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Has the best option for digital marketing in Lisburn been hard to find?

With so much advice, so many companies offering different services and so many opinions about the best approach it can be difficult to see the right path for your business.

Some good news: we specialise in developing and delivering a single, complete, high-performing digital strategy for local businesses using techniques and knowledge we’ve tested in our own agency first. We’ve even show you the results and evidence of our previous work for customers who’ll only trust ProfileTree with driving results from their online presence.

Read on for FREE advice explaining how digital marketing should fit into your ‘big picture’ PLUS more information about why we’re a very different kind of agency…

There’s a simple way to make your digital marketing link correctly with your big picture. How? Simply by asking ‘why’.  A lot!

So, instead of spending budget on a – say – Facebook ad here or a new video there, you can ask yourself:

Business strategy:

WHY am I doing this? Does it fit in with my business strategy? After all, your business strategy shows where you need to be. It can be easy to approach a marketing agency in Belfast or a digtal marketing agency in Belfast because you need help with one digital channel or another.

But instead of thinking ‘channel’, thinking strategy keeps what your business is all about – and where it is going – clearly in focus. Your business strategy will, of course, feed into your marketing goals. And digital marketing is the means of delivery.

Marketing goals:

Again….’ why?’. Asking yourself why your particular digital marketing approach has been chosen, in terms of your marketing goals, avoids vanity marketing and keeps your time, effort and investment on track.

For example, the right SEO moves will bring you traffic from the correct audience to a page with the right content and the right CTA for their needs. Your marketing goals exist for good reason. Your digital marketing investment is there to help make them happen.

Your customer reaction:

Why should your customer click through? Why should they convert? Why should they read your content?

When someone walks into a physical shop you can ask them a yes/ no ‘do you want to buy now?’ question and risk a VERY short customer relationship. Or you can build a longer-term connection with that potential buyer.

Digital marketing is GREAT for this as you can display the right ‘shop front’ to the corresponding customer segment, deploy amazing, useful content to keep them engaged and keep in touch until they are ready to buy. A final ‘why’: Why are we passing on this advice? Because we love to help local businesses grow and we love to grow with our neighbouring companies.

Just ask us how.

ProfileTree – Digital Marketing and Much More…

Some of the broader services offered by ProfileTree can help create a strategy-led digital transformation for your business:

Digital Marketing Strategy

Your digital marketing strategy is your roadmap to make sure every aspect of your marketing is working together and moving in the right direction for success. We can work with you to develop a highly comprehensive briefing document, and from this, we’ll develop a digital marketing strategy tailored for you.

This strategy will include long term objectives, audience and competitor research, an overview of all marketing tools that will be used and a website/content strategy. This will ensure that your team are informed and involved in the long term vision.


We can look at your current traffic patterns and conversion rates. We want to find out where your traffic coming from, how are users behaving on your site, and most importantly, where do we want to improve?

We’ll also conduct monthly reviews of your social and website analytics and compile this into a report so that you can see exactly where your results are coming from.

Content & SEO Audit/Strategy

Messaging is important and your website might just be shooting the messenger. We can review the content on your website for quality, consistency, structure, and information architecture, and provide recommendations for improvements in our digital marketing strategy.

We’ll also conduct an SEO audit, which allows us to perform in-depth research on your existing site and provide specific recommendations to improve your rankings. We’ll look at things like on-page ranking factors, off-page metrics like backlinks and indexability.

We’ll use this SEO audit to build you an SEO strategy with keywords, content ideas and guidance, including blog & article templates for your team to use. Finally, we’ll perform a technical audit of your website to optimise for speed, as well as a revision of current on site content, where we’ll add keywords and internal links to improve SEO performance.

Social Media Strategy & Content Creation

By combining a review of your existing social engagement with the findings from the user testing performed earlier, we’re able to decide on which channels to focus, types of content to produce, and the frequency of posting to give you the best return on investment.

We’ll also create a social media strategy, as part of your digital marketing strategy and we’ll set up any accounts needed for your business or team. We’ll also design and create any social media content needed, which will be detailed within the social strategy.

Marketing Campaign Setup and Management

We can also develop your digital marketing campaigns with your users in mind at all times, making sure we develop key messages that meet their needs and increase your exposure to the right people. We’ll conduct audience research, develop customer personas and identify ad targeting options to help you understand the best channels and methods for reaching your customers.

We’ll take full control of your digital marketing campaign, providing you with the campaign results on a regular basis and training your team to implement similar campaigns. We’ll also take care of all design, copywriting, setup and monitoring of every post for your campaigns.


Our digital experts are always happy to share our knowledge with our clients, as we believe in developing our skills and knowledge together. We’ll prepare a wide range of training materials for your team, and we can provide personalised training by webinar or in person at your offices, whichever you prefer.

Our CEO, Ciaran Connolly, is a digital marketing veteran and can provide in-depth yet easy to understand training for any number of your team, and can provide training materials for you to share with the team.

Who’ll Be In YOUR Corner?

Some of the ProfileTree team members who’ll work to win great results for your business:

Conor Johnston (Content Marketing Manager)

Role: Content Writing & Management

Conor is our resident copywriter extraordinaire, writing content that engages and excites customers. He is responsible for SEO and content strategy, content creation and editing, sourcing of images and video assets, and oversight of overall content standards.

Conor studied a part-time Higher National Certificate in Digital Marketing at Belfast Met, which he completed while working as a Marketing Manager for local businesses including Traction Finance and Auto-Q.  He has also worked as a journalist at the Ballymena Guardian & Larne Gazette, and as a public sector press officer.

Conor possesses a spectacular range of experience and qualifications, bringing highly refined writing skills and knowledge from his background in PR and news, as well as marketing experience for a range of businesses and organisations. He specialises in SEO and content strategy, as well as content creation and social media.

Conor knows how to write content that people want to read and share, and he uses this talent to produce outstanding content for our clients. Conor has a keen eye for PR, and can help our clients understand how to connect with their customers on social media. He also understands the importance of writing for your audience and ensures there is a clearly defined target audience for every project our team works on.

Gabbi Ferrin (Social Media Coordinator)

Role: Social Media Manager

Gabbi is our social media specialist, responsible for creating highly engaging content for social media channels and website. Gabbi has a fantastic understanding of the marketing mix, and knows what is needed to make an impact in a crowded marketplace.

Gabbi graduated from Belfast Met with a Higher National Certificate in Digital Marketing at Belfast Met, which she completed while working as a Marketing Coordinator for Garment Graphix. She has also worked as a freelance marketing consultant for a variety of brands, and is highly talented at creating social content that connects with audiences.

Gabbi manages social media campaigns, paid ad campaigns and content creation for our clients and in house brands. She also manages email marketing campaigns for a variety of clients, making her a very valuable asset to any marketing campaign.

She specialises in social strategy, and always makes sure that every touchpoint of the marketing campaigns she runs is on brand and on message. She understands the need for a brand to have consistency across every touchpoint, and uses this knowledge to guide and educate our customers to create content that audiences will love.

Brendan McKillop (Lead Videographer & Editor)

Role: Videography

Brendan is our Lead Videographer, and leads, manages and coordinates the video team. Brendan is responsible for overseeing and leading every aspect of video production, including planning, filming, editing and delivering all video content for our clients and in house brands.

Brendan holds as First Class Honours Degree in Media Studies and Production from Ulster University, as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Practice. He also has over 6 years of experience in the industry, developed through work with Behind The Sounds, Policing and Community Safety Partnerships and ATM Graphics.

He has been involved in over 500 video projects involving clients such as the National Trust, National Museums of Northern Ireland, Newry Council and Department of Children and Youth Affairs. He is confident and experienced throughout all stages of planning, filming and editing of video content, and consistently ensures delivery of quality driven, industry level output.

Brendan is a specialist in audio, lighting and sound, and directs the technical aspects of every shoot to ensure the capture of beautiful footage. He has extensive experience communicating with team members, multiple clients and stakeholders, and works closely with clients during the initial discussion and planning phase through to filming, editing and delivery.

Brendan has planned, directed and delivered as a primary videographer on nearly all of ProfileTree’s video projects since joining the company. Creative input and direction is a skill that is vital to his role. He provides a lead on creative input and direction to produce innovative, professional and engaging video content.


Investing in the latest digital marketing trend is a sure route to short-term gain, at best, without the right approach But a top-down approach to targeting what’s best for YOUR business starts with strategy and finishes with the right digital marketing for you, your audience and your needs.

We love helping our clients to take a step back from ‘chasing’ the latest developments online. Instead, great strategy can set down a clear path to tailored results.


Have you wasted budget on misfired digital marketing products and services? Want to know the best way to avoid lost opportunity?

Start with your marketing goals to form a clear vision of what you need to achieve. ‘Vanity’ results are an easy distraction, but a focus on goals will keep your marketing spend on the right track.

ProfileTree can help form a clearer view before you invest time, effort and money on your online presence. We’ll help with the ‘why’ AND the ‘how’.


It’s easier than ever to measure and adjust online activity. We’ll show you how to use live data to enjoy a clear picture of the what, where and why of your audience.

A real sense of what your potential/ current customers are going, and how they are responding to your activities, is a powerful tool.

Professional, specialist digital marketing goes below the surface to measure performance and find new audiences – as well as the methods to reach them – for your business.


Your audience might be seeing more and more social media marketing, video content and online advertising. Great! This means an opportunity to do better.

Taking the language your potential customers know and going beyond expectation means a powerful message delivered in the best way for those who’ll engage.

Your potential buyers are becoming used to seeing higher and higher standards from the businesses they interact with online. We’ll show you how to use this to your advantage.

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