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In Northern Ireland and beyond, popular search engines including Google, Yahoo! and Bing reign supreme. The customer experience has transformed, with buying and browsing decisions frequently dictated by search engine rankings. As a leading SEO services agency, ProfileTree use a multifaceted approach to improve your ranking on those places that matter most. Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, our team of developers, designers and content writers offer a range of professional SEO services, engineered to earn your brand its position on the first page of Google.

What is SEO?

SEO has become one of the most sought after services in the digital world. But what does SEO mean? Put simply, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. The most popular search engine optimisation definition, according to Webopedia, describes the term as “the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a website to users of a web search engine”.

The key phrase to highlight within Webopedia’s definition is “increasing the visibility”, which leads us into our next question: what is SEO in digital marketing? In a nutshell, SEO targets various kinds of searches, including image search; new search, video search, phrase search, academic search and more. This has a particularly strong application to the world of business, where the buying of products and services are becoming increasingly influenced by online ranking and organic search.

The application is as relevant to businesses in Northern Ireland as it is in any location across the world – and those who fail to take account of this process will struggle to remain competitive. To find out more about what SEO is and how it works, keep reading the official guide by ProfileTree: your top choice for technical SEO in Belfast and across Northern Ireland.

How Does Search Engine Optimisation Work?

How does SEO work? It can sometimes be perceived as a highly complex process, driven by ever-changing standards, algorithms and technologies. However, leading search engines generally use internet bots known as ‘web crawlers’ – often referred to as ‘spiders’, ‘spiderbots’ or ‘crawlers’. These bots systematically browse the web in a constant indexing process, copying pages for processing by search engines to allow browsers to search more effectively.

To understand how SEO works, we must understand how search engines assess the quality of online content. Web crawlers visit billions of URLs, identifying all hyperlinks and adding them to a worldwide list known as the crawl frontier as snapshots. On its indexing journey, the crawlers behave according to four key policies:

Selection Policy: Decides the pages the spiders will download;
Re-visit Policy: Decides when to check for page updates;
Politeness Policy: Decides how to avoid overload websites; and
Parallelisation Policy: Decides how to organise and coordinate spiders

We now understand the purpose of web crawlers, and the principles that drive them in their endless journey across the web. But how is SEO calculated? There is no single answer to that question, and understanding how search engines categorise each piece of content requires an understanding of several important SEO factors. Keep reading to learn more about this practice and how it can transform your online prospects.

SEO Northern Ireland: Knowing Your Snippet and Schema Markup

Whilst many assume that SEO is a battle of ranking keyphrases and competing word counts, the process actually begins within the backend of a website. Any SEO strategy that works will place great importance in details such as snippets & URLs. Tailoring your content to respond to search engines’ most popular queries can create rich snippets, giving your business ultimate prominence in search engine ranking pages (SERPs).

How can optimised snippets and URLs boost the prominence of your online business? The answer lies in the internet’s browsing habits, driven by queries, questions and demands. For example, when searching for ‘SEO agency near me’ or ‘SEO Northern Ireland’; depending on your location, results will show in snippet form for authoritative and established online brands.

This can have equal value in regard to responding to search queries. For example, searching for ‘where can I find somewhere to eat’, your business may present its snippet first – providing that your site is optimised, relevant and ranking. Rich snippets are a stamp of authority, and are hugely influential to potential visitors, customers and Google itself. At ProfileTree, we encourage a multi-layered approach with the express goal of improving your SEO visibility.

Meanwhile, URLs also have a significant role to play in boosting the prominence of your business. As one of the first registerable pieces of information around any page of content, your URL, like the rest of your content, should be directed towards the term you wish to rank for. For example, if you would like a page to rank for the keyphrase ‘SEO Northern Ireland’, for example, you should take care to include that phrase within the backend of your site – including URLS as well as meta descriptions and alt text, which we will discuss later in the guide.

Titles and Descriptions: Improving SEO for Northern Irish Businesses

Getting your snippet and schema markup right is only the first step in enjoying the benefits of SEO. Optimising your titles, descriptions and their relevant URLs are hugely important website optimisation measures; playing significant roles in encouraging a strong CTR (click-through rate) to your business website. Indeed, any effective SEO campaign will allocate resources to carefully crafting titles and descriptions, ensuring that relevant and high-performance keywords maintain a presence.

This process does not end with titles and descriptions, however. In order to boost your SERP rankings, it is essential to fully optimise video URLs as well as file titles and image alt text. Indeed, ensuring that these assets contain relevant keywords is instrumental in proving your relevancy to crawlers, and to the internet as a whole. Put simply; the deeper you embed relevant keywords into your content, the better.

ProfileTree are proud to offer comprehensive SEO services to businesses in Northern Ireland and beyond. We improve Google search engine ranking for out clients by undertaking essential governance of titles, URLs, descriptions, alt texts and more.

Engage with Relevant and Useful Content

Ensuring that your online business receives the prominence it deserves in SERPs requires share-worthy content that earns links, citations and general amplification. Engaging content can be used to improve your organic positioning, and this content can come in many forms. But what do we mean when we say ‘relevant and useful content’?

Put simply, valuable content will place the majority of its focus on serving the needs of the end user. Your material will be filled with useful information, in accordance with the search query a web user has processed. This information will contain a careful balance of high-performance keywords and related phrases, placed at strategic positions across the architecture of the page.

ProfileTree improve search engine optimisation for our clients by producing user-focused content that engages, informs and inspires. This is a skill that involves harnessing analytics and measurement tools to scope, commission and refine content, and we can show you how.

SEO Northern Ireland: Prioritising User Experience

As the digital world continues to evolve, the ways in which consumers choose to engage and interact with their favourite brands is changing. Websites are now expected to act as not only a visual showcase for a brand, but also a vital extension of that brand’s customer service offering. User experience has become a top priority – meaning flowing, quick-loading and visually appealing websites are essential. The role of a web designer must now incorporate SEO aligned with established visual design principles.

At ProfileTree, we can help you devise important SEO steps for a new website design. Ease of use and compelling UI must feature on your site, and any SEO plan for a new website must begin with flowing and accessible design. SEO development starts with website development, and we can help you get over those initial challenges.

Attract Searchers with Optimised Content

You will now understand that Google prioritises relevant and engaging content. However, brands and businesses must go one step further, carefully selecting high-performance keywords to be placed across strategic locations of the site. In this regard, keyword research is essential. ProfileTree utilise the latest systems around data analysis and performance metrics, devising content strategies that improve SEO prospects for each and every one of our clients.

Effective keyword research and implementation is an essential element of any content marketing strategy. ProfileTree’s industry-leading team of content writers, copywriters and digital strategists have the experience and expertise to improve Google search positions for businesses across a range of sectors in Northern Ireland and beyond.

Generate Leads with Relevant, Valuable Material

Search engine algorithms and ranking strategies assess content based on its relevance, and how well it responds to popular queries. Herein lies the mission of content marketing: give your target audience something useful, and your brand can receive something useful in return.

We now understand that Google ranks content according to search query relevance. This means that content across your site should offer valuable and relevant information to web users that may answer popular queries. Whilst the efforts behind creating this material must be well resourced and researched, it is equally important to present this information in a flowing and accessible manner. That brings us onto the next section of our guide to search engine optimisation: crawl accessibility.

The Vital Importance of Crawl Accessibility

Mastering crawl accessibility can make that critical difference between success and failure for any SEO strategy for a new website, as well as established websites. In essence, achieving optimum crawl accessibility involves placing user experience at the core of its design. This means creating a network of flowing links across your website, avoiding dead links at each stage of the process.

At ProfileTree, we can assess and amend your SEO link structure to enhance your SERP rankings and organic traffic. We can champion a fresh SEO links strategy as part of a comprehensive content plan, greatly enhancing the accessibility and online prominence of your website.

How Does SEO Help Your Business in Northern Ireland?

In Northern Ireland and beyond, an SEO strategy for online business offer several advantages. Those placed in prominent positions on SERPs enjoy significant benefits, reaping the advantages of increased engagement, interaction and sales. ProfileTree are experts in search engine optimisation for small business and large business, and as a search engine optimisation agency, we can boost your brand online.

Why Choose ProfileTree for SEO in Northern Ireland?

Established in 2011, ProfileTree is an award-winning SEO digital agency specialising in web design, content marketing and social media marketing. Our campaigns have been praised for generating real results for our clients: forget ‘likes’, ‘impressions’ and other vanity metrics: we drive data-driven content which focus on lead generation and increased sales for our clients.

Let us grow your brand while you run your business. For SEO in Northern Ireland, choose ProfileTree.

Why Choose ProfileTree?

For SEO in Northern Ireland, we know your investment needs to be built on the right outcomes for your business.

That’s why we don’t do ‘off the shelf’ Search Engine Optimisation. Instead, we listen FIRST then apply our local know-how and years of expertise to achieve the right goals for your business.

That’s because we have grown our own digital agency on a foundation of great SEO. Meaning proven methods, a team of specialists and local service for you.

Discover more below PLUS explore our free SEO tips…

Because we built our own business on SEO and content marketing, we’ve been able to pass on straight-talking expert help to businesses across Northern Ireland. Along the way, we’ve been able to hear about the previous highs and lows for local companies who have tried to be seen in search.

As we’d expect, we tend to hear the same feedback. Our customers might have used an SEO service provider, an SEO consultant or even a non-NI professional SEO agency in the past but found they didn’t quite reach their goals.

Let’s take a look at the common issues behind this…

Beware the ‘quick fix’:

Your own customers in NI are too canny to buy into a ‘quick fix’ product from your business…so why accept the same from a paid SEO service? The secret to SEO can be found in combining the right website set-up, the right content and the right search phrase successes to turn clickers into conversions. A generic tip, an ‘off the peg’ product or a piecemeal approach can’t achieve the results you need.

That ‘big picture’:

That broad view of your business, your online world, your customer journey, your content and more needs a Search Engine Optimisation agency you’ll listen more than they talk! A simple ‘drag and drop’ SEO product can’t replicate years of working, proven knowledge combined with local customer service built around helping you reach your business goals.

Don’t be a stranger!:

As we’ve warned above, your customers will be sure to change how they search and engage once you’ve perfected how you’re found and how customers respond to you online. New ways of searching and new devices make this a certainty. A relationship with a local SEO consultant means staying ahead of changes, leaving your competition to play catch-up.

Ultimately, we want to unlock the mystery of SEO for your business because we want you to enjoy real results and join our regular clients who trust us to make sure their company is seen in the right places by the right people. PLUS (and this is where other solutions fall short) we want to use our content marketing knowledge to help create customer journeys that convert.


It’s simple: your website is your online ‘shop front’ for your potential (and existing!) customers who search online. You need to rank well in Google to be spotted by those buyers looking for the things they need. Search engine optimisation puts you on the online high street: in the right location for the people looking for the things you sell.

More than this: being seen by the right people for the right reason means QUALITY traffic…the lifeblood of online success.


Found your way to the top of Google? Great! But for which search terms?! We’ll make sure the searches you can be found for are relevant to the offer your site is making to potential buyers. They’ll have found what they need, and visit your site to discover exactly how to become a customer.

Working even smarter means keeping the potential customers in an online ‘journey’ until they are ready to buy and beyond. We’ll show you how.


This means people finding the information they need, and being able to do the things they need…easily, when they click through your site. A professional SEO agency helps make sure their journey from finding you to becoming a buyer makes sense and simply works. Our SEO service and local knowledge can use this results-driven ‘big picture’ view.

We’ll take a step back and make sure your digital world is working hard for your business.


One thing we know for certain: how your customers search and how they want to interact with your business will change. It’s always changing. From voice search and smart speakers to new types of device, a ProfileTree SEO Consultant will keep your company to the forefront through every technological twist and turn.

We love helping local business to work WITH change to benefit their bottom line.

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