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All the Details Needed for Effective Facebook and Instagram Ads

Now, social media mainly refers to Facebook and Instagram. People view it as a welcoming platform. But in terms of advertising, this is the most crucial thing you’ll do for your company. Many people go on Facebook, create a page, and then post about their goods or services. That is all they do. This will demonstrate […]

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How To Use Instories 101: Create Engaging Social Media Content Using AI

Creating creative social media content is key to generating a following. The Instories app is a groundbreaking tool for businesses and marketers to take their creative visions and generate innovative social media content using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With the use of Instories, content creators no longer need to spend hours trying to grapple with the complexities of design and content creation. This groundbreaking tool gives you the ability to create unique content within a matter of minutes, therefore streamlining tasks and allowing businesses to create content in batch.

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Marketing Mix in Film Industry: A Barbenheimer Case Study

Marketing strategy is an integral part of any business strategy formulation. It is the igniting factor of any industry that ensures its products reach the right customer/consumer. The film industry is no different. Besides the quality of the producers, directors and actors, marketing campaigns can either stress the value of the film and increase its profit […]

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Instagram Guides 101: How To Master The New Feature

Instagram Guides is one of the latest new features on Instagram that businesses can use to promote their products and services. Instagram continually introduces innovative features to enhance user experience and facilitate digital marketing. Understanding how Instagram Guides work can provide businesses and marketers with the up-to-date knowledge they need to identify new ways to sell their products and services. 

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8 Groundbreaking Social Media Facts Every Marketer Should Know

As we delve further into the digital age, the importance of understanding social media facts has become increasingly apparent for business owners and marketers. The rapid nature of the social media landscape means that trends are constantly changing due to user behaviour and social media updates. Keeping up with the latest social media facts ensures that your digital strategy is relevant, clear, and will generate sales and conversions.

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54 Instagram Business Statistics You Must Know to Push Your Business Forward

After the release of Instagram in 2010 as the latest photo-sharing application, it joined the list of social advertising applications. Today, it’s rare to find a marketing strategy that doesn’t include Instagram in its social media marketing plan. The viral application helped both businesses to reach customers on the other side of the globe and […]

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How to Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy 101

A social media marketing strategy is critical to the success of your content reaching the correct target audience and generating sales and conversions. If you’re wondering how you can stand out amongst competitors online, the answer is a clear social media marketing strategy!

In this blog, we’ll guide you through a step-by-step guide on how to develop a successful social media marketing strategy, which aligns with your business goals, attracts your target audience, and increases sales.

So, if you’re a beginner with building a social media marketing strategy or want to identify how to improve your existing strategy, this blog will help guide you through how to maximise the benefits of social media marketing for your business.

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The Ultimate & Easy Guide to Social Media Video Marketing 101

Social media video marketing has become an essential tool for businesses when it comes to digital marketing. Social media video allows businesses to inform customers about their products and services while raising brand awareness in a creative and engaging way.

Social media video marketing has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to its ability to capture the user’s attention and the ability to reach a large audience.

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10 Amazing Social Media Usage Statistics To Develop Your Digital Strategy

In 2023, social media usage statistics provide businesses and marketers insight into how much consumers depend on social media to connect with others online and research brands and services.

In this article, we’ll take you through some social media usage statistics that you can utilise to determine the best social media platforms to market your business online.

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12 Amazing Social Media Use Statistics: Social Media For Business

Social media use statistics have highlighted the dependency that consumers have on social media to connect with family and friends, research products and services, and remain up-to-date with the latest news and trends.

For businesses and marketers, the increasing use of social media has emphasised the need for a clear digital strategy to target the correct audience.

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8 Essential Social Media Addiction Statistics: The Importance of Digital Marketing

Social media addiction statistics suggest the power of social media when it comes to capturing the attention of consumers.

Social media has become a huge part of the success of digital marketing strategies as more and more consumers rely on social media to research brands, discover inspiration, and make purchasing decisions.

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4 Benefits of Social Media For Business Statistics to Boost Your Online Success

In the past few years, marketers have witnessed many benefits of social media for business statistics. Social media marketing has become an essential tool for businesses to promote their products and services and drive traffic to their websites.

Statistics demonstrate the importance of social media for businesses as online shopping and impulse purchases begin to increase online.

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9 Ultimate Small Business Digital Marketing Statistics To Elevate Your Business

Small business digital marketing statistics suggest the impact of the digital world on small businesses. Particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic, social media became a game-changer for many businesses that had to close their doors due to lockdown restrictions.

If there were small businesses that didn’t consider digital marketing as a priority before lockdowns, they certainly recognised the value of the online world to remain connected with their customers!

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10 Important Instagram For Business Statistics To Elevate Your Social Media Strategy

Instagram for business statistics can help businesses and marketers to understand user behaviour on Instagram and keep up-to-date with trends and new features.

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, so it’s important for businesses and marketers to have an awareness of news and updates, and update their digital strategy accordingly.

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8 Essential Statistics About Social Media Marketing To Improve Your Online Presence

Statistics about social media marketing are incredibly beneficial for business owners and marketers as they provide essential insight into how users behave on social media and how this may impact a digital strategy. 

For businesses, it is important to recognise statistics about social media marketing to ensure that your current digital strategy is relevant and generating the most effective results.

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4 Amazing Benefits of Social Media Statistics To Grow Your Business Online

The benefits of social media statistics allow businesses to utilise data and information about the current performance of their social media strategy and identify areas of improvement to increase reach.

Social media statistics give you insight into factors such as your reach online, the engagement rate, and what type of content your target audience enjoys the most.

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6 Inspiring Social Media Influencer Statistics You Need To Know

Social media influencer statistics provide marketers with inspiring insights into the influencer marketing industry. Over the past few years, influencer marketing has proven to be a powerful type of social media marketing to generate sales and increase brand awareness. 

In this article, we’ll take you through some inspiring social media influencer statistics that will give you confidence in the power of influencer marketing.

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3 Great Ways To Use Social Media Advertising Statistics 

Social media advertising statistics have been a powerful marketing tool for businesses when reaching new audiences online and increasing sales and conversions. In this article, we’ll take you through how to utilise social media advertising statistics to inform your digital marketing strategy.

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13 Instagram Facts: Taking a look at one of the most popular social media sites in the world

Check out these 20 Instagram facts that will shock and surprise you. 

Instagram has quickly risen as one of the most popular social media sites to date. What started off as a site for sharing images, has now grown to become a multi-media social media platform with millions of monthly users.

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Beating the Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is constantly changing and making it difficult for marketers to keep up. In order to avoid scrambling, it is important to stay up-to-date with the app’s algorithm and stay ahead of the game. How can you make the algorithm work for your brand and continue to drive engagement and gain followers? Check […]

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12 Tips to Boost Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

No company’s marketing strategy is complete without social media. Instagram is the fourth most popular social media platform, with over a billion monthly active users, which means that Instagram marketing is a very important part of any strategy. Knowing the ins and outs of Instagram will help your social media marketing strategy succeed and allow […]

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Instagram Update: You Can Now Search Using Keywords + 3 Tips

At the very end of 2020, Instagram’s search function changed. Specifically, Instagram keywords emerged. Previously, users could only search using hashtags, locations or users’ handles. Captions and bios outside of these data fields had no impact on Instagram search results. This caused a bunch of problems. For one thing, it obviously led to hashtag stuffing […]

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What is Instagram Search and Explore?

In recent updates, Instagram has placed a big emphasis on aiding access to original content. With value being at the forefront of the app, it has introduced an Instagram Search and Explore tab to help users search and discover meaningful content to them. While this may sound primarily beneficial for users – businesses big or […]

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How to Create Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is a new feature used to create short, snappy, engaging videos. It’s the hottest upgrade to come out of 2020, having been in the works for over a year.After being trialled and tested in Brazil and India before the rest of the world – users and downloads increased significantly since the introduction of […]

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Will Algorithm Changes Affect Social Media Marketing?

Every day, we are influenced by an algorithm in the decisions and choices we make. They are ultimately there to try to help everyone to only see the content they are interested in. However, they can have an opposite effect by hiding content from users you follow because their content might not meet the criteria. […]

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Using Instagram for Business: All You Need to Know

Using Instagram for business might actually be better than using other social media platforms. With one billion active users, Instagram has hit new records as far as social media platforms go. Not only is it the popular new kid on the block, but it’s also a great platform for social media marketing. Speaking of social media marketing, […]

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What Is Instagram?

What is Instagram? The popular social platform is a social networking app that gives users the ability to create and post their own photos and videos using their mobile device. While it may sound like it performs in a similar way to other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram’s has some unique features allowing users to […]

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What Is IGTV? Can Instagram Television Challenge YouTube?

What is Instagram Television? Will IGTV Shake Up Online Video? Recently Instagram released their own YouTube-esque platform called Instagram Television (IGTV) in an attempt to take Instagram – and video itself – forward into the future. Not only does IGTV give Instagram users a new ways to use the platform, it also shows great potential for the future […]

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Top Hashtags On Instagram: The Ultimate Guide!

There’s one great reason to make sure you’re using the best possible top hashtags on Instagram: being seen by as many people as possible on a platform built to celebrate your photos can only be good news! Instagram has taken centre stage ever since its appearance in 2010 and has created a home to savour […]

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Instagram Campaign Marketing

Instagram Campaign Marketing: From Selfie Platform to Full Fledged Marketing Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been gaining popularity and engaging users from all around the world. Instagram is essentially an online photo and video sharing platform that can be accessed from any digital device. From public figures to multinational companies, Instagram has a […]

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The Best Instagram Hashtags to Help You Get Followers

Are you ready for the most awesome list of the best Instagram hashtags to get you more followers? This list of popular Instagram hashtags contains many things that users find interesting, such as: Instagram says that the service is a visual story-telling system, as promoted by the Instagram FAQ, which allows users to send photos […]

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Instagram Likes – Good for Branding?

Although Instagram may be touted as a picture and short video-sharing tool, it is definitely a platform that should be considered for your business. Why? For one, Instagram quickly humanizes a brand, making it more visible to consumers and even the competition. With over 500 million active users, there is something fueling the demand. Not […]

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