified navigation and more clear calls to action throughout the site. We also created a bank of images for use throughout the site and on social media.

We developed a digital (including digital marketing) strategy, key messages, landing pages, content and social media content that would lead all users to the lead generation form on the website, encouraging all users to fill in a lead generation form.

Our Methodology

ProfileTree recognises how critical a clearly defined methodology is to delivering any professional service. An effective methodology will allow for high-quality services to be delivered quickly while maintaining the key components of any contact.

Our proven methodology has successfully delivered technical website projects, digital marketing plans, content production for clients, video marketing services and over 500 videos last year. This methodology is the base framework for the successful delivery of projects, maintaining quality in compressed timeframes.


If you have a physical shop, imagine having an online ‘extension’ of your premises…except the digital version doesn’t close.

This means your business is always available for customers, potential and existing, across all their favourite digital marketing platforms.

They want to engage with you where they spend their time.


A basic business mistake in the digital world? Trying to make your potential customers communicate with you the way you want, rather than how they want.

Instead, your audience can use a range of online methods – like Facebook Messenger or Twitter DM – to get in touch.


You’ll know from your own sales that a customer journey isn’t instant.

That’s why your online world can be used to help customers, no matter what their journey, along towards purchasing.

For example, why not use your website and social media to help give people the time and space to work through the ‘consideration’ stage.


Imagine turning your buyers into a community of people who help promote your brand to others?

Businesses have used referral schemes for a long time for good reason!

Great digital marketing can encourage existing followers of your brand to introduce your products to other people, a powerful route to further sales!