Building and designing websites from scratch could be really exhausting. That’s why we are blessed with some web development programs and platforms to ease the building process, and Bootstrap is one of them.

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is an open-source, free web development framework. It is designed to ease the web development process as it helps web developers build websites faster. It facilitates the process for them, as they do not need to worry about configuring other parts, such as basic commands, functions, etc. Moreover, it consists of HTML, CSS, JavaScript based or any other based coding languages for various web design-related functions and components.


So, why do we use Bootstrap? Bootstrap’s interface components include navigation bars, grid systems, image car cells, and buttons, which is one reason to use Bootstrap. Using it makes the whole web development process much more manageable, as you can now diminish the idea of using wireframes and then having to sketch up a website. Instead, you can use Bootstrap’s templates and work with them. This is really beneficial, especially for designers who do not have a design team.

As we mentioned, Bootstrap hands over your design without having to follow the usual steps of the process. For example, it saves you time and skips the wireframing step -wireframe is a simple diagram- so, instead of sketching your design, going through the wireframe process, and then prototyping it, you will just skip all of these steps and get your actual design immediately.

Bootstrap is Easy to Use

Due to its popularity, Bootstrap is easy to learn, and you can have plenty of tutorials and online forums to help you get started. It also has a very simple file structure, as the files are compiled for easy access, and it only requires very basic HTML, CSS, and JS knowledge to modify them. Moreover, you can also use the themes for popular content management systems as learning tools. For example, most WordPress themes are developed using Bootstrap so that any beginner web developer can access them.

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In addition to all that, Bootstrap comes with a Predefined grid system. That saves you much time and effort than creating one from scratch. The grid system consists of columns and rows; for example, you can make a grid inside an existing one by entering media queries within the CSS file. The grid system makes the data entry process much more straightforward, which is excellent for web developers since it contains a lot of media queries. You can also customise the breakpoints based on the web development and the project needs.

Another essential factor that makes Bootstrap easy to use is browser compatibility. It makes your website more accessible just by using a different browser. Of course, it does that to help reduce the bounce rate and to get your website ranking higher in search results. Moreover, the great part is that Bootstrap files require being compatible with the latest versions of popular browsers. So, you have Google, Bing, and Firefox. It also supports less-known browsers such as Gecco, but it does not function correctly there. On the other hand, the fewer people there are using those browsers, the easier it would be for Bootstrap to function.

Add to those, as mentioned earlier, the Bootstrap image system. It handles the image display and responsiveness with its predefined HTML and CSS rules. By adding that, if you were to do an image responsive class, that basically would automatically resize all your images based on the user’s screen, whether it is a phone, a tablet, or a desktop. It benefits the website’s performance as well as user experience.

Obviously, by reducing the image size, it plays a big part in the optimisation process. In addition, make sure that you do not take up too much storage because the more storage you take up, the less responsive the website will be, and the load-up times are going to be longer. The goal here is to attract a visitor instantly without having to ruin your load-up times. Moreover, Bootstrap also provides additional classes, like Image Circle or Image Rounded, to help you modify the image’s shapes. There are bits of code that you can use within the CSS to make the image compatible with your website, and that is the preferred option.

Bootstrap Templates

Bootstrap has an endless number of templates in almost every field, some of them are free, and others are paid for. So, let’s check them out to see what works best for you. One of the websites that you can search for Bootstrap templates on is called Bootstrapmade. There you could find some free templates, such as Arsha, which is a free corporate Bootstrap HTML template. You can also find templates for portfolios, resumes, etc.

It all depends on how technical you are with your HTML and CSS skills as well as your JavaScript skills. These are so easy to format, and as we previously mentioned, the whole process is as basic as possible. All you need to do is just change up your imaging or your documentation or the files within that coding documentation and change up the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to suit your needs for the website. Among the templates you can find are Bezl, Medialab, and Restaurant L Ailey. 

What is also great about this website is that there is a demo to show you how it works. They have desktop, tablet, and mobile versions and even show you some of the clickable points. So all the simple functionalities of what builds a website are all there. You have your buttons, animation, and everything you would take time to link up to. In addition, the website offers various categories, depending on what your website is based on. There is Business, Landing Page, Personal Bootstrap 5, Construction, Transportation, Bootstrap 4, all the way Medical, and you can download it all for free.

Another website for Bootstrap’s templates is Nicepage. This WordPress website builder has its own features, and you can see them all for no coding. For example, they have features like contact form elements; they would all be available if you build a WordPress website.

Moreover, there are carousel elements, video elements, and language elements. However, if you do not want to go for the features, some Bootstrap templates are available. You can even have a whole wide page of it; there are some HTML template categories, HTML block designs, and website HTML templates. However, you use their free options and can always go premium.

The following website here is Webflow. On that website, you can find different templates and designs; all you need to do is click on them and use them for free. You can preview these templates and designs within a brand-new browser and see how they function. Webflow is recommended by many as it is very simple and full of options that help with your design.

The last is Colorlib. The templates are not all free, as some can only be used if you go premium. However, they have got their own Bootstrap template themes. They all run in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Moreover, if you want to view their themes, you can simply click on them to download or preview. They also offer demos to help get around the website and get started. 

That was all for today’s article, but we still have plenty of other websites to explore! 

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