Digital Training Northern Ireland

For digital training in NorthernIreland, a fast-changing environment needs an all-new approach.

That’s why we launched ProfileTree’s digital training services: to share the techniques in web development, strategy, content, social (and more) we used to build our own company.

We’ll also show you real results from local clients to show you how smarter digital training can unlock the potential of your business.

Read on to discover digital training tips PLUS discover what makes us different.

Questions? Just ask!

If we’re asked for one single, in a nutshell, piece of advice about digital training?

It’s this: watch the language used by your team to discover if a digital activity is worth doing AND worth investing time and effort in learning.

Image your Monday morning meeting, someone says “our competitor has started using professional videos to make their show off their stock, would it make us look good if we did this too?”.

Is this a reason, in itself, to invest in video production training? No, not without a little more work first.

If the question was “we have a marketing strategy goal to drive more leads from social, could we use video to win more traffic for our landing page?” then there’s a sound foundation for digital training.

Thankfully, because we created our own company using digital know-how AND have a long list of client case studies, we can help drill down to the right purpose, goals and type of digital training for your business.

We’ll help you ask the right questions and shape your digital training investment around the specific outcomes you need for your company.

By aiming higher than generic training and forming a partnership for success with a local specialist with a proven track record your business can unlock the potential of your digital world.

Ask us how!


Many companies aren’t enjoying the full benefit of their online platforms, their content marketing capability or even their social channels. And this may well include your competitors!

Our tailored digital training in Northern Ireland is designed to help drive the best possible results based on your existing investments.


Too often, digital marketing, sales, strategy and other parts of a business work in silos.

Instead, professional digital training will help with bringing your company together to use your digital capability to drive the results you need.

We’ll help make sure digital excellence runs through the heart of your company.


It can be too easy to for ‘nice to do’ social media posts, offline events and investments in expertise such as SEO to lose sight of your business strategies.

ProfileTree created our own company using strategy-led digital and content marketing. We’ll show you how.


Your online presence, marketing activities and more will already have the potential to introduce new ways to wow your buyers.

We work with emerging technology and the latest methods every single day, meaning we’ll find ways to use innovation to move a step ahead of your competition.

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