Your head is spinning. Many website builders for free are around there, and you are getting overwhelmed with the best-designed websites— you need just one like them to inspire your audience. 

How many pages do you need?

What can you write on each page? 

Is it worth it?

How can you grow your business through a website?

Website Builders

Is it enough to entice prospects to buy from you or give you a call to book an appointment?

We know many questions are popping around, bringing up more question marks. 

Actually, no one can blame you for that confusion. 

As many pages as you’d have on your website, it’d bring on a severe headache.

You might be tired right now, thinking of giving up the whole project, just striking it off your urgent assignments list, and procrastinating.  

Building a new website or redesigning your existing one requires more arrangement.  

And searching for the best website builders for FREE? Oh, that is an absolute NIGHTMARE. But please remember choosing the right tool to build your website can make a massive difference.

We will help you make your web project difficult or not difficult by choosing a great website builder as long as you follow our article till the end.

Bounce: Check out a simple checklist below before starting your project to avoid failures and create enchanting and persuasive website content and design.

Now, let’s define what a website builder is.

Best Photography Website Builder

What is a Website Builder?

Previously, building a website required unique coding and design skills, and many people had to be included in one website project. 

Thankfully, many high-tech companies have come up with more effective and efficient developing website solutions and software. 

Now, everyone can use a website builder without even a minor programming or coding knowledge; then, you might have a website in less than 10 minutes.  

Before we talk about the best website builders for free, we need to find out a clear definition of a website builder. It’s an online tool or software that allows you to set your website with default suggestions without making any coding edits. That means you have the tools and features to build your website from Y-Z without hiring a designer or developer.   

You would need to drag and drop between tons of categories and templates, and then you optimise the content and add other visuals in line with your brand identity and business vision. If you choose to pay for a website builder, you will get access to a vast range of templates.  

What we love about this technology is that you can build your website using online or offline builders. If you choose to work offline, install the builder software first. Otherwise, you can use a web application while making the magic happen.  

We always choose online applications: easy, powerful, and more options. But, most importantly, it suits both beginners and more experienced web developers.  

These website builders vary depending on your website’s purpose and how advanced you need your website to look (such as adding animations with something a little bit more).

How Does A Website Builder Work?

It’s simple. Choose a website template that would serve your brand better. Then, take your time to browse the website providers to pick what defines your identity.

Then you’d move to a drag-and-drop feature to choose icons and blocks. This mode will help you build your website pages in no time.

But what does a drag-and-drop editor mean?

It means exactly what it suggests. You will pull and throw components through your screen to set content into your workspace.

These components include images, videos, images, and headings to customise your site as much as possible.   

5 Website Builders for Free to Build Your Own

Again selecting the right tool to create your website from scratch will save years of pain. In addition, it will make your job easier and determine how successful your website will be. 

That might be a stress point if you just see around how many options are out there, and it could be not very clear. 

Throughout our more-than-20-years experience, we have tested dozens of website builders to figure out the weakness and strengths of each one. We continue to spot any new tool that might be beneficial for our clients and us.

Here are the highlights of the best website builders for free. You will discover what these builders excel at and what makes them difficult or easy to use.

Note: As everyone has their reasons for having a website, we sort the best website builders for free based on categories. You might want to have an online store— or create a blog, or maybe you don’t care the other way around. So, this list will be SUPER, no matter your needs. 

But first, we need to make an important statement here…

Are There Any Website Builders for Free?

Generally, YES. Technically, NO. 

How come?

Well, if you don’t have a domain name, you need to pay for it. In case you don’t know, a domain is what makes your website URL unique with your brand name.

Okay, I have a domain name. Does this mean I can create my website using builders for free?

Generally, YES. Technically, NO. 

Again, many website builders offer limited features for free such as Wix. Other offers only a few days for free, and then you need to subscribe to one of their plans— such as Shopify. 

So, you’d need to pay for your website at some point, but let’s take step one of choosing the best builder for you.   

Shopify: The Best for Ecommerce 

Price: Free for only 3 days without credit card registration. Then, you need to subscribe to one of its pricing plans starting from $24 monthly. 

Who can use: any business owner who wants to offer products online.


  • A great customer service to address any possible issues your virtual store might have
  • Multiple payments methods 
  • Support different models for ecommerce businesses
  • Variety of themes, plugins, and apps
  • Easy landing pages to create integrated with other marketing activities
  • No need to search for hosting; an all-in-one security platform
  • Customise your gateway on your own 


  • It might be pricy 
  • Not best for content marketing (blogging), and integrating a blog can not be easy
  • No email hosting (however, you can integrate your store with MailChimp) 

What we love about: 

  • Easy to design
  • A world of templates to choose from
  • Inventory tracking
  • Several drop shipping options 

Brands Using Shopify:

  • Kylie Cosmetics
  • Sephora

You’ve probably heard about this before. If not, it’s one of the e-commerce giants offering you many benefits to manage your online store. Not just for its easy backend to design and sort your store without hassle but because they offer thousands of templates to go for. Just choose one and change relevant text and images. 

You’d have a professional, well-designed website in only a few minutes. In addition, Shopify will get you exclusive access to multiple applications, such as inventory tracking, that automatically sends notifications and other drop shipping features for a seamless shopping experience.

Shopify is heavily used by reputable brands thanks to its perfect features that will boost your business and help you magnify your sales. 

HubSpot: The Best For Content-Focused Web Pages

Price: Free for limited features, and if you’re willing to invest more, we recommend paying for the annual package, $23 a month.

Who can use: a website owner who wants to establish himself as an expert using content and inbound marketing, and businesses who already use Hubspot CRM


  • Great SEO features to get a better rank over search engines 
  • Fully optimised to add different marketing tools
  • Different CMS tools to manage your content perfectly 
  • Great insights and reports to analyse your performance 
  • High-end security features
  • Customisation to add or eliminate pages


  • Email integration has some bugs— that might need a professional developer to smooth the process.
  • Mobile templates need more modification for a better user experience.   
  • Not supporting multilanguage functionality.  

What we love about: 

  • Good analytics tools
  • A world of templates to choose from
  • Perfect traffic tracking to monitor your website performance 
  • Lead magnet by driving traffic and converting visitors  

Brands Using Hubspot:

  • ProArch
  • GitBook
  • Mollie

Want to have a branded website?

You don’t need to make a multiple-steps process. It’s one of the best website builders for free if you want to take the DIY route. No coding. No complicated templates. It’s an easy drag-and-drop editor enabling developers and non-experienced to use flexible content structures and put a spin on the theme for more customisation. 

Your customers will be rewarded with a personalised and secure experience. 

Also, if you want to keep track of your traffic and conversions, consider using the Hubspot website builder. Hubspot offers everything you will need to create a unique website from content management system (CMS) tools, plugins, templates, SEO features, built-in security options and marketing tools.  

Most importantly, it enables you to integrate all marketing tools to generate powerful reports manifesting conversion rate, keyword ranking, CRM software, and best-ranked pages.

WIX: the Best for Beginners 

Price: A limited free plan is available. Looking for more investment? Get started with their different ($4 -$35) pricing plans ranging from basic features to top-notch management tools. 

Who can use: beginners, freelancers, or someone who wants to play around with the customising template and drag-and-drop elements.  


  • Easy to use
  • Professional templates
  • Tons of apps ready for integration
  • Built-in SEO tools
  • Reasonable pricing plans
  • Great customer support


  • If you choose the free version, you will definitely hate the ads display— an overloaded-ads version.
  • Slow page loads can hurt your website ranking.
  • Difficult to switch to another template if you find another theme more interesting because the only way to do so is to demolish all that you do and start from scratch.  

What we love about: Wix software is brilliant in helping you build a website aligned with your brand image in no time. Not just that, it will suggest more options for you, such as a colour scheme, text, fonts, and other visuals. 

Brands Using Wix:

  • Forbes
  • Airbnb
  • The New York Times

Wix is an extremely friendly beginner website builder loaded with checklists for a functional website and SEO recommendations that you can go through. Following these notes will enable you to create a website that sells- not just products but also your ideas and brand. 

There is no surprise that Wix hosts more than 200 million subscribers who feel comfortable using its services. 

But why do we recommend it for beginners?

Because it’s highly beneficial to a one-page website or a small blog, Wix has a template for all your needs and will optimise more structures.

But it doesn’t mean you can not use it for your business. On the contrary, Wix is a free website builder for all levels, as it introduces other advanced features backed by an extensive collection of marketing tools.

Just start with a template and bring a unique touch to your website. 

With different blocks, images, buttons, and text, it’s equipped with all several applications to create a professional-looking design you’d be proud of. Also, check out the massive collection of tools, AI software and plugins to analyse and monitor your website ranking and performance.  

Best Website Templates

GoDaddy: the Best for Tight-Project Schedule

Price: a free plan with limited features and templates is available. If you need more, you need to subscribe to its pricing plans. Also, you’d need to upgrade your free account before a 30-day expiration to avoid losing access to it. Their paid packages start from $9.99 a month.

Who can use: It’s the quickest way to have a professional website in less than 10 minutes as it’s fully supported with ADI software. It’s perfect for any small business owner to bring their brand to life. 


  • Super easy to use
  • Easy SEO features
  • Clean and basic website design without so many unnecessary details
  • User-friendly backend, no experience needed.
  • Brilliant customer service.
  • Integrated-marketing tools


  • It might be aimed at only small businesses, so if you need to build a super complicated website with customisation options, consider other website builders.
  • There are better options for an ecommerce website with limited store features.
  • Expect to find a different variety of templates than you find in Wix.

What we love about: The website always makes many impressive changes to templates and the dragging and dropping process, offering more customised tools, which is why it appears on our best website builder for a free list.  

Brands Using Godaddy:

  • Starcom Global
  • QED Systems, LLC
  • Coco River Organics

If you want super responsive customer support, who is waiting for you to answer all your queries, choose Godaddy.

Is this enough to invest in a website builder?

Yes and no.

Some website builders have just AWFUL customer service that you will wait for good to find a way out of your technical issue, but GoDaddy nailed it.

Additionally, with its user-friendly design structures and simple formats, you can kick-start your idea off the ground. 

It’s the quickest way to create a website in a very short period of time, thanks to ADI features using a pretty user-friendly backend. 

As we mentioned before, one of the biggest advantages of choosing GoDaddy as a free website builder is its SEO features which will help you optimise your website and content in no time; however, don’t expect to find highly advanced features compared to Wix. Best for Businesses 

Price: It’s perfect if you want a free website builder. You can take advantage of their premium plans, starting from$16 a month.

Who can use it: It’s one of the best website creators for businesses craving highly-customising options to build their digital presence on their own. 


  • Best content management system
  • A vast range of themes and plugins with easy clicks
  • SEO features accompanied by mobile-friendly optimisation 
  • Manage your security by adding extra authorisation steps 
  • Easily add different content formats, such as videos, content forms
  • Add-on features managed by other companies like HubSpot


  • The free version comes with cluttered ads displaying throughout the screen
  • If you choose, you might be limited to specific templates
  • It might require more than compared to other drag-and-drop builders

What we love about: WordPress comes with different levels of expertise. gives you more authority for customisation; however, you need to learn how to keep your website secure. is a better option for beginners, but your domain name would be limited to Both have a free plan to make sure what will make you more comfortable while inserting content.  

Brands using

  • Sony Music
  • Disney Books
  • Time Magazine

It’s one of the most common website builders, with more than a 43% market share, for a reason. WordPress is super powerful, with different apps, integration, and plugins to enhance user experience. 

If you choose to go with, you can install their web application and open-source software to customise your website. 

The only downside is that you must acquire the knowledge to monitor your website’s security.

Pro note: you’d need to pay for a host if you establish your website by Tons of hosting sites are there, but we recommend Hostinger, a reliable company to cooperate with, offering top-notch security endpoints and affordable plans. 

Checklist: What You Need to Know Before Starting Your Website Project

  • Your website name and domain
  • How many pages you’ll need for your project
  • How to distribute content over pages
  • Content for the home page, services or products pages, and content page
  • Content for your blog (at least 2)
  • Testimonials from previous clients (if you have any)
  • CTAs, you need your audience to take
  • Desired web conventions 
  • SEO content
  • SEO technicality
  • Colour palette 
  • Your website security 
Best Website Builder For WordPress 

How can ProfileTree Help Me With My Website?

When you start a web project, you’d think of what you offer, how to introduce yourself to your audience, what makes you special from your competitors, and how to communicate to overshine your selling points. 
Create a simple and great, thoughtfully designed website that will speak on your behalf. 
Our talents will help you find answers to these questions to come up with a roadmap of what you’d like your website to reflect. With an ample experience across different industries, we focus on exploring your customers’ interests, unique needs, and particular goals by conducting a competitive analysis. In addition, we jot down all opportunities to work closely with your team to get more ideas, take notes, and listen to any feedback.
Because we believe that there are no boring brands, only boring websites can not communicate directly to the audience. 
Because you deserve a website as unique as your brand, build something that resonates with your target.  
Our team of experts in designing, developing, and digital marketing will collaborate with each other to turn your small, simple idea into a website that generates revenues, creating an exceptional experience for your website visitors.
Be our next success story, and contact us now. 

Is Wix better than WordPress?

In general, there is no website builder better than one another. However, it depends on what you expect from this builder, why you need a website and your web project budget.
Wix is the most intuitive website builder for free, while WordPress is the best for customisation, offering more advanced features for those who want to have control of everything on their website. 
Both offer a comprehensive library of free templates, tools, and plugins. But Wix is easier than WordPress as the first is a built-in platform without coding experience, while the last is a content management system (CMS) that might require a minimum level of coding knowledge.
However, you can still use WordPress without any programming education, but it might be challenging to customise your website structure.
Have a project in your mind? Then, contact our web experts right now!

Can I create my website on my own?

Yes, you can— use the right website builder, press Publish, and you will have a website up and running. This process will take minutes while you’re chilling out in your comfortable home without investing in external help. 
Whether you’re a business owner, a blogger, or someone interested in building a personal brand, you can choose between the best website builders for free in this article.
However, your job will continue at this point. You’d need to install creative content with your brand voice, choose better illustrations, and enhance your domain name authority with backlinks and internal links.
So, the first step of creating your website is straightforward, and you can do it independently (unless you need an inspirational, creative, yet unique design). Otherwise, you will need to create a website strategy to guarantee a great one. 
You will need help customising the menu, adding specific sections to help visitors convert or subscribe, and dividing content into organised stacks.
Things you can do on your own; others will need a professional designer for a perfect-looking website.   

Is Wix free?

Yes, Wix offers a free limited plan to build your website. Also, if you need to invest more in advanced templates with more sophisticated features, Wix offers free hosting. So, you need to pay for your domain name if you’re on a tight budget.  

Is Godaddy free to use?

Yes, Godadday offers a free website-building service for only 30 days. Then you need to pay for one of its paid plans to get access to your website. 

What makes a good website?

No single element of your digital marketing strategy is more important than an effective website to help your audience feel something. Simply put, your business front will leave the first impression on your customers. After that, they might like it or leave it.
So, shift your focus from a good website to a great website If you need to convert users to buy from you.
It’s okay to use an off-the-shelf template, but if you need to stand out, consider these elements:
– Stunning design: Include beautifully-illustrated elements that seem appealing and professional.
– White space: Help your website breathe through enough white spaces. There is no need to load your website with polished icons, and your visitors might be off because of cluttered layouts. 
– Captivating content: your message should shine through each page with a clear CTA to cut the hassle and let your audience take the right action. Not just text; select terrific photographs, graphics, and videos throughout the screen. 
– Functionality and practicality: It’s not just about your website’s beauty; it must work appropriately as expected. That happens by regularly conducting SEO audits to spot and fix any speed problems not to leave your customers frustrated and send them away from your brand. 
– Mobile optimisation: Do you know how many prospects that check your website through their phones? No excuses! Before publishing your website, make sure it displays beautifully on any device.    

Do I still need a web development agency to create my website?

Building a new website or even redesigning your own requires a clear mind, creativity sense, and free time. Otherwise, please don’t!
You will consume so much time trying to figure out how to change this and how to add that, and the result might be unfavourable!
So, back to your question, the answer is YES! You do need a web development agency to handle your project and bring global growth with a local touch. 

What does building a good website cost me?

Generally, a good website might cost you £100 per year for a basic template. However, if you’re willing to have a specially branded website, expect to pay more than £10,000 for a highly-optimised and complex website.  
BUT, we at Profiletree have a different model for charging our clients. We will listen to your pain points and customise a solution that suits you and only you.
Building, rebuilding, branding, content audit, and much more!  

What is the difference between and

Being one of the best website builders for free, is open-source software that demonstrates as a first choice for anyone who plans to launch websites, blogs, and web applications.
It means nothing to you; I know if you’re not a tech guy!
Open source refers to a website that’s open and free to use so that all people around the globe can contribute to it. Ultimately, all codes that make up this software settle on an open place where others can see and use them or contribute to improving it by fixing bugs or submitting improvements. 
While hosts websites that WordPress run. So, the SEO team will work here for optimisation to ensure that URLs are good, the website is fast, that images display, and other things. 

We love working with ambitious brands. Contact us if you think you’re!

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