Instagram Reels are undoubtedly Meta’s response to the explosive success of micro content. These short, snappy 90 second videos present a world of opportunity in the world of content creation and are a great opportunity to help build rapport with your customers online.

Within this blog we will discuss the importance of Instagram reels and why they are beneficial to your business presence online. We will then discuss some step by step content creation tips for the Instagram platform, detailing some concepts to help you start creating and thriving within the Instagram landscape.

instagram reels

Why Invest Time Creating Instagram Reels?

Recent social media trends have shown a significant shift towards video content and show users engaging more with video content on Instagram, opposed to static posts. 

Videos, especially short-form ones like Reels, are more likely to capture and retain user attention. It is because of this that the Instagram algorithm promotes and prioritises Reels content to cater to user preferences.

It is therefore important that users on Instagram understand how Instagram Reels can be used to boost engagement and be seen as relevant by the algorithm within the platform.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels also showcase the platform as an ever evolving and expanding space, with differing types of content. This makes Instagram relevant in the current digital landscape, since the explosion of Tik Tok.  

Instagram faces stiff competition from platforms like TikTok, which have gained massive popularity primarily due to short video content. By prioritising Reels, Instagram aims to retain its user base and stay competitive in the social media landscape.

instagram reels
Investing Time Creating Instagram Reels
Additional Benefits Of Instagram Reels:
  • Creative Expression: Reels offer a platform for creative expression through various editing tools, filters, and music options. This allows users to create unique and engaging content.
  • Trend Participation: Users can participate in global trends, challenges, and viral content through Reels. This helps you stay relevant and connected with current topics.
  • marketing Tool: For businesses, Reels provide an effective way to market products and services. Through Instagram Reels it is possible to showcase products, share testimonials, and create brand awareness in an engaging and personal manner.
  • Storytelling: Reels allow for detailed and personal storytelling, enabling users to convey messages or stories within a limited timeframe. This makes this form of content easy to consume.
  • Monetization Opportunities: For content creators, Reels can be a source of income through brand collaborations, sponsored content, and increased exposure leading to monetisation opportunities, affiliate marketing and collaboration.
  • Platform Growth and Innovation: Instagram Reels encourage evolution within the Instagram platform through trending sounds, videos styles/topics ect. This makes the platform refreshing and new and keeps you the user up to date through the creation of trending/viral content.
Instagram Reels: A Video explaining how to add music to an Instagram post.

Step-by-Step Guide: How To Create Engaging Instagram Reels

Step 1: Create Your Strategy

Identify your target audience: Understand the interests, preferences, and online behaviour of your target audience. Understanding your demographic is key  to tailoring content that will resonate with your audience and drives engagement.

Define your content: Determine the overarching themes and topics that your Instagram Reels will focus on. Whilst this initial planning might seem time consuming, long term it ensures some consistency which is great for both the algorithm within the platform and also your audience expectations. 

Consider Your Source inspirations: Browse popular Instagram Reels, viral challenges, trending content from your competitors. This will give you some inspiration and allow you to come up with ideas.

Step 2: Content Creation

Utilise high-quality equipment: Invest in a smartphone or camera that captures good quality visuals. Creating high quality content will make your digital brand professional, sleek and is more likely to engage to your audience. 

Embrace your creativity: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles, lighting setups, and transitions. Playing and having fun will help your content stand out in the heavily saturated digital landscape. 

Leverage relevant sounds and music: Dependent on the type of account that you have, you can choose popular sounds or trending music that aligns with your content and target audience’s preferences. Business accounts are limited to their access of audio, so you might want to consider 

Incorporate engaging elements: Add text overlays, questions, polls,  emojis, and effects to enhance the storytelling and visual appeal of your Reels, where relevant. 

instagram reels
Create Engaging Instagram Reels

Step 3: Editing Your Instagram Reels

  • Utilise Instagram’s editing tools can help you refine your Reel content and make it the best that it can be. You can leverage Instagram’s built-in editing tools to trim, cut, and add transitions to your Reels. 
  • Adding captions and descriptions is fantastic for making your content accessible to everyone, it is also beneficial for SEO as it helps the algorithm categorise your video. 
  • Including a clear call-to-action in your video can help prompt viewers to visit your website, shop your products, or engage with your content further. 

Step 4: Posting Your Content

Taking time to identify the optimal times to post Reels based on your audience’s activity patterns. Consider when your audience is online and therefore more likely to engage with your content. 

Use relevant hashtags, including a mix of popular, seasonal and  niche hashtags that align with your content and target audience. Using hashtags in conjunction with your content allows the algorithm to categorise your Instagram Reels and push them to the appropriate target audience. 

Overcoming The Top Three Challenges Of Instagram Reels

Technical Limitations

Concerns regarding technical limitations can allow Instagram Reels to appear daunting for newcomers to the platform, however this does not need to be the case. 

The platform has built in templates from which you can edit to upload your own content. These templates are accessible and normally focus on trending audio. This makes video content creation more accessible. 

Consistency And Frequency

Time limitations are definitely a challenge for business owners and brands when generating consistent content. 

Algorithms favour consistency, therefore creating a foundation for posting with the ability to ad hoc when necessary is a great strategy to implement with Instagram Reels. 

Top Tip: Use scheduling platforms like Buffer to plan out your content in advance, this takes away the pressure of needing to pot on the fly and creates consistency which the algorithm likes. 

Balancing promotional and creative content 

Social media platforms are a space to be social, not just sell products or materials. Take the time to plan and strategise your brand personality, ethics and tone of voice. This will give balance and assert your brand as an expert in your field.

Creative Content Ideas for Instagram Reels

Behind-the-Scenes: In this Instagram Reel you might show a “day in the life” style behind-the-scenes look at your business. This is an opportunity to show the people behind what you do and gives the opportunity to spotlight employees.

Product Teasers: Create suspense and excitement by teasing out new products to your customers. For example: Cafes and restaurants might tease their new menu items.

Spotlight Customers: With your customers permission, you might use Instagram Reels to showcase your happy customers unboxing their new orders or create testimonial videos where they share their experiences of your business. This validates your business, encouraging others to shop with you.

Mini Tutorials: The Instagram Reel short form video content really lends itself well to bite-sized “how to” tutorials for using products. This is a great opportunity to show your customers how to use your products.

Partnership Promo: Partner promos are an amazing opportunity for you to work with other brands that align with your business. You might create Instagram Reels with complementary brands to host giveaways, special offers or collaborations tailored for Reels.

Repurposing: Don’t forget to harness the opportunity to repurpose your Instagram Reels and publish them across a variety of platforms.

Instagram Reels: Time To Start Creating!

Instagram Reels offer a world of opportunity for brands to create direct business to customer communications. Utilising this form of content can improve engagement, customer relationships and validate your brand within the market.

Leveraging the use of viral or tending Instagram Reels allows your brand to stay relevant in an ever changing and growing digital world, regardless of your editing skillset. Utilising the platforms templates allows you to begin your Instagram Reel journey without extensive editing skills.

So whether you’re starting out creating Instagram Reels, or have an established profile already, we hope these tips have outlined the importance of Instagram Reels for your brand. Be sure to comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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