Digital Training Bangor - Don't rush training

For digital training in Bangor, your business deserves more than a generic approach.

Our ‘expect more’ ethos means training shaped around your business, delivered with superb local service and built on a foundation of extensive working knowledge.

How do we make this happen? With a personal response from a specialist with years of experience backed by a team of digital experts who’ve grown their know-how within our own digital agency.

We LOVE helping our clients to grow online. We’ll show you how you can achieve the same results, and more, with the right training partnership.

ProfileTree’s digital specialists approach digital training in a new way. That’s because our team – who have decades of combined experience in a range of areas – work on their skills in our own agency every day.

So, instead of just teaching SEO, video, content, social or web design our colleagues deliver these services for clients. Creating working expertise where their skills are tested, developed and kept updated continually.

The ProfileTree team includes:

Ciaran Connolly has years of specialist experience in using SEO and content to deliver commercial performance for companies big and small plus tutoring knowledge and entrepreneurial know-how.

Michelle Connolly is a professional teacher with a unique insight into growing online brands, content marketing and business in a digital world.

Ciaran and Michelle are supported by a talented team of marketers, writers, developers and videographers with expertise in:

  • Video Production & Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web Design & Development
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Training
  • Personal Branding

We have been promoting brands online since 2010 and has been successful in growing new brands from launch to 10 million annual visitors.

In our agency work, we partner with clients globally to help grow their brands from ideas to fully fledged, growing businesses. We serve clients across every type of industry, specialising in tourism, education and local enterprise sector.

Our team is continuously growing and constantly learning new skills in order to stay completely up to date with digital trends. Our clients come to us because we know the digital world, and can provide insights, advice and services to help them survive and thrive in such a competitive marketplace.

We do this day and daily for agency clients, creating a unique set of working specialisms for our training customers.


Taking time now to make sure you source the right training from the right provider means much better outcomes from your company.

Picking a local company who can show you how they have developed, and how they apply, their know-how in their own company is a great starting point.


Think goals, goals, goals!

And we mean thinking beyond ‘we want our team to be able to use ‘XXX platform’. Instead, connecting this functional aim to the outcomes you need online for your business will create a solid basis for your training.

How? ProfileTree with the right training strategy for your business.


A common mistake is to base digital training on an overly-narrow focus…social media training without considering how to manage and convert traffic, website authoring training without considering SEO, SEO training without considering content and customer journey.

Our ‘expect more’ approach includes a bigger picture, results-driven view of your company online as standard.


Do any team members need clarification? Have colleagues asked for more help with some areas? Has a change in the business identified another need?

The right training partnership will allow for further support and will lead to a relationship with a company who’ll be committed to your business growth.