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Searching for the right approach to content marketing in Omagh doesn’t need to be a daunting task.

We can help local businesses like yours because built our own, locally-based content agency on proven techniques and knowledge FIRST. We’ve also developed expertise in web design/ development, digital strategy, training, social, video and much much more.

This means we offer a complete service to help your business grow, from drawing up a high-performance content plan to delivering amazing copy and video designed to create valuable conversions (and conversations!).

Find out how we can help below PLUS explore our free content marketing tips…

When we’re asked to help a local company with their content marketing, we often discover the same mistakes – and can advise some recurring fixes – in how content has been approached in the past.

These could be summarised with ‘think customer journey’ and ‘create a community’, but let’s take a closer look at some essentials…

Start selling again:

Sounds simple? But by selling we mean the actual act of following a sales process with the customer. Often businesses have someone with knowledge of the sales process but will rush through this when it comes to their online presence.

We help companies to reconnect with selling themselves and/ or their product online by helping them to remember the sales process as opposed to rushing to a ‘buy this now’.

How does the CUSTOMER want to convert?

Companies have contacted us because they are frustrated that customers aren’t converting the way they’re ‘supposed’ to.

However, how does the customer want to convert? Are you trying to make an older customer who prefers to phone use a web-form instead? Are you making someone who isn’t ready to buy YET face a yes or no dead-end question?

ProfileTree applies results-driven content strategy to make sure customers also have a route to behaving in a way to suit their customer journey.

Have you closed the door?

Let’s remember that conversion doesn’t always equal ‘sale’.

For those customers who aren’t ready to buy, also thinking of conversions as – say – email newsletter subscriptions or event invites taken up or enquiries made can help businesses to work on their bigger picture.

The good news? This approach can also be used to keep previous customers to stay involved with your business and even promote your company to others.

A sense of community around your business is an extremely worthwhile goal, and one your competitors may not be attempting, to form a group of people who’ll buy when they are ready and recommend to other that they do the same.


People don’t want a hard sell in the real world when they voluntarily walk into a shop.

This applies even more to the online world, where they’ll often be on their phone or device in a social space. Aim higher to drive a better response.

Your customers deserve a smarter approach to meeting their needs, in their own time. ProfileTree helps with engagement-driven customer journeys built around your business goals.


Helping people understand what your company stands for means doing more than just showing people your new team member or charity cheque presentation.

Help your customers to discover your values for a better, lasting connection.

We bring years of experience to the art of creating content your potential, and existing buyers, will want to return to…and share. Ask us for example of proven success delivered for businesses like yours.


If your social pages, blogs and emails look identical to what customers will see from your competitors, why should they subscribe or click or share?

Give people a reason to engage by being original and useful.

Tip: There’s only so much about your business an audience will want to know. Instead think about the company’s values, favourite causes, local issues, the fun side of your business and more.

Let your audience go behind the scenes.


What happens after a potential, or current, customer reads your content? What are their options for staying in contact with your business?

Giving one or more ‘call to action’ options will keep your audience on a journey to purchasing instead.

How? ProfileTree can demonstrate how to create smarter customers journeys allowing potential buyers to respond in the right way for their needs AND in their own time too.

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