15 Great Ways to Get More Facebook Likes Facebook is all about friends, likes and sharing. So in this article we want to share a variety of proven ways to get more likes on social media giant, Facebook.  You’ll find that just by tweaking your Facebook posts to consciously make them more personal rather than about your products, your likes and shares will increase. It’s like the old adage, “put yourself in their shoes”, their being your Facebook fans and give them content they are interested in. Here are 15 content ideas to get Facebook likes. SEE ALSO: List of Social Media Sites   1.  Post Pictures and Images: Photos are the most liked and shared posts on Facebook and a instrumental step to get Facebook likes. We live in a very visual world, especially on social media. So jump on the image band wagon and make sure that most of your Facebook post content is photos, images, graphics and other visually tantalizing information. Authentic photos and graphics should be used as much as possible. Photos of engaging subject matter on your mobile device or phone are perfect. But, don’t worry. If and when original material is not available, there are excellent online sources where photos, illustrations, and graphics can be purchased or even used for free. This include templates, post ideas and more.   2.  Ask A Question: Ask and you shall receive Facebook likes! Asking a simple question is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your Facebook friends engaged and sharing. Keep the question short and sweet and one that could be answered in one or two words. “What is your favorite ice cream?” What time of the day do you usually yawn” “It’s Frank Sinatra’s birthday, What is your favorite Sinatra song?” Ask questions that require a yes or no answer or even multiple choice questions to get your friends liking and sharing.   3.  Ask for A Photo Caption: These types of posts are some of the most humorous and engaging on Facebook. The post includes a picture and asks friends to add a caption. For example, the post includes a photo of a cat stuck in an unusual spot, a photo of a toddler with a surprised look on his face or a photo of a dog riding on a skateboard. “Caption this,” is the only two words in the post. This is an excellent way to engage fans. Companies can fine tune their photo to something in their industry to generate interest and cause it to go viral.   4.  Create A Contest: The Photo Caption posts as well as other giveaways can easily be created into a Facebook contest to help you get Facebook likes. Fans could vote for their favourite which adds one more excellent way to like and share. The prize for the best caption could be a product or service or sample from your company. Include a link back to your website so interested participants can learn more about the contest…and your products.   5.  Include a Link: Posting links to your website is a key component of any Facebook planning. Why? Facebook is a great vehicle to drive people to your website, gather new emails and generate new customers. Create a post that is a sentence or two of a recent blog that friends can link on to read the entire article, create a teaser encouraging the reader to save money or time if they click on a link. Links to your website increase visits to your website that will generate new customers to your business. Keep in mind that “content is king” and a weekly or biweekly blog with new content will keep your ratings in Google’s search engine timely.   6.  Watch Your Timing: Facebook keeps track of the who, what, where, why and when of all your posts. These analytics will help  you determine when the best time of the day or even week is to post on Facebook. Some experts say the best time to post for the most views. According to Hoote Suite experts, the best time to post on Facebook is between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Also, on Saturday and Sunday between 12:00 pm and 1:00 am. Use the analytics to gauge your own posts and watch a pattern to when is the best time to engage your friends and what types of posts generates the most clicks and shares.   7.  Create Posts with A Clear Goal: Social media offers us the luxury of being spontaneous and in the moment, but businesses should have a clear vision of what end result they want to accomplish from a Facebook post. For example, if it is to get more visits to your website create a “teaser” post and link to your site where they can find more information via a blog or video. If it is to sell more products create a post that has a deadline to add a sense of urgency. For example, “Save 50 percent today only by clicking here.”   8.  Build Customer and Brand Loyalty: A Facebook business page can be a successful way to build loyalty to your product and get Facebook likes at the same time. Keeping your page current,  interesting and full of amazing, valuable content will keep your followers coming back for  more. If your Facebook content is active, diverse, entertaining and creating a place that is interesting, your followers will do more business with you than another company who isn’t. Bottom line, keep your Facebook page busy for an improved bottom line.   9. Create A Balanced Schedule: It’s easy to promote yourself without realizing you’re, well, promoting too much. Facebook is a social platform that should have a happy balance of 30 to 70 promotional content and value added content. The 30 percent promotional content is what you write and promote about your company and product. The other 70 percent is content that is relevant to your target audience or material they will find interesting and shareable. For example, if your target audience is women and you have a cosmetic line, write about current makeup trends, hair styles or what happened last night on the Red Carpet.   10.  Make Sure You Are Mobile Ready: Gone are the days of sitting at the office in front of a personal computer. Even the days of solely using a laptop for information gathering are fewer and fewer. Today is all about mobile devices and getting information on the go. As this trend grows it is imperative for your business to be on Facebook and get Facebook likes. Customers will log into their Facebook pages for business information including address, phone number, hours, and even reviews from other followers. This not only will increase traffic to your website and get Facebook likes, it will generate awareness for your business.   11.  Follow The Calendar: Facebook followers respond to annual events so create posts that celebrate something special. In addition to the major holidays like New Year’s Day, there are others to celebrate like National Hug Day, Princess Di’s birthday or even World Peace Day. Create a post with a photo that invites followers to get into the spirit and pass on the word by sharing with their friends.   12.  Ask For A Like Or Share: Ask and you will receive. Simply include a request to like or share any post and you’ll be fascinated at how many likes and shares you will receive. For example, “Please like and share this post with your followers so they are up to date on our latest event this Friday.”   13. Interact With Your Fans: Engaging your Facebook audience is posting interesting content and its also interacting with your audience. If a follower comments on one of your posts, it’s wise to like and comment in return. This gets the conversation going and could become a huge opportunity to turn Facebook followers into your company’s customers. People like to be listened to and Facebook is a perfect platform for customer interaction you can use as inexpensive advertising. But keep in mind, some comments may be negative and should be handled delicately.   14.  Create an Event Page: One way to engage your customers is to create an Event Page within your Business Page to get the word out about an upcoming event, special, or gathering. You can add photos and other content on this page just as you would your Facebook page.  It’s purpose is to get the conversation started about an individual scheduled event.  For example, if your business is sponsoring a fundraiser, a Facebook Event Page is the perfect place to promote it. If your business is sponsoring a community yard sale, an Event page is the platform for it.   15. Ask For Help: Facebook is a social community of people who interact and engage with one another. The Facebook community enjoys offering input that could help someone else out. Companies who ask their followers to provide input that could improve their products or make their company better are proven to increase likes, shares and create valuable customers. It’s also a great way opportunity to generate visits to your website via a link.

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