Digital Training Antrim

If you’ve been looking for digital training for your business in Antrim, the choices available can be overwhelming.

Some good news: ProfileTree offers a locally-based specialist service with a difference.

Why ProfileTree? We’re unique because we’ve grown our own business using the digital marketing and content techniques we share with our clients.

Also, our ‘no fuss’ and results-driven approach has created returning clients, from businesses like yours, who trust ProfileTree to help their company drive the outcomes they need.

Ever found yourself trying to explain something important about your business, your customers or your needs to a company from outside NI who just can’t see it?! Doing much better than this, together, is one of the reasons why we love helping local companies to grow online. After all, we’re a County Antrim SME too. There are some great reasons to consider making a local company – and, of course, finding out how ProfileTree can help – your digital training partner.  

Local regulations: For ProfileTree, working with the same regulations and challenges as your own company – including things like cross-border trade and more in the future – means we understand your reasons when a compliance requirement has to be included in your digital training. 

As it is much easier to be looking at challenges together from inside the issue, rather than from outside and trying to explain to an overseas agency, finding solutions and meeting your needs comes naturally to ProfileTree. 

Local markets: ProfileTree can show you results already achieved in your local markets. Fully evidenced examples of what we have done in the past, for our own business, in Northern Ireland and also for our clients too. 

Local support: A benefit of operating in Northern Ireland? Our businesses rise and fall on our reputation. Your own customers expect to pick up the phone for help, advice and support in the future. That’s why we set high standards of ‘no fuss’, fast and personal help for our clients. 

Local working culture: We suspect your company doesn’t do ‘meetings about meetings’ and that you’d expect the same from ProfileTree. Not to mention straight-talking, clear and results-focused services. 

That’s why we match the culture of our local clients to simply get things done together.


Especially if you have B2B customers, a local agency will have superb empathy and understanding of the markets you sell into…because they have experience of building their own business through similar audiences themselves.

Combining your knowledge of your customers with the agency’s know-how and methods can be a powerful approach.


A local agency will face the same challenges, as a local SME, you encounter every day. That’s why working with a local agency is a like-minded partnership. Cross-border trade issues?

Traffic affecting footfall? The right agency will understand your trading environment because they have a working knowledge of the same issues.


Ultimately, your goal to grow as a County Antrim-based business will be shared by an agency from the same area.

Having this in common creates not just a client-agency relationship but another part of your business network. Don’t settle for a transactional approach to digital training, find an agency who’ll want to grow with you.


There are few local businesses who could survive if, for example, their customer service consisted of low-quality email support or complex call-centre script-reading.

Your culture as a Northern Ireland is to get things done and to create returning customers. ProfileTree shares this approach – ask us about our ‘no fuss’ service!

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