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Web design in Armagh? We love helping businesses like yours to grow online.

We take a different approach to web design because we’re also content marketing and SEO specialists. PLUS we’re locally-based too.

This means you won’t just be found online but will be found by the people needed for your business AND your site can be partnered with great content to drive real results to actively support your strategies.

Discover what makes us different PLUS free advice explaining how to help your business grow through great web design.

We love hearing from our customers about their tips for other local businesses about to update their web presence with a freshly-designed website. Since our clients tend to be repeat customers we’ll keep in touch with as their business – be it in Armagh or further afield in NI – grows, we get to learn and share their tips for making the most of their new site.

Here’s what they tell us:

Go below the surface:

Our clients discover that a website simply looking great isn’t enough, they’ll have been given quotes for website designs that have no focus on driving ROI, on usability for the business or on adaptability as technology and customer behaviour changes. Taking time to explore the substance over style of a custom-made web presence brings huge benefits compared to a ‘quick fix’, instant site.

No one has a monopoly on good ideas:

We’ve known companies who, early in their process, see the development of a new website as management-led without factoring in communication – two-way communication that is! – with their team. Great ideas for making your site work harder, such as a resource that could help the sales team or a functionality that could help how customers see your brand, can and should come from any colleague.

The customer is always right:

Are you asking your customers how they should interact with your company or telling them? ProfileTree can help understand how your customers, and potential customers, behave online and how they behave on your new site. This way, you make the things they need easier and conversion to a sale much easier too.


Great web design, whether you’re a business in Armagh centre or further afield, is built around finding ways to make your new site perform for your company. For example: if you’re focused on sales, producing leads will be a goal for your website. Think ‘goal’ to unlock great returns.

You’ll have noticed local companies who’ve invested heavily in a great-looking website, but discovered that it doesn’t meet customer’s needs or becomes outdated quickly. We’ll help you to work smarter online.


Your team will have great ideas for how to make your new website design work harder for your business. What would help the sales team most? What would help marketing promote your brand? Just ask…a team effort creates a team website everyone will use.

After all, no one has a monopoly on good ideas. Every person in your business can suggest ways the right website can help their work and most will have an insight into what your customers are saying too.


Customers, or potential customers, who find your website frustrating to use won’t feel good about your brand. A poorly designed website breaks trust and makes your audience feel like their interaction with your company isn’t valued. However, surpass expectations to build better customer relationships.

We’ll help you understand how your customer wants to interact with your website, how to make things as easy as possible and how to help customers engage further.


Those same customers will also lose patience with your website when they find their new device, their new way of searching (such as using voice) or their new needs aren’t met by your site. A specialist web company will help you keep ahead of your audience.

In fact, we LOVE digital strategy because we shape our own business around planning for digital change BEFORE it happens. Ask us how.

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