5 Technical Skills Needed for Marketing Careers

5 Technical Skills Needed for Marketing CareersNearly all companies now have a marketing department. They’re responsible for showing the public what the company has to offer and why they need their products or services. Their impact reflects directly on sales, which in turn controls the fate of a business. Such a responsibility requires certain skills beyond having a marketing degree or not. When applying to a marketing position, is it better to have experience or skills? The ideal answer is both, but if you had to choose it’s best to have skill. Experience is only a way to certify your potential. This means that you can acquire the needed skills elsewhere. Getting a degree in marketing is one way, you can also gather the skills needed in another career. Working in the field is very helpful if you know what skills you need to pick up. But what are the skills needed for marketing?

Skills Needed for Marketing

Every marketing departments consist of many employees, each given a specific task in the marketing process. A marketing campaign is like one giant machine; every component has its specific role to reach one larger goal. For this reason, everyone from the head of the department to the leg workers has to be in perfect sync. No matter where you are in the marketing process you need to have all the skills needed for marketing.


1.      Marketing Soft Skills

Soft skills basically mean everything related to personal attributes and traits. Soft skills needed for marketing are more of a skill tree that branches to other skills, and together they define a marketer’s character. Examples:

Emotional intelligence

It’s basically the ability to control one’s emotions. It’s done by first acknowledging these emotions, understanding them and where they come from, and in turn being aware of them in other people’s behaviour. This is a strong tool to have in the marketing business.

Leadership and initiative

You might think this would only be handy if you’re the head of a department. But the fact is most ideas come from further down the chain of command. You need to be able to take action and inspire others to believe in your idea.


The whole department needs to work in perfect sync to achieve maximum efficiency. So collaboration is a must in marketing. You will also work hand in hand with other departments in efforts to maximize profits.


A good marketer adapts to anything thrown at them and can spin any situation to their advantage. No employer would hire someone who isn’t flexible, even if they have the skills needed for marketing and the experience.


The thing that sets apart a marketing professional is the way they can find solutions that are outside of the box. Marketing products is essentially introducing them in a creative but relatable way.


2.      Marketing Strategy Skills

skills needed for marketing


Virtually anyone can come up with a good marketing idea. Having a solid plan is what separates a good marketer from the rest. A good marketing plan starts with market research and ends with the expected profit from the campaign. This requires a great amount of planning and data gathering. The most brilliant campaign would fail if it doesn’t target a specific audience, with specific messages. A part of the planning process is crunching in the numbers, and making sure it’s worth the expenses. A marketing department can interfere with production if it serves the best interest of the campaign and hence the company. Having the skills needed for marketing means being able to sit down and use each one in drawing a comprehensive plan. There are many marketing strategies to adopt, but choosing the right one for the task at hand is key.


3.      Marketing Executive Skills and Qualities

The success of a marketing campaign is measured by how well it performs in the field compared with the plan. One of the most important skills needed for marketing is execution. Marketing executives are basically in charge of seeing plans through from planning, to launching the campaign, to results. Anyone aspiring to go anywhere in this profession needs to have the oversight needed for management before being a manager. Executive qualities include communication, as they work with other departments like production and research & development. They also oversee every detail from start to finish, this requires a great amount of leadership and creativity.


4.      Digital Marketing Skills

skills needed for marketing

Nowadays, most of the marketing efforts are directed towards online marketing. Even if an ad campaign is launched in the form of TV commercials you find it linked somehow on social media or YouTube. This isn’t because online marketing is cheaper, but because everyone is online now and it’s the best way to appeal to them. There are certain skills needed for marketing online that need to be added to your resume if you want a career in marketing.


5.      Business to Business Marketing (B2B)

Businesses need resources too, and to acquire them they don’t simply go shopping at the mall. That’s why business to business marketing is important. To provide other businesses with an idea on what you have to offer them. B2B skills needed for marketing are important in any business, but they’re a must in businesses that mass produce business supplies. B2B strategies are different from normal marketing channels as you are now dealing with larger entities with much larger shopping carts. Basically, businesses won’t be dazzled by anything other than cost-effectiveness.


Why Choose a Career in Marketing?

Marketing jobs are one of the highest paid positions in any company. This is mainly because of the amount of work and responsibility the job entails. Not only is it financially rewarding, but marketing is one of those jobs that are satisfying to hold if you have the personality for it. If you have the skills needed for marketing, then no other job will be able to utilize your gifts properly.

Marketing executives hold a lot of power within the company. Not because of how much they’re invested in, but because they are the creative visionaries of the company. For this reason, in order to climb up the ladder in the marketing department, you need to align your vision with that of the company. If you have the mental strength for this much responsibility, marketing is the path for you.

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