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Why have we developed an ‘expect more’ approach to digital training in Belfast?

ProfileTree started life – and still is – a successful, growing digital agency focusing on advanced content and SEO expertise.

We discovered, through feedback, that many training solutions weren’t backed by time-honoured, working expertise and insights.

That’s how ProfileTree’s digital training became an important part of how we help our clients to grow online.

By sharing the results-led knowledge we develop in our daily work, our experienced and qualified trainers deliver know-how shaped around your business with a unique commercially-savvy focus.

Read on to discover more…

Every time a new customer joins the ProfileTree client list, they bring a wealth of knowledge about what has – and hasn’t – worked for them in the past when they’ve invested in their digital world. 

A common theme? Most companies will, at some point, have been side-tracked by ‘vanity’ activity. For example, ‘we need to post more on Facebook’ or ‘we need to produce videos about our business’. 

These things may well be true! But without asking ‘why’ and taking time to consider ROI and business strategies the right preparation for success hasn’t been carried out. 

In short: looking good online, being on a new platform for the sake of being on a new platform and dabbling with elements of digital marketing won’t produce the best possible results. Instead, when your company comes to choose from digital marketing courses in Belfast or social media courses in Belfast, tailored training from a local, specialist company is the right approach. 

That’s because…

‘Nice to do’ isn’t enough: Making the right decisions in the digital world means doing some groundwork on ‘why’ time and money is being invested in individual elements. For example, more social media posts may look good for your business. But are they producing leads? Are they helping your existing customers to promote you to others? Are they helping towards a new segment?

ProfileTree can help bring these, and many more, questions into shape BEFORE you invest in digital courses for your business.

Strategy counts: The right digital services provider will want to know about your business strategies. Why? Because help with shaping your digital training, and digital marketing, to meet the needs of your company is the right starting to point to great ROI. 

To bring your digital world into line with where you want your business to be in the future, simply ask a company with proven experience in growing businesses online. 

Partnership leads to success: For marketing courses, digital marketing courses or social media courses, any number of companies will be happy to accept your custom as a ‘transaction’. However, building a relationship with a company who’ll be passionate about feeding your business success will mean a better investment. 

That’s why we’d LOVE to explain how we can help grow your Belfast-based business online.

Introducing Our Training Specialists

Ciaran Connolly

Owner & CEO

[email protected]

Ciaran is CEO of ProfileTree and is responsible for business development, growth and management and digital training. He has been delivering creative marketing solutions and training across the UK, Ireland and internationally for nearly 20 years. He manages all new client relationships, creating strategic plans for their online and offline growth as well as providing digital sales training to corporate clients.

With a degree in Business and Marketing from University of Ulster, Ciaran started his digital marketing career after graduating in 1999. He has worked in the industry since the very beginning, so he knows the tricks of the trade better than most. He uses this extensive knowledge to build high-level strategies that get results.

In 2010, seeing a gap in the market for high-quality content writing and optimisation, Ciaran started ProfileTree. He has led the company through continuous growth and expansion, leading the team to produce campaigns and content for organisations including National Trust, Charles Hurst, Deanes Restaurants, the Irish Government and Ards and Down Council.

Ciaran was also a part-time lecturer in Belfast Met since 2016, delivering lessons for Higher National Diploma Digital Marketing students. He has also been a mentor on the InnovateUs program since 2017, where he regularly trains company owners, local councils, business groups and marketing teams on how to effectively market their brands online. His focus is on helping clients improve their return on investment from their marketing efforts.

Ciaran has recently delivered a very successful Digital Academy training programme to 10 organisations to address weaknesses in their online campaigns and greatly improve their return on investment from their websites and marketing activities.

Ciaran was shortlisted for an SEO award against global brands such as The Sun newspaper. He has also been nominated for multiple local and national awards in 2018 for creative marketing strategies and content marketing.

Ciaran works closely with every new client, and produces 30 to 50 content marketing strategies per year for new clients, helping them perfect their tone, style and content strategy to reach as many potential customers as possible.

Michelle Connolly

Company Director

[email protected]

Michelle is the Director of ProfileTree and is responsible for managing all projects to ensure deliverables are achieved on time and on budget. Michelle has over 8 years experience in a project management role, and is highly specialised in managing campaigns for businesses, charities and government agencies.

Graduating with a BEd Hons in Drama and English in 2002, Michelle worked in the education sector for 10 years, gaining extensive experience in the production of educational content and resources. She has worked with clients across the globe, and trains businesses on how to use video marketing to increase their brand presence.

As the Director of ProfileTree since 2010, she has been the project manager on almost every major project we’ve had. Her clients include the Department for Children and Youth Affairs, National Museums of Northern Ireland, National Trust, and Crumlin Road Gaol.

Michelle focuses on a transparent and collaborative approach to the delivery of projects from concept to completion. Over many years Michelle has created and refined a methodology that is now the cornerstone of every project we deliver. She is responsible for developing strategic plans, reviewing content, providing direction and guidance. Michelle regularly exceeds client’s expectations through creative direction, careful planning and provision of innovative ideas.

Michelle’s project management skills recently facilitated the delivery of a €3.2 million project which ProfileTree delivered for the Department of Children and Youth Affairs in the Republic of Ireland. This project had a massive amount of deliverables, including large scale video production, photography, design, printed materials, web design and translation services. Michelle coordinated the provision of all these services, and worked with a team of 20 stakeholders to ensure the prompt delivery of outstanding products and services.


Training rushed brings a risk of becoming training wasted. Why? Investing in courses or support for the wrong reasons can only mean the wrong outcomes. Too often we hear about ‘off the shelf’ digital training falling short as it hasn’t been designed around real business goals and hasn’t been tailored for an individual business.


An old saying ‘keep the main thing, the main thing’ rings very true. Therefore, a company with – say – a primary goal of increasing sales should weave this goal into its digital strategies. This, of course, includes digital training and digital courses. To discover how to make this happen, just ask!


Good ideas can come from anywhere in your business, which is why listening to the needs of every department in your company can help shape a high-performance digital strategy (including digital training). ProfileTree courses can be built around outcomes for real business success.


To create a firm footing for your digital training, work with a local company who’ll understand your business, who’ll want to grow with your company and who’ll use the very latest knowledge to grow with you. Digital training works best when your digital training partner is the right fit for your business.