The first thing a potential customer sees is your content. It is what they base their decision on. There are many factors to consider when choosing your content, such as current trends, the popularity of certain keywords and SEO factors. 

The importance of creating winning content on a regular basis simply cannot be overstated. As recent statistics show, content creation is the single most important factor in SEO effectiveness. What’s more, nearly three out of four companies have found that content marketing increases both the number of leads that a marketing team receives, as well as the quality of the leads.

If you want to create high-quality content for your website, you have two options. You can either find good professional content writers who can provide quality content on an ongoing basis, or learn how to write your own. The following tips are for those who have chosen the latter course of action.

Who are Content Writers?

Content writing is the process of creating articles for the purpose of web marketing. They are often hired by another business in order to expand on your available content for the purpose of promoting your product or service. 

A good content writer is aware of the guidelines that allow you to rank higher on search pages, allowing you to benefit from organic growth of your online presence. There are several ways to obtain a website content writer, here are a few. 

content writing services and tips for creating a successful blog
Woman typing on laptop
Handing content writing over to qualified professionals can improve your search engine rank and save you time for other tasks. Image source: Unsplash @christinhumephoto

Independent Writers 

Independent writers are freelance writers that are not associated with a business. They can be a very cost-efficient method, however, they require more management than hiring an independent company. There are several ways to reach such workers. 

Business networking sites such as LinkedIn can prove to be a useful tool for finding talented individuals. However, these independent writers are likely not to be aware of your business’s focus. This is why a project manager will often be required. 

Project managers will provide the writers with appropriate topics that are relevant to you. Additionally, the project manager will be able to effectively track the progress of these writers and ensure that they are aware of the current company aims. By having a good project manager, you can be sure that your resources are well utilised and that confusion is eliminated.

Content Writing Services

Alternatively, if you are unable to assign a full-time manager, it might be wise to opt for content writing services. These content writing companies will take full responsibility for creating content for your business. 

After explaining what your aims are, these content writing services will ensure that the job gets done with little need for you to check on them. Here are some of the tasks that content writing services can offer:

  • Researching relevant keywords and generating new ones
  • Copy editing previous content to ensure optimisation
  • Informing potential customers about their need for your business through content creation
  • Creating engaging  content to retain current customers
  • Capitalising on trending keywords
  • Utilising long-tail keywords to reach your niche
man conversing in a meeting
In order to fully utilise these services, it’s important to create clear instructions of what you need. Knowing exactly what you are promoting and which niche you are targeting can help. Image source: Unsplash @headwayio

Best Website Content Writing Services

Here are some of the best content writing services that will boost your online ranking and increase your traffic. By capitalising on these tools, you can allow for the exponential growth of your business and online brand. 

By focusing on the quality of your content, you will be able to attract new customers while also retaining existing ones. For further tips regarding the development of your online brand, check out our guide to SEO which will help you optimise your existing content. 

Crowd Content   

It is advertised that Crowd Content’s writer selection process is extremely picky, only accepting 15% of the applying writers. This ensures the creation of extremely high-quality pieces for your business. You will also be able to communicate with your writers while they are working on your piece to ensure that all of your standards are being met. 

You can choose to hire Crowd Content again for a few pieces of writing or, if you require large quantities of content, you can register as an enterprise and be provided with constant content.

image of a 5 star online rating
Once the job is done, you can review the writers you worked with to ensure that they were up to your standards. Image source: FeedCheck

Text Master

Text Master prides itself on its arsenal of professional copywriters. They are aware of the importance of SEO and its positive effect on traffic generation and are a great option to consider if you’re looking to increase your website’s search ranking and organic growth.

Text Master also provides its own API that you can integrate into your content management system for streamlined management. They offer a simplified service that can be quite appealing to businesses that are new in the world of online marketing. By simply briefing them about your project, you can expect highly optimised content that will surely raise your search engine rankings.

Rightly Written

RightlyWritten focuses on providing high-quality content that is extremely customised to your liking. This allows you to perfectly capture your vision of your business. By getting your message across in an artistic way, you can expect major traffic. 

To begin with, you choose the type of content you’re looking for, you can then set various requirements like word count, quantity and delivery time. Then you can fill in various details about the nature of the content you require. This includes your relevant industry, topics, writing style and target audience. 

Essentially, this allows you to create unique content that is not generic. Assuring that your created content will be engaging and popular. Furthermore, you may provide your own custom images that represent your brand and style.

woman typing on laptop
RightlyWritten is one of the most popular content writing services due to their incredible versatility, providing a large array of different types of content to suit your online marketing needs. Image source: Unsplash @surface

Creating a Blog Name

Good blog names are essential to make blogs memorable and successful. It is the first impression of a blog just like the title of a good book. Each blog entry is like a chapter of this book and since your goal is to get readers to either sign up or keep returning to your blog, then selecting a name is very important.

Make it Short and Sweet

An easy, effective technique for selecting a blog name is considering your target audience and what content they want. For example, The Belfast Food Blogger blogs about recipes and food hot spots in Northern Ireland. Each name describes the blog’s content – an important component to generate readers.

Check Out the Competition

One of the best ways to create a lasting blog name is to research what your competitors’ and colleagues’ blog names are. Compare your ideas to their blog names to see what others are doing in your industry. 

It is also helpful to read a few of their posts to see if the blog name lives up to the blog content. Your blog name should describe the content you are going to be writing about.

person viewing competitors' blogs
Looking at other blogs on a similar topic can give you a feel for the tone and structure that works. Image source: Unsplash @benchaccounting

5 Tips for Creating a Successful Blog

Learn About Your Field  

You can’t write quality content on a particular topic if you don’t know much about the topic in question. You should dedicate a bit of time every single day to learning more about your chosen field. At the same time, don’t confine yourself to only learning about your field during a particular time. 

Be on the lookout for news articles, blog posts, videos and other forms of content that may relate to your business or field of expertise. You may not be able to read everything right away but you can bookmark it for future reference. 

Keep in mind that you are going to live with the field that you decide to specialise in. You’ll have to keep yourself updated about its day-to-day developments, and constantly thinking about new ideas for blog posts. You don’t want it to be a burden. 

Don’t be afraid to blog about a specific subject. Being an avid blogger on a niche topic can guarantee you a good share of that niche and can establish you as an expert in the field. 

woman writing on a page
Don’t create a blog in a trendy field simply to secure a readership – if you’re not passionate about the topic this will translate online. Image source: Unsplash @craftedbygc

Get the Title Right  

As one industry expert wisely stated, you should spend as much time choosing a title as you do writing the rest of your post. The title is the first thing people will read and it can either make them want to read more, or cause them to move on from your page. A poorly written title can actually do your website a lot of harm as it increases your bounce rate and thus decreases your standing on Google and other major search engines.

The title should match the topic covered in your blog post. It should never be misleading or devious in any way. At the same time, feel free to leave your reader hanging. The title should not provide a full overview of your post; instead, it should make the reader want to read more.

Here are some winning title ideas that you may want to consider, as statistics show they tend to consistently perform well: 

  • Free…
  • Top (5, 10, 20, etc.) Ways to…
  • How to…
  • Secrets of…
  • Why…
  • Interview with (well-known personality in your field) on X topic

Reach Out to Other Bloggers

Connecting with other bloggers can be beneficial for everyone involved. You can post comments on blogs you like and share their posts. Hopefully, they will notice and share your blog as well. This is a great way to gain new readers, especially if you are in the same niche.

You can also guest post on others’ blogs. This gives you access to an entirely new audience. Allow them to guest blog for you as well. Doing interviews is an excellent way to promote your blog. Consider doing interviews for someone else’s blog, website, or podcasts. This can give you access to an audience you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

two girls sharing a laptop
Maintaining blogger relationships, by interacting with social media posts, can be useful in the future if you are in need of another collaboration. Image source: Unsplash @brookecagle

Making Headlines

Blogging about a famous person is one way to increase your reach. It will bring people searching for their name to your blog. If the star you are blogging about happens to find out and share it, your blog will be promoted in a way that it would be hard for you to achieve on your own. 

In a similar way, tying a major news event to your blog can boost your traffic. Headline generating news also results in lots of search traffic, and those keywords can bring people to your blog.

Aim at Building a Community or Joining One 

What sets blogs apart from the other various media outlets is its interactivity. As a blogger, you will be getting comments from your readers and it would be well-advised to always respond to them, be it an inquiry, criticism, or praise. You should prompt them to interact. 

This will turn your blog into a mini forum for a community of people with interest in your topics to share their insight on. Nothing builds up loyalty for a brand or blog than for the user to feel like they partake in its activity.

In some fields, you will find that similar communities have already been established. You can choose to join a pre-established online community which will gain you readership from other blogs. It would be a good idea to try and even communicate with other bloggers in the field, perhaps more renowned and experienced ones to absorb their experiences and have them publicise your own blog.

Content Writing Services and 5 Tips for Creating a Successful Blog 1
Keeping your audience in mind with every post can maximise impressions and interaction. Image source: Unsplash @john_tuesday

While you may need professional help from seasoned writers or content writing services from time to time, you can learn to write your own winning content on any given topic. Simply follow the tips outlined above to create content that stands out from the rest and makes your readers want to come back for more. 

It will take time to research, write and go over your content carefully before posting it but the results will be more than worth it. You will gain new customers, encourage your current ones to want to continue doing business with you and showcase yourself as a leader in your particular field.

For more information, get in touch with ProfileTree today.

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